Temporal Flux Promo Week is back!

Temporal Flux Promo Week Feature Image

Temporal Flux Promo Week has begun again for RIFT, lasting from 3rd September 3:30PM Server Time until 10th September 3:30PM ST (NA) (EU).

Like the previous Temporal Flux Promo Week, this week is all about the Empyreal Walker Mounts and the Black Empyreal Walker Mount!

Guide reminds the same since nothing has changed since last time the event was held. Check it out here!

Interesting Tidbits

  • PRI Quartermaster still only has Black Empyreal Walker Mount for event currency.
  • Note: On-going issues for Hailol/Laethys players unable to see world event tracker. You can still access all the quests and activities normally.
  • Note2: Although achievement that requires “Smashing the Competition” was updated so it works with Level 65 Experts. However, the daily quest itself requires Level 60 Expert Dungeon.

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