RIFT 3.4 Open Testing Begins

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Open Testing for some of RIFT 3.4: Into the Wild’s major additions – the 5th calling Primalist and the Planetouched Wilds zone – has begun today!

Table of Contents:

  • Accessing the Public Test Shard
  • Obtaining Primalist. Includes info on skipping levels, gearing up and maxing PA.
  • Accessing Planetouched Wilds


  • Open Testing is open to everyone. You just need to have the Public Test Shard (“PTS”) client.
  • The 5th calling Primalist is available for testing, even if you haven’t bought The Wilds Pack or the upcoming Primalist pack. Use the Fluffinator and Raidmare NPCs near your Sanctum/Meridian/Tempest Bay porticulums to get Level 65 and test gear. Feedback in-game or via the new Primalist Discussion sub-forum!
  • The new zone Planetouched Wilds is now accessible, East of Droughtlands on the Mathosia continent. Feedback in-game or via the PTS sub-forum!

Accessing the Public Test Shard

First you will need to download the Public Test Shard (“PTS”) client. To save on your download, you can copy and paste most of the files in your existing RIFT folder.

A full guide to accessing the Public Test Shard can be found below:

To access the PTS, you’ll need to select “PTS” from the drop-down menu in the Glyph launcher, then hit Play (or Install if you don’t have the latest PTS patch).

Glyph PTS DropdownAfter that the PTS client should pop up.

Note: Anything you do on the PTS will not affect your Live characters. Please make sure not to purchase anything with Credits (although usually you won’t be able to) on the PTS.

Obtaining Primalist

Simply create a new character on the PTS and after selecting your Faction, Race and Gender, the Class Selection screen should display “Primalist” on the right.

Primalist Calling Selection

Choose one of the presets (‘Purpose’) and you’re done!

Leveling Up and Gear

Want to skip levels, get gear or max PA?

Step 1: Get To The Capital!

Firstly, speak to Fluffy close to where you spawn. He will take you to your home city.


Step 2: Fluffinator

There will be a Fluffinator NPC near your capitol city’s porticulum (Sanctum/Meridian). Click on him to get a quest for 400p, then speak to him again to complete. Afterwards you’ll be able to see what he has for sale: Level 50 potion, mount, 36-slot bags and max PA XP crystals.

Step 3: Mr. Raidmare Tide

First up, if you have the Tempest Insignia teleport item (from Blue Tier Loyalty), you can skip straight to Tempest Bay and obtain the Level 65 potion without doing all the Dummy Foundry stuff mentioned below.

Otherwise, Mr. Raidmare Tide should also appear near the porticulum in Meridian and Sanctum.

Mr. Raidmare Tide is located in the middle of Tempest Bay on the PTS.

Mr Raidmaire Tide Tempest Bay PTS Location

He gives you Level 65 potion as well as Level 65 test gear. Also contains Teleport to PTW item.

Testing Primalist

Make sure you’ve filled out your Planar Attunement points by going to the PA window (default key “u“). Also put on your gear and any runes or dream orbs you want.

Once you’re all set, start doing random stuff – play with the various souls – and get a feel for the Class.

Primalist Focus Bar

Primalist Focus Bar PTS

Primalist has a unique focus bar that will move between Fury (bear) and Cunning (eagle) as you perform various abilities. This will affect how much damage or healing you do. Your tooltips will tell you which abilities increase Fury or Cunning, and what extra effects you might benefit from when you are in one of the sections of the focus bar.

Crafted Weapons

Primalists use 2-handed DEX-heavy weapons (although they can equip Warrior 2handers as well). These currently don’t exist on Live, but on the PTS you can obtain them from trainers/artisan store.

  • If you need 2-handed DEX-heavy weapons, those can be crafted via the Weaponsmith (DPS) and Artificer (Tank) trainers. There’s also Planar Crafted weapon recipes under RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Weaponsmith or Artificer.

Store-bought Weapons

There’s also store-bought weapons you can access via RIFT Store -> Equipment -> Weapons. However, there’s none for Level 51-65 that you would have the currency for.

At best you will be able to afford the Level 50 ‘Ascended’s Greater War Axe’ or ‘Reinforced Ascended’s Greater Quarterstaff’ which both cost 1,200p each. (You can just transfer your Live toons and send plat via mail to your Primalist).

To view them, just make sure your minimum level filter in the Store is at least 50. You won’t be able to use most Primalist abilities without a 2-hander equipped (since they can’t use 1-handers).

Test Gear Weapons

Mr. Raidmare Tide also has Tier 3 Test Gear packs that contain DEX-heavy 2-handed weapons.

Note: The Tier 2 Test Gear boxes don’t seem to contain any.

Range of Testing

You don’t necessary have to auto-boost to 65. I’m sure Trion will be looking for all kinds of feedback.

  • Perhaps you’ll discover some issues when leveling from scratch.
  • Perhaps the Primalist doesn’t heal too well in Expert dungeons with the minimum required stats/hit, or does too well in Tier 1 raids with Tier 1 gear.
  • Or how about in PvP? Try dueling some players and see how you go. Run the new Assault on Bronze Tomb warfront whilst you’re at it.

Primalist Feedback

Enjoy testing the Primalist, and be sure to send feedback via the in-game feedback system, or via the new Primalist Discussion sub-forum! Please be sure to read Vladd’s “Welcome to Primalist Testing!” thread.

Accessing Planetouched Wilds

As mentioned earlier, there’s multiple ways to access the Planetouched Wilds.

Teleport to PTW

First up, if you simply want to skip straight to the Planetouched Wilds, you can use the “Teleport to PTW” item found in Master Mode Dummy Foundry or the Mr Raidmare Tide NPC.

Use the item to get to the Planetouched Wilds.

Introduction Quests

You can also get to the Planetouched Wilds by first completing the introduction quests prior to the Planetouched Wilds. There’s quite a few quests so it’s up to you whether you want to skip it or not.

Letter from Rahn Chuluun

These quests begin with an in-game mail once you hit Level 65. Simply click on the “Letter from Rahn Chuluun” when you’ve added it to your bags and accept the quest.

The intro quests will eventually take you to the entrance of the zone.

Getting to Droughtlands

Okay, so Rahn Chuluun asks you to meet in Droughtlands. If you’re a new character (like a new Primalist), you probably don’t have any ports.

However, if you maxed out your Planar Attunement trees (default key “u“) using the PA XP Crystals in Standard/Expert Dummy Foundry, you should have a Teleport to Droughtlands ability.

Teleport to Droughtlands Ability

Use the ‘Teleport to Droughtlands’ PA ability to get to Droughtlands.

Just Walk There

You can also just walk there. Planetouched Wilds entrance is located in the top-right portion of Droughtlands at /setwaypoint 8020 5609.

Planetouched Wilds Entrance Location

You don’t need to do the intro quests to be able to access the zone. The first quest in Planetouched Wilds can be accessed pretty close to the entrance.

Testing the Planetouched Wilds

Just test away! There’s plenty of things to poke and prod including quests, zone events, floating artifacts and gathering nodes/etc.

Send your feedback either via the in-game report or via the PTS sub-forum.

Enjoy Open Testing! If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment below. Can’t access the PTS (or afford the additional download?):

More Info:


You can also browse other PTS Updates and Livestream Summaries for any information you might have missed in relation to 3.4!

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  1. September 11, 2015 at 7:08 pm #

    Note: Rhaza’de Canyons (the instance) is disabled until Monday due to issues with the current PTS build. :S

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