PTS Update + Datamining: Discs

RIFT’s Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) was updated on 21st September 2015 with an approx. 888mb patch. There’s also some datamining from various previous PTS Updates.

Note that with the open testing, a lot of recent updates have been large in size, but contain minimal ‘new’ files. Most are simply edits to existing files to correct for floating nodes, quest bugs and open world bugs.

Patch version is TEST-303-33-A-1039609


  • Dimension Item: Discs. New disc-based dimension items!
  • Other PTS Info. Crafting achievements increased (but CTD); Auction House REX Category; Crystalline Lifter Time Extended?
  • Planetouched Wilds Flags. Various flag skins.
  • Planetouched Wilds Wardrobe Icons. A 5th wardrobe set found!
  • Other Interesting Data Files. Mind of Madness Platforms; Enigma; Swimming coming to Greathound and Primal Warbeast mounts; Dancing Disc mount.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Dimension Item: Discs

Back in April, the folks over at The Dimension Touring Company held a special DTC Roadshow livestream with dev guests Morticus and Vladd. During that livestream, Trion mentioned that they’d look into creating disc-based building blocks.

They have done just that!

With the latest PTS Update, you can find Disc dimension items under RIFT Store -> Dimensions -> Building Block.

RIFT Dimension Disc Building Block PTS

The prices range from super-cheap (4g 32s for Wood Disc) to much dearer 7p 20g Marble Discs. Just note that since these are on PTS, the prices might be placeholder or subject to change.

Default Size Discs

The default size of each disc is as expected; similar to the tiles. Very thin and doesn’t show much of the texture of each disc.

Dimension Disc Building Block PTS 1

Building Block: Disc. Default Size.

Max Size Discs

The max scale is (again) about the same size as a max scale Tile building block.

Dimension Disc Building Block PTS 2

Building Block: Disc. Max Size.

The discs aren’t too thick at max size.

You can click on the below images for a larger view.

RIFT Dimension Discs Max Size Preview 1

RIFT Dimension Discs Max Size Preview 2

RIFT Dimension Discs Max Size Preview 3

Disc Bug

Note that there’s currently a bug with some of the discs. They have a large, invisible, cylindrical ‘barrier’ that prevents you from jumping on top of the actual discs.

The invisible, cylindrical barriers are several meters high on max-scaled discs. This is likely unintended, because a few of them don’t have this ‘feature’.

You can check out what I mean in the below bug report video. (apologies for the low sound).

Look forward to these new disc building blocks, as well as all the new tile building blocks mentioned in the previous PTS Update which will all be coming (likely) in 3.4!

Other PTS Info

A few other tidbits of information from the latest PTS Update:

Crafting Achievements Increased

Achievements have gone from 38,007 to 38,133 on the PTS. A 126pt increase from Character -> Crafting (which increased from 335 to 461).

However, right now if you click on the Crafting sub-category under Achievements, you’ll crash to desktop. As such, it’s currently unknown what the new achievements are.

That said, given that there’s 126pts (instead of, say 125 or 120), my guess is that there’s a ‘promo’ achievement (which usually counts as 1pt in the total). That’s probably for crafting the Lucky Fortune Bundle items found under RIFT Store -> Crafting/Dimension/Chests&Keys.

Auction House REX Category

REX now has its own category at the top of the Auction House. (Thanks to Boase for the info!)

REX Auction House Category

Crystalline Lifter Time Extended?

Crystalline Lifter Mount

Interestingly on the Limited Edition: Crystalline Lifter Trove on the RIFT Store front page stated “8 days 13hrs left” when I logged onto the PTS today. Could this hint that Trion is going to extend the current Arclight Infiltration Promo Week for another week? We’ll just have to wait and see.

They’ve also corrected the preview from the Necrotic Lifter to the actual Crystalline Lifter mount.

Planetouched Wilds Flags

A few flag skins popped up relating to the Planetouched Wilds. Probably decoration and unlikely to be new capes given their size.

The first flag in the below image clearly represents the Primalist, given the double-headed eagle emblem is the same as the Primalist Calling’s icon.

Planetouched Wilds Flag Skins 1

The bottom-middle flag is clearly the Silver Wolf Clan’s flag.

There’s also a variety of other flags below which probably represent various Planes or Primalist souls.

Planetouched Wilds Flag Skins 2

Given there’s 10, they might all be representations of the Primalist’s souls (6 in Primalist Pack + 4 extra coming at a later date).

Planetouched Wilds Wardrobe Icons

Various icons for the new Planetouched Wilds Wardrobes discovered in the previous PTS Update have popped up in the data files.

Planetouched Wilds Wardrobe Sets Icons

What’s interesting about the icons is that there’s a 5th wardrobe set that isn’t currently available on the PTS. Looks like the armor sets are per Calling, not per armor type.

The 4th set of icons in the image above (the blue wardrobe set) is currently not available for viewing on the PTS. Given that Primalists use leather, this new set will probably appear under leather (same as the Crimson Lion set).

As for the belts, those are in there because these are icons not only for the wardrobe appearances but for the quest rewards as well, which includes belts.

Other Interesting Data Files

A few other interesting data files:

Mind of Madness Platforms

A few configuration files appeared:


These relate to the fact that the upcoming Tier 3 20-mand raid “Mind of Madness” will have three paths you can take to tackle the bosses of the raid (similar to HK’s three lower floor paths).

There was also another Enigma config file with various animation files such as:


Enigma is likely one of the bosses in Mind of Madness.

Swimming Mounts

The following swimming mount animation filenames have appeared in all race/gender config files:


Looks like you should now be able to swim with your Greathound or Primal Warbeast mounts on the PTS. As Trion has mentioned before, these mounts will be retroactively converted to Amphibious mounts once the changes hit Live.

Dancing Disc Mount

Not new, but I’ve always wondered whether Trion would allow us to make use of the Lifter mounts’ apparent dance animations. Not sure if they actually exist or can be triggered somehow, but the following animation filenames have been present in the race/gender config files since the Lifter mounts were first added:


Unfortunately /dance doesn’t seem to work on the Lifter mounts.

Looks like you can type /mountdance whilst you are on a Lifter mount to dance on it. Only shows up for the player on the mount. (Thanks to Elyssinia for the info!)

Dimensioneers should be pretty excited over the new disc building blocks as well as the new tiles mentioned previously. Not too much has been added in, despite the file size.

As mentioned before, that’s because most of the 15-16mb .pak files have minor changes to fix various bugs, resulting in under 1mb of ‘files required’ for each .pak file.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining here.

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3 Comments on “PTS Update + Datamining: Discs”

  1. Elyssinia
    September 22, 2015 at 8:18 am #

    If you are on a lifter mount in game do /mountdance to dance on it. Unfortunately other players can’t see it but you will see your toon dance.

    • September 22, 2015 at 5:45 pm #

      Ooo nice! Thanks for the info Elyssinia! 😀

  2. Gingers
    September 23, 2015 at 5:02 pm #

    Thanks for reporting that dimension disc bug, I’ve passed it along to our artists.

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