PTS Datamining: Planetouched Wilds Map

RIFT’s Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) was updated on the 24th August 2015 with a 1.45GB update.Data files mainly contains a whole bunch of Planetouched Wilds assets, some new wardrobe skins and the Planetouched Wilds Map!

You can also check out what’s up on the PTS itself via the PTS Update: Shielding Change article. Shielding has changed to 50% of max hp cap; Planetouched Wilds wall pushed back; Teleport to PTW item and Lucky Fortune Bundle, amongst other additions.

Note: The article has been split in two as its size would negatively affect certain users (load times/scrolling issues).

Patch version TEST-303-13-A-1031643.


  • Planetouched Wilds Maps. PTW; Rhaza’de Canyons.
  • Planetouched Wilds Assets. Wardrobe Skins; Mobs; Architecture; Shal Korva Updated; Other PTW Files.
  • Other Files. Sound Files; Text + Blood Splatter skins.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Planetouched Wilds Maps

Finally! The Planetouched Wilds zone has been revealed. Even better? It’s all in high-quality goodness.

For a quick snapshot, here’s the low-quality version:

RIFT Planetouched Wilds 3.4 PTS Low-Res Map

RIFT Planetouched Wilds 3.4 PTS Low-Res Map. Click Image for 711KB version.

Quite different from the much older mini-map compilations datamined back in March, although the crystal cavern structure remains more or less the same.

Higher-quality versions of the map can be downloaded below:

  • RIFT Planetouched Wilds High-Res PTS Map. 5040x4492px. File Size: 34.1MB.
    • Can see pretty much everything, down to individual buildings and crystals. Great for explorers or anyone looking to create map guides for specific areas of the zone.
  • RIFT Planetouched Wilds 50% Scale PTS Map. 2520x2246px. File Size: 10.8MB.
    • Not interested in seeing the individual hairs on a skywhale’s back? This one is much larger than the low-res pictured above but half the size of the High-Res version.

Quick Analysis

Back in July, Lead Content Designer Julia “Darkmoon” Flemming posted up a photo of some of the various locations in the Planetouched Wilds. [r]

  • Carver’s Deep
  • Statue Fields
  • Pilgrim Plains
  • Vale of Attunement
  • Plain of Ancestors
  • Painite Coast
  • Babaroo Kheer
  • Crystal Basin
  • Rhaza’de Canyons
  • Standing Stones
  • Windswept Buttes

That’s only some of the locations. However, it’s kind of hard to tell where each place is located.

Ovog Shrine

Out of the 6-7 major structural locations on the map, the Ovog Shrine is one we can probably confirm thanks to the sneak peek of the area shown during last week’s livestream.

Planetouched Wilds Map Analysis Ovog Shrine

Ovog Shrine – Map + Livestream Preview


The Planetouched Wilds has a new porticulum. Here’s the one shown in last week’s livestream as well as its location on the map and a porticulum map preview image from the latest data files.

Planetouched Wilds Map Analysis Porticulum

PTW Porticulum

Tunnel Rats

Another point of interest is the design of the zone itself. If you look closely, the guidelines dotting out major pathways on the map shows that the crystal caverns all connect to each other.

Planetouched Wilds Map Analysis Tunnels

The caverns all connect!


Callweddi is an island with at least one puzzle and a bunch of floating lillies representing the home of some Fae creatures. As revealed in last week’s livestream, they sell a whole bunch of dimension, artifact and puzzle box items, including Artifact Hunter’s Vials for the three new types of artifact sets: Poison, Nightmare and Burning.

Planetouched Wilds Map Analysis Callweddi


The island is located to the East of the zone. Unknown at this stage if you can simply swim there or if the island itself is floating. What we do know is that the lilly pads where all the vendors are is floating.

Only the Pentomino puzzle is located on the ground floor, which probably has something to do with how you’ll be able to access Callweddi.

Rhaza’de Canyons Map

Another map revealed in the latest data files is the Rhaza’de Canyons dungeon map!

Rhaza'de Canyons Map

Rhaza’de Canyons Map. Low-Res.

You can download a slightly higher-res version here. 2560x2560px. File Size: 1.26MB.

I actually can’t seem to find this area on the main map, so perhaps it’s located in an underground area that you can’t see in the open world.

It does look like the north-most cavern strip in the Planetouched Wilds, but the building at the end is clearly different, and the ‘shrine’-like building on the ground level does not seem to exist in the zone itself outside of Ovog Shrine.

Rhaza'de Canyons Loading Screen

Rhaza’de Canyons Loading Screen

What looks like the Rhaza’de Canyons’ loading screen was also part of the files. Not surprisingly, there’s lots of crystals, although there’s clearly also stone structures in the map.

Planetouched Wilds Assets

Now for the general Planetouched Wilds-related data files.

Wardrobe Skins

A bunch of new wardrobe skins have popped up:

Planetouched Wilds Weapon Skins

A large plethora of PTW weapon skins have popped up.

Some of these might not actually be weapons, but they are all of the same size and look pretty weapon-like with handles and sharp/blunt points.

  • The top-right is probably a Cleric shield or totem.
  • Middle-left skin is probably a bow, with the largest object being the quiver. You can see the arrow-head at the bottom.
  • Middle-right skin is probably a gun.
  • Others seem to be 1-handed weapons.
PTW Weapon Skins 1

PTW Weapon Skins 1

Next up are a few larger images.

  • 1st one is a 2-handed Axe.
  • 2nd skin looks like a 2-handed Staff or Hammer.
  • Third is probably a 2-handed Sword.
  • 4th skin looks like a dagger.
  • 5th might be another dagger skin.
PTW Weapon Skins 2

PTW Weapon Skins 2

The final few skins include:

  • 1-handed Axe.
  • 1-handed Mace.
  • 1-handed Sword.
  • Another 1-handed Sword.
PTW Weapon Skins 3

PTW Weapon Skins 3

Looks like at least one skin per weapon type, as expected. They have some rather nice designs. Keeping with a big theme in the Planetouched Wilds, the weaponry seems to all be made out of stone or ivory for the most part.

Planetouched Wilds Orange Outfit

A new ‘orange’ outfit was found in the data files.

Wardrobe PTW Orange Outfit Skin

PTW Orange Outfit Skin

There’s an orange ‘stone head’ in the middle of the chest piece and the belt seems to also be of a stone face with its tongue sticking out. Clearly Planetouched Wilds-themed. Perhaps this set will be dropped in the new Rhaza’de Canyons Expert Dungeon? No official information at this point.

Callweddi Fae Outfit

Not sure what its actually called, but Dead Simon was wearing this outfit during last week’s livestream.

Wardrobe PTW Fae Outfit Skin

PTW Fae Outfit Skin

As mentioned by Dead Simon, this outfit will be rather difficult to obtain. It will require a whole bunch of activities to obtain, including possibly puzzles and artifact sets.

Below is the outfit taken from the livestream:

Planetouched Wilds Fae Outfit

Planetouched Wilds Fae Outfit

The article has been split in two for faster loading and to ease scrolling issues. Please continue to the 2nd part below:

PTS Datamining Part 2 – Keep Reading

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  1. August 26, 2015 at 2:19 am #

    Are crystal caverns all underground or those red lines on the map represent open parts?

    • August 26, 2015 at 2:45 am #

      Looks like they are all on a lower level, but open as well.


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