RIFT Behind the Scenes: Jeff “Red Hawk” Hamilton

RIFT Behind the Scenes with Jeff Red Hawk Hamilton Feature Image

As we approach Primalist testing, Trion Worlds has posted a new “RIFT Behind the Scenes” article with Senior Systems Designer Jeff “Red Hawk” Hamilton. The full article can be found in full here. Below you can find a quick summary of the article, including some brief information on the Primalist.

About Jeff Hamilton

  • Jeff Hamilton is a Senior Systems Designer on RIFT who has been with Trion for about a year.
  • He is known as Red Hawk on the RIFT Forums, and more commonly known for this work as the Mage and Cleric Class developer.
  • Jeff Hamilton is currently working with Vladd on the upcoming 5th Calling, Primalist.

The Primalist

A few tidbits about the Primalist were revealed.

  • Primalist has 31 point Soul Trees, with the top talent in the tree requiring 21 points.
  • With the Primalist, the team decided to compact the soul tree so that there’s less small % talent tweaks. Instead, these are built into the abilities/talents themselves. The lower-level talents still have some % adjustments, but these have a much greater effect for less points than in existing 61-pt souls.
  • Although hybrids are possible (Jeff mentioned a 17 Dervish 14 Berserker build), the 21-pt “Primal Avatar” ability is very powerful.

More information about the Primalist including various soul tree tooltips was made available in last week’s livestream.

If you’re interested in the full details, check out the article here. You can also discuss the article here.

You can check out previous Behind the Scenes articles here.

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  1. testname
    August 25, 2015 at 8:23 pm #

    Designer Jeff “Red Hawk” Hamilton most hated and known for this work as the Mage Class developer…

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