Notice: Soul Walk Respawns You

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[Update: Fixed with Hotfix #15]

Notice: With the latest hotfix, Trion changed respawning in dungeons/chronicles so that you will respawn at the start of the instance (rather than having to soul walk into the instance from the open world).

Unfortunately, this seems to have accidentally caused an issue where hitting the soul walk button will completely respawn you!

(‘Dying’ in a duel whilst in an instance also ports you to the start of the instance.)

From current information, it seems this issue is global. For now, Trion has disabled credit purchases of additional soul walks and are working to resolve the issue. ETA on a fix is ‘probably’ in Thursday’s (Friday for EU) hotfix. [r]

Raid Wiping

It should be a minor inconvenience for open world activities, but it’s another story when your deep in a raid instance and your entire raid is forced to respawn.

Make sure that your healers get a proper battle res off before a wipe, or your Warriors might want to use Cloak of Death (Reaver ability) or False Repose so that the boss resets and they still remain alive to resurrect the raid.

2nd Hotfix This Week

A 2nd hotfix will occur this week. I assume it is to fix this issue:

  • Planned Shard Downtime. Shards will be coming down for RIFT 3.3 Hotfix #15 tomorrow (probably to fix the soul walk respawning issue). 1hr downtime.

Be sure to inform your raid lead about this issue during your next raid!

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