RIFT 3.3 Hotfix #15

Hotfix Feature Image

Trion will be updating RIFT with RIFT 3.3 Hotfix #15 as at 10/1/15 7:30 AM PDT (NA) and 10/2/15 1:00 AM GMT (EU).

Summary/Additional Info:

  • Instance Soul Walking Fix. The issue with forced respawning when you use soul-walk in dungeon instances has now been fixed with Thursday’s hotfix (Friday 1AM GMT for EU).
    • This has also reverted yesterday’s respawn change so you respawning will take you back outside of the instance (like it originally did prior to Wednesday’s hotfix).
RIFT 3.3 Hot Fix #15 – 10/01/15

* Soul-walking in dungeon instances works again. When you respawn in a dungeon, you will respawn outside of the instance, unfortunately.
Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 1st OCTOBER 2015

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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