PTS Update for 4th Sept 2015

PTS Update for 4th Sept 2015 Feature Image

RIFT’s Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) was updated on the 4th September 2015 with a 1.46GB patch. Important changes including shielding ability absorb reductions, various Mage Harbinger adjustments and a few crafting additions/adjustments including weapons aimed at Primalists. There’s also new achievements, new set of weapon models, Burning artifact sets are now viewable and several Planetouched Wilds artifact sets now have rewards.

You can also check out the PTS Datamining article which contains a whole bunch of Planetouched Wilds music and NPC voiceover lines.

Patch version is TEST-303-23-A-1035388.


  • Shielding Change #2. Shielding abilities now only shield up to 85% of inc. damage.
  • Mage Harbinger Changes. Various changes to make 61pt more attractive.
  • Crafting Adjustments. Planar Crafted weekly for Runecrafters/Apoths; New tier of runes now cost Opaque Rune Amender; Primalist weapons.
  • Weapon Wardrobe 313. New set of ‘Shalistiri’-like weapon models now viewable.
  • New Achievements. PTW artifacts expanded – includes Minion Card: Spirit Kite; new ‘Portrait Badge’ reward type; Rhaza’de Canyons achieves.
  • Planetouched Wilds Artifact Rewards. Dance Partner items; fairy unicorn badgers.
  • Other Info. AH wardrobe filter; Guild Log Linked.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Shielding Change #2

There’s a major change to shielding coming to the game that is currently being tested on the PTS. This involves making max absorb 50% of your max hp (with some exceptions). You can read Red Hawk’s full post about the changes here.

Shielding Indicator

There’s now two blue dots to indicate your current max absorb cap. The dots only appear when you have at least one shield on you.

Shielding Indicator PTS

Shielding Indicator.

In the above case, the player’s max absorb is 50% of max hp. Regardless of how many shields are on the player, they won’t be able to absorb damage above a value of 50% of their max hp.

Note: Dodge Rating and Tank Shield CDs haven’t been adjusted yet to push tanks above the 50% absorb cap.

Shielding Abilities Change

With the latest PTS Update, there’s now a new round of changes that have been made to souls specifically.

  • Shielding abilities now only absorb up to 85% of incoming damage, up to their shielding amount. (As opposed to 100% currently).

E.g. Symbol of the Torch on Live might absorb 10,000 damage. On PTS it absorbs 85% of incoming damage, up to 10,000 damage. This means:

  • If an enemy deals 5,000 damage to the shielded player, Symbol of the Torch will only absorb 4,250 of the damage (85%). The player will take 750 damage.
  • If the enemy deals 15,000 damage to the shielded player, Symbol of the Torch will absorb 10,000 damage. (85% of 15,000 is 12,750; but Symbol of the Torch in this example can only absorb a max of 10,000 damage). The player will take 5,000 damage.

Of course, you still have to keep in mind that a single player cannot have more than 50% of their max hp shielded at any point in time (excluding the effects of Dodge Rating and Tank Shield CDs).

Shielding Change 85%

This change affects all souls with shields like Purifiers, Physicians and Liberators.

Trion has noted in the past that the goal is to have these changes up on Live before the release of the Mind of Madness Tier 3 20-man Raid. [r] Boss damage will be adjusted with these changes in mind.

Mage Harbinger Changes

Red Hawk has added some new adjustments to Mage’s Harbinger soul to make 61pt builds more effective.

Taken from Red Hawk’s post:

  • Changed Storm Shroud to force 3 critical hits, instead of force one Eldritch Gift proc.
  • Storm Shroud’s cooldown reduced down to 30 seconds. Storm Shroud’s stealth duration reduced down to 4 seconds.
  • Storm Shroud no longer breaks on damage taken.
  • Empyrean Ascension now increases damage dealt by 40%, up from 25%.
  • Rending Slash applies 1 stack of 9% debuff instead of 3 stacks of 3% debuff.
  • Combat Mastery now also reduces damage taken by 5%.
  • Rending Slash’s damage has been reduced by 4%.

You can check out the thread and provide any feedback and parses here.

Crafting Adjustments

Quite a few crafting additions are coming with RIFT 3.4: Into the Wilds including a new tier of runes and pots, planar seals and new dream orbs. You can find more information about those additions in July’s PTS Update.

The latest PTS Update brings forth new Primalist-related weapons, Twin-rune of Dexterity, Planar Crafting Weeklies for Apothecary and Runecrafter as well as an adjustment to the new tier of runes.

Planar Crafting Weeklies Addition

Runecrafters and Apothecaries now have Planar Crafting Weeklies on the PTS!

Planar Crafting Weekly Runecrafter Apothecary

The Runecrafter’s quest recipe is significantly cheaper than the Apothecary’s one. Of course, this is on the PTS so the cost of each recipe is subject to change.

Runecrafter Adjustments

Amender Cost Adjustment

First up, the new tier of runes that are available from Smokey <Rune Upgrade Recipe Trainer> in Choreburg, Draumheim have had their Rune Amender cost adjusted.

Opaque Rune Amender

  • Previously the new runes required (relic) Dreaming Rune Amenders.
  • Now they require (epic) Opaque Rune Amenders.

Twin-rune of Dexterity

There’s new sets of Twin-rune of Dexterity that have been added to the Runecrafter Trainer and Rune Upgrade Recipe Trainer.

Twin-rune of Dexterity Runes

These are for the Primalist calling. The current iteration of Primalist allows it to benefit equally from both Strength and Dexterity. It uses 2-handed weapons (can’t dual-wield).

Primalist Weapons

Trion has also added craftable weapons, both normal and planar available from trainers and RIFT Store -> Crafting -> [Profession].

Weaponsmith Trainer

Weaponsmith Trainer has 2-handed DEX-heavy DPS weapons from Level 11 to 65. Only showing the Level 65 weapons below:

Detailed Primalist Glaive

  • 1x Weapon Amender
  • 10x Fused Sarfiber
  • 8x Diaphanous Cloth
  • 5x Thalasite Bar
  • 3x Shell Grinding Stone

Upgrades to Magnificent Primalist Glaive.

Magnificent Primalist Glaive PTS

Requires 1x Tormenting Weapon Amender and 15x Void Source Accelerator to upgrade.

Detailed Primalist Greatmaul

  • 1x Weapon Amender
  • 9x Fused Sarfiber
  • 8x Diaphanous Cloth
  • 6x Thalasite Bar
  • 3x Shell Grinding Stone

Upgrades to Magnificent Primalist Greatmaul

Magnificent Primalist Greatmaul PTS

Requires 1x Tormenting Weapon Amender and 15x Void Source Accelerator to upgrade.

Weaponsmith Planar Recipes

RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Weaponsmith has two new Planar-crafted DPS weapons for Primalist. Planar recipes cost 265 Grandmaster + 875 Master + 3500 Artisan Marks each.

Typhoon’s Charged Glaive

Imbued Typhoon's Charged Glaive

Typhoon’s Charged Greatmaul

Imbued Typhoon's Charged Greatmaul

Artificer Trainer

Artificer Trainer has 2-handed DEX-heavy Tank weapons. Only showing the Level 65 weapons below:

Refined Primalist Quarterstaff

  • 1x Ornament Amender
  • 25x Fused Sarfiber
  • 4x Thalasite Crystal
  • 3x Dust of the Void
  • 4x Anhydrous Polishing Agent
  • 3x Teal Wax

Upgrades to Illustrious Primalist Quarterstaff.

Illustrious Primalist Quarterstaff

Requires 1x Opaque Ornament Amender and 15x Void Source Accelerator to upgrade.

Artificer Planar Recipes

RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Artificer has a new Planar-crafted Tank weapon for Primalist. Planar recipes cost 265 Grandmaster + 875 Master + 3500 Artisan Marks each.

Preserver’s Faetouched Quarterstaff

Imbued Preserver's Faetouched Quarterstaff

Weapon Wardrobe 313

There’s a whole new set of weapons on the PTS under Character -> Wardrobe. Simply tick “Show Uncollected” and type “313” into the search field whilst browsing the weapon slots to see them all.

Weapon Wardrobe 313

The weapon skins look like they are probably related to the Shalistiri as their ‘flowing metal’ design matches the Shalistiri armor design. Chances are this is the second set of weapon models for the Planetouched Wilds. (The first being the ‘Bahmi’ ones).

Unknown how to obtain these models yet. Perhaps via quests or from the Rhaza’de Canyon as dungeon drops.

New Achievements

There’s a bunch of new achievements with the latest PTS Update. Total achievements have increased from 37,352 in the previous PTS update to 38,007. That’s a 655pt increase.

New Portrait Reward UI

New Green Achievement Reward Icon

A new green icon has now appeared on certain achievements. Unlike the current red icon which indicates there’s a title reward, the green icon indicates that there’s a ‘Portrait Badge’ reward.

The ‘Portrait Badge’ is the additional graphics you get on top of your portrait frame for completing special achievements. On Live, the only one available is the ‘Rare Icon’ (diamond) that players get if they’ve completed the ultimate rare-hunting achievement, “Patience Is A Virtue”.

With the Planetouched Wilds, there’s a whole bunch of new Portrait Badges to go after. More on that below:

Planetouched Wilds Achievements Updated

There’s a whole bunch of new achievements added to Zones -> RIFT -> Planetouched Wilds. That section has increased from 425 to 900 achievement points.

General Story/Locale/Mob Kill

Some new achievements that are generic location-reached, carnage, mob-kill or quest-completion achievements.

Planetouched Wilds Achievements 1

Keep What You Kill

A more interesting achievement is “Keep What You Kill”, which requires you to kill 55 different versions of Teth. Good luck with that.

Keep What You Kill Teth Achievement

For your efforts you can become Teth too with the prefix title “Teth” and a Teth Roger companion pet. Not sure if there’s anything interesting about the bunny.

Planetouched Wilds Artifact Achievements

Several Planetouched Wilds artifact achievements have been added.

Planetouched Wilds Artifact Achievements

Each one has the new ‘Portrait Badge’ reward. Various forms of ‘Shiny’, including one that sounds like it cycles through the different colors. The badges probably use the various colored artifact glows that indicate artifact nodes in the open world.

Master of the Wild

Completing all Planetouched Wilds achievements. Will be quite the undertaking.

Master of the Wild Achievement PTS

Rewards suffix Title: “Of the Wilds”, a Spirit Kite companion pet that floats around and a Minion Card: Spirit Kite with Air, Hunting, Dimension and Artifact attributes.

Interestingly, the Minion Card: Spirit Kite starts with a value of 3 for its Dimension and Artifact attributes even though it is Level 1. That’s a first; wonder if its max values are different from the usual.

Rhaza’de Canyons Achievements

The Rhaza’de Canyons Expert Dungeon now has achievements listed under Achievements -> Dungeons -> RIFT: Nightmare Tide -> Rhaza’de Canyons. 180pts.

Two Chicks At The Same Time

There’s one achievement with a reward: “Two Chicks At The Same Time” which rewards the Title: “Mead Chugger”.

You can check out the rest of the achievements here.

Planetouched Wilds Artifact Rewards

Planetouched Wilds artifact rewards have been added in. The Burning artifacts are also available for viewing now under Character -> Artifacts by typing “Burning:” into the search field.

Dance Partners

A lot of the rewards are “Dance Partner ([Race] [Gender])”. These are dual-use items that can either be placed on the ground or added to your dimension. Basically summons a dancing NPC.

Poison And the Rest Artifact Set

Trion showed off the Dance Partner (Elf Male) in this week’s livestream tour of the Planetouched Wilds.

  • Dance Partner (Human Male) from Callweddi.
  • Dance Partner (Human Female) from Planetouched Wilds.
  • Dance Partner (Bhami Male)* from Nightmare: Nightmare Planetouched Wilds.
  • Dance Partner (Bhami Female)* from Nightmare: Risar Names.
  • Dance Partner (Dwarf Male) from Burning: Burning Planetouched Wilds.
  • Dance Partner (Dwarf Female) from Burning: Kicking Crucia.
  • Dance Partner (Elf Male) from Poison: And the Rest.
  • Dance Partner (Elf Female) from Poison: Poisoned Planetouched Wilds.

*’Bahmi’ is spelt wrong on the PTS.
Not sure who these ‘Human’ creatures are. Must be a new race!

Other PTW Artifact Set Rewards

The Planetouched Wilds artifact sets generally reward either ‘A Hefty Crystal Encrusted Chest’ or ‘A Crystal Encrusted Chest’. These most likely just drop some level-appropriate scrolls/pots like the other chests.

Fairy Unicorn Badgers

There’s two fairy unicorn badgers who have little fairy wings and a spiral horn.

Planetouched Wilds Fairy Unicorn Badger Artifact Set Rewards

Peony is rewarded from ‘Burning: Returned Gifts of the Shalistiri’ whilst Bell is rewarded from ‘Poison: From Adorable to Delicious’.

Seer’s Stone

Nightmare Dirtier in Olden Times Seer's Stone

Seer’s Stone is rewarded from ‘Nightmare: Dirtier in Olden Times’. From the description, it probably covers your screen in darkness.

PTW Artifacts Populated

It looks like the new zone has been populated with artifacts.

Planetouched Wilds Artifacts Appeared

Using Patron’s Artifact Tracking buff, some of the normal artifacts have popped up. These ‘might’ be disabled temporarily though because the nodes that are accessible on the Droughtlands side of the wall were respawning instantly.

Other Info

A few other tidbits from the latest update:

Auction House Wardrobe Filter

Auction House Wardrobe Filter

As Senior UI Artist Gingers mentioned during the Rift Reforged Anniversary Livestream, there’s now an “Uncollected Appearances Only” checkbox which will filter out any wardrobe items you’ve already collected. This should make browsing the auction house for new wardrobe items a lot easier.

This new quality-of-life addition might also encourage some players to start selling wardrobe appearances on the auction house.

Guild Log Linked

Guild Log Linked

As Gingers mentioned previously, you will be able to click on achievements and shard firsts in the guild log to view them. Same thing applies to the Guild Bank’s Item Log.

Note: Currently this feature is bugged on the PTS. Clicking on achievements will show your own instead of other players’ achievements. Also, there might be issues with item linking showing item tooltips without proper stats.

Lots of interesting additions to the PTS with the latest update. Achievement and Rare hunters are sure in for a treat!

You can also check out the PTS Datamining article which contains a whole bunch of Planetouched Wilds music and NPC voiceover lines.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining here.

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  1. Jayded
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    Fairy Unicorn Badgers…..really?? lol

  2. tirwen@faeblight
    September 6, 2015 at 11:43 am #

    All artifacts seem to be disabled since all of them, regardless of where, gave me a message of invalid target.


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