Live Datamining for 16th Sept 2015

Very brief update for RIFT 3.3 Hotfix #12. The hotfix notes itself were barebones with a fix to Relic Wand buffs. What’s interesting is that there was a 122mb+ download, which seems slightly higher than what the patch notes contained.

Patch version STABLE-302-108-A-1037971.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to appearing on the Live and some things included below may never pop up on Live itself, even if the files are there.


The files contained in the hotfix were mainly folders for configuration files for each race and gender. This probably relates to the Relic Wand buffs bug fix mentioned in the notes, or perhaps a new armor type/animation was added in. It could also relate to the Dancing Partner dimension items that are being added to 3.4.

Aquatic Mounts

Two mount config files were in the data files. It looks like Trion have added swimming animations for Yarnosaur and Greathound mounts.

Yarnosaur Swim

Greathound Swim

CM Ocho mentioned previously that the Primal Warbeast mount (which uses the Yarnosaur rig) would become amphibious once they’ve created the necessary swimming animations. These changes will be retroactive, so if you’ve already purchase The Wilds Pack, your mount will become amphibious.

So I’ve talked to the team and have more complete answers:

  • The Primal Warbeast is not currently amphibious.But…
  • We’re working on animations to make amphibious!
  • Once these animations are complete, we’ll retroactively grant amphibious abilities to the Primal Warbeast! But…
  • We don’t have a timeline finalized yet for when this will happen.

Thanks for bringing this point up folks, it was very useful.

[Source: CM Ocho]

That said, the Primal Warbeast mount hasn’t been changed to Amphibious on Live just yet.

It also looks like the Greathound mount might be getting the same treatment.

Not much, but the swimming capabilities added to the Yarnosaur and Greathound mounts will probably be welcome by those who own the Primal Warbeast or Greathound mount.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining here.

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