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With RIFT 3.4: Into the Wilds coming out around Oct 7th, a whole bunch of new recipes will be hitting Live including a new tier of runes, new tier of pots and a whole bunch of new Planar and Regular Dream Orbs.


  • Apothecary can make new seals and a new tier of pots.
  • Runecrafter has a new tier of runes + planar crafted Earring runes + Shal Korva Seal runes.
  • Dream Weaver has new planar dream orbs for Belt, Gloves and Earrings. These use new dream orbs that are separate from the existing ones. They also have ‘Improved’ versions of existing dream orbs that simply reduces the rng (but same stats as current).
  • Survivalist has a new feast and some new food items.
  • New Apothecary and Runecrafter Planar Crafting Weeklies.

Note: The information below is based on the recipes as they are on the PTS. The crafted item stats and ingredients could change at any point between now and when the patch hits live.

Imperishable [Element]

Since some of the recipes listed below are similar except for their Imperishable [Element] requirement, here’s a refresher of which elements refer to which class/role:

  • Cleric DPS = Life
  • Cleric Tank = Terrene
  • Mage DPS = Fire
  • Mage Tank = Tide
  • Rogue DPS = Darkness
  • Rogue Tank = Tide
  • Warrior DPS = Wind
  • Warrior Tank = Terrene

Since Primalists use DEX as their primary stat, they’ll also match the Rogue’s elements.

Apothecary Recipes in 3.4

Apothecaries have a new tier of all their pots as well as new planar-crafted seals in RIFT 3.4.

Apothecary Seals

3.4 Apothecary Recipes Image

Planar Crafted Seals. Requires 450 Apothecary to craft.

Located: RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Apothecary.
Cost: Each recipe costs 265 Grandmaster + 875 Master + 3,500 Artisan Craft Marks.

Base Seal gives Main Stat + 205; Upgrade gives Main Stat + 245.
Upgraded planar seal has the same stats as the max upgraded Nightmare Seal. If you don’t want to farm up hundreds of Nightmare Rift Motes, the new planar seals are a time-effective (but costly) alternative.

Base Recipe Costs

Recipe: Heretic’s Faetouched Seal (WIS+205)

  • 1x Imperishable Life
  • 18x Sarleaf Extract
  • 8x Endless Dust
  • 4x Disintegrating Blend

Recipe: Arcanist’s Blazing Seal (INT+205)

  • 1x Imperishable Flame
  • 12x Thalasite Crystal
  • 8x Endless Dust
  • 4x Disintegrating Blend

Recipe: Bloodthirster’s Abhorrent Seal (DEX+205)

  • 1x Imperishable Darkness
  • 12x Nightmare Star
  • 8x Endless Dust
  • 4x Disintegrating Blend

Recipe: Destroyer’s Charged Seal (STR+205)

  • 1x Imperishable Wind
  • 30x Diaphanous Cloth
  • 8x Endless Dust
  • 4x Disintegrating Blend

Recipe: Telluric Seal of Defense (END+205)

  • 1x Imperishable Terrene
  • 18x Thalasite Ore
  • 8x Endless Dust
  • 4x Disintegrating Blend

Additional Information:
Imperishables are obtained from Planar Craft Rifts or 1,000 Credits from RIFT Store -> Crafting.
Endless Dust (4p 20g) and Disintegrating Blend (1p) are obtained from RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Reagents.

Upgrading Planar Seal Cost

The upgraded Planar Seal has same stats as max upgraded Nightmare Seal. Crafting and upgrading the Planar Seal will probably be a much faster option than trying to max out a Nightmare Seal.

Upgrade cost for the Planar Seal follows the same pattern for each seal:

  • 1x Imperishable [Element]
  • 7x Void Source Accelerator
  • 3x Strands of Arak
  • 1x Nightmare Amalgamation

Additional Information:
Imperishables are obtained from Planar Craft Rifts or 1,000 Credits from RIFT Store -> Crafting. The [Element] is the same as the element for the base seal. I.e. Heretic’s Faetouched Seal requires Imperishable Life to craft. It also requires Imperishable Life to upgrade.
Void Source Accelerator is available from RIFT Store -> Equipment -> Upgrade Parts for 5,850 Void Stones.

Apothecary Pots

A whole new tier of pots is available for most of the existing consumables from the Apothecary trainer. I’m only showing the ones that players use most often, but it includes the full range of pots (including Serums).

Located: Apothecary Trainer.
Cost: Each recipe costs 4plat 62g 66s.

Note: Endless Dust costs 4p 20g each, obtained from RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Reagents.

Stat Pots/Vials

Illustrious Crit Pots

Illustrious Crit pots give 4,259 spell/phys crit compared to Phenomenal’s 3,872.

  • 1x Endless Dust
  • 6x Disintegrating Blend
  • 3x Set of Gilded Bottles
  • 18x Sarleaf Extract

Illustrious Vials

Illustrious Vials give 238 Main+Secondary stat (or Endurance) compared to Phenomenal’s 216.

  • 1x Endless Dust
  • 3x Disintegrating Blend
  • 3x Set of Gilded Bottles
  • 15x Sarleaf Extract

Regeneration Pots

Illustrious Healing Philter

Illustrious Healing Philter heals for 20,247 hp compared to Phenomenal’s 18,407 hp.

  • 1x Endless Dust
  • 3x Disintegrating Blend
  • 3x Set of Crystal Flasks
  • 18x Sarleaf Extract

Illustrious Philter of Restoration

Illustrious Philter of Restoration heals for 21,877 hp over 30secs compared to Phenomenal’s 19,888 hp.

  • 1x Endless Dust
  • 3x Disintegrating Blend
  • 3x Set of Crystal Flasks
  • 21x Sarleaf Extract

Illustrious Potions

Illustrious Healing Potion heals for 20,248 hp compared to Phenomenal’s 18,407 hp.
Illustrious Mana Potion restores 7,700 mana compared to Phenomenal’s 7,000 mana.

  • 1x Endless Dust
  • 3x Disintegrating Blend
  • 3x Set of Crystal Flasks
  • 9x Sarleaf Extract

Illustrious Tonics

Illustrious Healing Tonic heals for 28,924 hp over 12secs compared to Phenomenal’s 26,295 hp.
Illustrious Mana Tonic restores 1,980 mana every 3secs for 12secs compared to Phenomenal’s 1,800 mana.

  • 1x Endless Dust
  • 6x Disintegrating Blend
  • 3x Set of Crystal Flasks
  • 12x Sarleaf Extract

Runecrafter Recipes in 3.4

A new tier of runes are available from the Runecrafter trainer. There’s also craftable Earring runes from the Artisan Store or RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Runecrafter.

New Tier of Runes

Trainer Runes

Illustrious Rune Trainer 2

Located: Recipes are obtained from Smokey <Rune Upgrade Recipe Trainer> at /setwaypoint 5887 5576 next to the Runecrafter Trainer in Choreburg, Draumheim.
Cost: Each recipe costs 4plat 62g 66s.

Each new recipe requires:

  • Current highest tier rune (Phenomenal/Exquisite).
  • 1x Opaque Rune Amender* (2x for 2-handers).

You can view all stats in the Rift 3.4 Rune Stat Sheet.

*First time it appeared on PTS the new runes used the relic Dreaming Rune Amenders, but have since changed to the epic Opaque Rune Amenders since the PTS Update on 4th Sept 2015.

Craftable Earring Runes

Improved Heretic's Faetouched Rune Recipe PTS

There’s new BiS craftable earring runes.

Located: RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Runecrafter.
Cost: Each recipe costs 265 Grandmaster + 875 Master + 3,500 Artisan Craft Marks.

There’s two tiers:

  • 1st Tier = 128 Main Stat + 80 Endurance or 80 Endurance + 111 Guard.
  • 2nd Tier = 141 Main Stat + 80 Endurance or 88 Endurance + 123 Guard.

1st Tier of the new planar crafted earring runes have the same stats as the Onir notoriety runes.
The 2nd Tier will become BiS once it is introduced.

  • Heretic’s Faetouched Rune (WIS+128, END+80)
  • Improved Heretic’s Faetouched Rune (WIS+141, END+88)
  • Arcanist’s Blazing Rune (INT+128, END+80)
  • Improved Arcanists’s Blazing Rune (INT+141, END+88)
  • Bloodthirster’s Abhorrent Rune (DEX+128, END+80)
  • Improved Bloodthirster’s Abhorrent Rune (DEX+141, END+88)
  • Destroyer’s Charged Rune (STR+128, END+80)
  • Improved Destroyer’s Charged Rune (STR+141, END+88)
  • Telluric Rune of Defense (GUARD+111, END+80)
  • Improved Telluric Rune of Defense (GUARD+123, END+80)

Recipe Cost

Recipe costs are the same, excluding the specific Imperishable [Element] crafting material you’ll need. The 2nd tier requires the 1st tier’s rune, so you’ll need both recipes to get the BiS rune.

Initial Recipe

  • 1x Imperishable [Element]
  • 16x Capricious Star
  • 12x Nightmare Star
  • 6x Essence of Reverie
  • 2x Endless Dust

Upgraded Recipe

  • 1x [Initial Earring Rune]
  • 1x Strands of Draum
  • 1x Dreaming Rune Amender

The Telluric Rune of Defense (tank earring rune) uses Imperishable Terrene.

Note: The new BiS runes available via the upgrade recipe vendor for existing runes had its Rune Amender cost changed from (relic) Dreaming to (epic) Opaque Rune Amender. Currently on PTS the new Earring runes still require Dreaming Rune Amenders. It’s unknown at this stage whether Morticus will choose to change them to Opaque or keep them as Dreaming.

Shal Korva Rep Rune

Not crafted, but the Planetouched Wilds zone introduces new Shal Korva faction notoriety. With it comes a new rep rune for Seals.

  • Shal Korva Minor Aegis Rune gives Guard+85 and End+61.
  • Shal Korva Aegis Rune gives Guard+123 and End+88.
  • Shal Korva Minor Ingenuity Rune gives SP+93.
  • Shal Korva Ingenuity Rune gives SP+133.
  • Shal Korva Minor Imperium Rune gives AP+93.
  • Shal Korva Imperium Rune gives AP+133.

They cost 120p and requires Honored with Shal Korva for Minor Rune. For the max rune, they require Revered with Shal Korva and cost 150p.

The Shal Korva Quartermaster “Windspeaker Nayantai” is located in Shal Korva, Planetouched Wilds (Mathosia) at /setwaypoint 10315 5898.

Runecrafting Maths

Since you’re probably going to do it yourself anyway, here’s the maths for what mats you need:

Note: Craft components like Hazy Dreams and Lucid Dreams have 20hr cooldowns on their recipes.

Maths: New Tier of Runes: 1h/oh or dual-wield

To upgrade all your existing runes (excludes the new earring recipes) you’ll need:

  • 13x Opaque Rune Amenders

Recipe Mats for 13x Opaque Rune Amenders are:

13 Hazy Dreams
117 Dust of the Void
208 Attainium Crystal
130 Nightmare Star
156 Capricious Star
624 Pelagic Fragments

Breaking that all down to primary components, for 13x Opaque Rune Amenders, you’ll need:

416 Capricious Star
130 Nightmare Star
520 Diaphanouse Cloth
520 Fabled Hide
195 Fused Sarfiber
715 Thalasite Crystal
208 Attainium Crystal
260 Dream Ribbon
624 Pelagic Fragments
117 Dust of the Void
520 Essence of Reverie

Maths: Earring Runes

Keeping Earring Runes costs separate because they cost 10 arms and 3 legs for a minor stat increase from existing notoriety earring runes.

Total mats required for 2x Improved Earring Runes:

2 Imperishable [Element]
32 Capricious Star
70 Nightmare Star
240 Diaphanouse Cloth
240 Fabled Hide
120 Fabled Leather
36 Fused Sarfiber
218 Thalasite Crystal
16 Thalasite Ingot
32 Thalasite Bar
48 Attainium Crystal
140 Dream Ribbon
128 Pelagic Fragments
48 Risarian Minim
68 Dust of the Void
176 Essence of Reverie
4 Endless Dust

Dream Weaver Recipes for 3.4

Dream Weavers are getting a couple of new Dream Orbs:

  • Firstly, there’s Improved Dream Orbs for existing slots: Helm, Shoulders, Cape and Neck.
  • Secondly, four new “Planar” Dream Orbs have been added for: Belt, Gloves and Earrings.

You can view some of the new dream orb stats below:

Improved Dream Orbs

There’s new Improved Dream Orbs for each of the existing dream orbs that use existing slots: Helm, Shoulders, Cape and Neck.

Location: Dream Weaver Trainer
Cost: Each recipe costs 4plat 62g 66s.

Improved Dream Orbs Cost Table

The Improved Dream Orbs are the same stats as the normal dream orbs, except they only have 12 combinations instead of 15.

Improved Savant Dream Orb Example PTS

Simply ignore the lowest value for each stat combination in the Dream Orb Stat Sheet and you have the possible stats for the Improved version of each dream orb. (updates on stats on-going).

Note: At current AH prices, it’s not worth crafting Improved Savant Dream Orbs. However, the Improved versions of the lower-tier orbs (Lesser/Median/Greater) are more cost effective than the original orbs if you don’t have Level 61+ gear, mainly because Coruscating Ethereal Shards used in the original recipes cost 14,500 Void Stones.

Planar Dream Orbs

Blinding Planar Dream Orb Recipe PTS

New Planar Dream Orbs have been introduced that can only be applied on Belts, Gloves and Earrings. The four tiers of Planar Dream Orbs are ‘Faint’, ‘Glowing’, ‘Radiant’ and ‘Blinding’.

Location: RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Dream Weaver.
Cost: Recipes cost 265 Grandmaster + 875 Master + 3,500 Artisan Craft Marks each to purchase. (Yes, same cost to purchase the recipes, even the lower-tier orbs).

  • Lower tiers give lower stats. Highest tier ‘Blinding’ removes the Main Stat + Endurance combinations (similar to existing Savant vs Greater Dream Orbs).
  • Each Batch gives 4x dream orbs.

There’s still RNG with what stats you get as they act the same as the current Dream Orbs, except these only apply to Belt, Gloves and Earrings.

Reduced RNG

The Planar Dream Orbs have only 16 possible combinations compared to the old Dream Orbs’ 20. For the highest-tier (relic) Blinding Dream Orbs, there are only 12 possible combinations.

Planar Dream Orb Recipe Costs

Mats are quite considerable, requiring up to 10x Imperishable Motes for a batch, amongst other requirements. This is still on the PTS though so it is subject to change.

Batch of Faint Dream Orbs

  • 3x Imperishable Wind Mote
  • 25x Dream Ribbon
  • 1x Endless Dust

Batch of Glowing Dream Orbs

  • 4x Imperishable Tidal Mote
  • 50x Dream Ribbon
  • 1x Endless Dust

Batch of Radiant Dream Orbs

  • 7x Imperishable Darkness Mote
  • 1x Dream Bolt
  • 40x Dream Ribbon
  • 1x Endless Dust

Batch of Blinding Dream Orbs

  • 10x Imperishable Terrene Mote
  • 2x Dream Bolt
  • 15x Dream Ribbon
  • 1x Endless Dust

Note: According to tooltips all four types of Planar Dream Orbs can only be applied to Level 65 gear. This could be subject to change.

Note2: Dream Bolts are gained by clicking on a stack of 99x Dream Ribbons.

Note3: Even though the “Batch of Radiant Dream Orbs” tooltip stats that it offers the best potential stats of all Dream Orbs, it actually doesn’t. Only the Blinding Dream Orbs offer BiS.

Dream Orbs Stats

You can view some of the new dream orb stats below:

  • Dream Orb Stat Sheet. Check out the appropriate tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet. (updates on-going).

Survivalist Recipes for 3.4

Survivalists are getting a new ‘Feast of the Rhenke’ under RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Survivalist, as well as a whole bunch of food from the trainer.

Feast of the Rhenke

The new ‘Feast of the Rhenke’ requires a bunch of Nightmare Tide fish/meat.

  • The Feast of the Rhenke increases AP/SP by 82, CP by 49 and Max HP by 1,650.
  • The existing Feast of the Ghar increases AP/SP by 75, CP by 45 and Max HP by 1,500.

3.4 Survivalist Feast of the Rhenke Recipe PTS

The increase in cost of the recipe compared to the Feast of the Ghar is significant compared to the relatively small amount of stat increase. That said, every bit counts, right?

Survivalist Food Recipes

The new food isn’t all that interesting since the feast offers better stats. Only use for the new food would be if you want to kill an invasion in 5 hits with 2k overkill compared to 5 hits with 1.8k overkill. Or you want that extra boost when soloing difficult content and can’t afford to use a feast. [Image]

Planar Crafting Weekies Update

Apothecaries and Runecrafters now have their own Planar Crafting Weekly!

Location: Just a reminder that the Planar Crafting Weekly that rewards you with a Crafting Lure is obtained from Tephael the Usurper, located at /setwaypoint 5866 5521 in Choreburg, Draumheim opposite the normal crafting weekly NPC.

Runecrafter Planar Crafting Weekly

Requires you craft a ‘Heavy Water Rune’ quest item:

  • 1x Capricious Star
  • 12x Dust of the Void
  • 20x Pelagic Fragments
  • 7x Essence of Reverie
  • 1x Heavy Water (Quest Item)

Apothecary Planar Crafting Weekly

Requires you craft a ‘Essence of Heavy Water’ quest item:

  • 18x Sarleaf Extract
  • 18x Fused Sarfiber
  • 20x Pelagic Fragments
  • 7x Disintegrating Blend
  • 1x Heavy Water (Quest Item)

Runecrafter or Fishing Wins

From current AH prices and in terms of ease of farming, the Runecrafter weekly is one of your cheapest option for the Planar Crafting Weekly by far.

  • 1x Capricious Stars is hilariously little. You’ll get it from runebreaking one Level 61+ blue item.
  • 12x Dust of the Void effectively costs 120 Void Stones (10 Void stone per Dust from RIFT Store -> Crafting). That’s 3 NT dailies excluding bonuses. Consider the Raid Rift Daily gives 750 Void Stones (excl. bonuses).
  • 20x Pelagic Fragments and 7x vendor mats is universal to all Planar Crafting weeklies.

Fishing weekly is also very cheap, but mainly if you either fish or run enough minions for the mats. The Fishing weekly requires 25x Zirthan Dreamleech and 7x Yellow Petrel. Yellow Petrel can sometimes go for 60g+ on the AH.

Runecrafter weekly is faster to obtain manually via runebreak or through minions, but a single Capricious Star can be quite expensive if you are purchasing off the AH.

Hope this article helps you prep up for RIFT 3.4! Be sure to check out if your guild has a plan for who gets what recipe if you’re trying to gear up fast before the upcoming Tier 3 20-man “Mind of Madness” raid.

Recipes you’ll probably want to plan with your guild for are the various Earring and Improved Earring runes, Feast of the Rhenke and Blinding Dream Orbs recipes. Other than those, optional purchase are the Seals for those who don’t have max Nightmare seals and can’t be bothered farming Nightmare motes. The rest can be gained via trainer for plat so don’t require any guild planning.

Interested in further information in regards to 3.4? Check out the links in the sidebar to the right, or for a larger breakdown, check the PTS/Live Comparison Page.

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  1. forbiddenlake
    October 1, 2015 at 3:44 pm #

    What slot are the Shal Korva Rep Runes for?

    Also, Dream Weaver already has a planar crafting weekly?

    • forbiddenlake
      October 1, 2015 at 3:45 pm #

      Planar Crafting – Dream Weaver –

    • October 1, 2015 at 4:23 pm #

      Seal. And great point forbiddenlake! Supposed to have added Apothecary, not Dream Weaver. Will correct that now! 😀

  2. starkey
    November 2, 2015 at 11:01 am #

    I have a huge spreadsheet that I have been working on since rift beta if anyone is interested in it. If you go to the Mat cost sheet and fill in the costs for mats on your server most of the recipe”Lists” tabs will tell you what the cost of making an item is if you were to buy the mats from the AH.

    I know it is not complete; but, it is in a never ending flux.


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