Notice: Primalist DEX-based.

Notice: Primalist is DEX-based.

Recently Trion posted up a very brief overview of the Primalist in their “RIFT 3.4 Spotlight: Into the Primalist” article. One key phrase stood out to players:

Clad in leather vestments and wielding brutal two-handed weapons, Primalists are devastatingly powerful when equipped with gear that enhances their dexterity.

Previously during the Primalist livestream, Trion had noted that the Primalist would have both Strength and Dexterity as equal primary stats. This has now changed.

CM Ocho confirmed today that the Primalist now has Dexterity as its Primary Stat:

Primalists are now Dex based. [r]

What Does This Mean?

This is mainly just a notice to any player who is currently crafting gear for their future Primalist. You’ll probably want to:

  • Craft Rogue Armor, not Warrior Armor.
  • Craft DEX-based Runes, not STR. (2-handed DEX runes are being introduced in 3.4).
  • Save up mats for the 2-handed DEX-heavy weapons that you will be able to craft when 3.4 hits.
  • Save up crafting marks for the 2h DEX-heavy planar-crafted recipes.

Of course, simply gathering the mats would be the ‘safer’ option just in case anything else changes prior to Live.

You can learn more about the upcoming crafted Primalist weapons in the PTS Update for 4th Sept 2015. Not familiar with the new 5th Calling “Primalist” coming to RIFT with Patch 3.4? You can check out further information in the summary article for the Primalist Livestream.

Disclaimer: As always, everything is subject to change.

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