Trion PAX Party at 7PM August 28th 2015

Trion PAX Prime Party 2015 Feature Image

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[Update 25.08.15 – New start time for the party is 7pm.]

Trion Worlds is holding a party on Friday, 28th August from 7-10pm PDT at the W Hotel in Seattle, WA (America). Meet up and chat with various Trion staff across games (RIFT, Defiance, Trove, ArcheAge and Devilian) and prepare to get showered with various giveaways and game codes!

Giveaways include the 4th Anniversary Arclight Rider Mount, limited edition RIFT Raid Steins as well as other exclusive game codes from Trion’s various games.

Trion Worlds Community Party Event Details:

You can check out more information about the party here.

PAX Prime – Panels

The party will be held this Friday during PAX Prime which runs from August 28th-31st 2015 in Seattle, WA (USA). If you’re in Seattle for PAX Prime, be sure to check out:

Sunday (30th August)

Monday (31st August)

Do not fear though, you don’t need a PAX Prime ticket to join Trion’s party. The party itself is held at the W Hotel, which is a separate venue and entry is free of charge. There will also be free drinks/etc!

Possible Announcements?

Earlier this month, Trion held a similar party at Gamescom. During the party, they uploaded the Primalist teaser trailer. Trion also revealed during last week’s livestream that they would announce exact dates for 3.4 testing this week.

Trion is known for revealing big game announcements during convention parties, such as with PAX East earlier this year (which revealed that they were developing the 5th calling Primalist) and during PAX Prime last year (where they announced the Nightmare Tide expansion release date and gave demos to the media).

I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce the exact dates for Primalist and Planetouched Wilds open testing during Trion’s Party at PAX Prime.

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