Livestream Summary: 3.4 Overview

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Trion had their 2nd October 2015 Friday Livestream where they recapped the major additions coming to the game next week with RIFT 3.4: Into the Wilds.

Click here for a replay of the 2nd October 2015 Livestream video on RIFT portion starts at 1hr 13min into the video.

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Trion had their 2nd October 2015 Friday Livestream with Community Manager Eric “Ocho” Cleaver, Game Director Christopher “Archonix” Junior, Senior Game Designer Nicholas “Captain Cursor” McDowell and Live Content Designer Michael “Kerilar” Hansen.

Table of Contents:

  • RIFT 3.4 Overview. RIFT 3.4 Launch Date Announced; Planetouched Wilds; New Calling: Primalist; Rhaza’de Canyons; Assault on Bronze Tomb; Mind of Madness.
  • Other Info. Autumn Harvest; Canariente Mount; Mobile App Removal; Rough Raptor Shaving and Vladd Appearance.
  • Livestream Giveaways.

As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

RIFT 3.4 Overview

RIFT 3.4 Launch Date Announced

It’s official, next Wednesday 7th October 2015 will be the release of RIFT 3.4: Into the Wilds!

  • Patch will be released simultaneously for NA and EU regions.

Note: It is not advised for you to take work off as the patch could be delayed or run into issues.

Check out the PTS/Live Comparison Page for more details on the patch and get you prepped for new crafting additions with the Guide: RIFT 3.4 Crafting.

Planetouched Wilds

One of the key additions to the game with the patch is the new zone “Planetouched Wilds” that is opening up East of Droughtlands, Mathosia.

Planetouched Wilds King Khar Throne Livestream

The Zone – Overview

  • It’s a Level 65 zone, but similar to Ember Isle back in the day so meant for geared players. Brand new 65 players will find the mobs hit a little hard.
  • Zone is about the size of Freemarch, Droughtlands and Shimmersand combined.
  • Story will be released in 3 stages. No indication on gap between Acts, but as reference, Nightmare Saga released Acts every two weeks.
  • Once 3.4 is up, you can walk to Planetouched Wilds from Droughtlands. (Note: Intro quests currently available on Live for Level 65 players. Should be in your mail.)


When you go into the various canyons in the zone, you get a reactive that allows you to super-jump.

Planetouched Wilds Superjump Livestream

When aimed at a ledge, it allows you to quickly get out of the canyons. (Much better than finding the stairs/ramp and going out; saves on travel time).

  • Kerilar built the super-jump reactive.
  • If you aim along the length of the various canyons, you can chain super-jump many times to get across great distances (as long as you don’t aim towards a ledge).
  • During the stream, Kerilar managed 7 continuous jumps.

Weekly Quests

There are actually 3 weekly quests in the Planetouched Wilds! You get to them via a series of jumps on top of floating islands in the Plain of the Ancestors.

Planetouched Wilds Weeklies Livestream

NPCs are Turok, Enkhtuya and Bolormaa. The floating islands are really prominent in the area so you can’t miss them! Just don’t fall off!

New Rifts

The Planetouched Wilds sports some new Rifts. They function slightly differently from most Rifts.

  • First few stages are more randomized than normal Rifts so each stage isn’t always the same for the same Rift.
  • Teth will appear in the boss stage of the Rift.
  • Teth Rifts have additional lore and narrative. However, unlike NT lore rifts, the action won’t stop.

Crystalline Scale

Rift player and ultimate wardrober Boase showed off the Crystalline Scale reward item you get for killing every single one of the 160 or so rares in the Planetouched Wilds zone. It lets you disguise as one of 5 random dinosaur mobs from the zone.

Crystalline Scale Boase

He was using an Air Head Brew to increase the size of the dino’s head.

You can check out more screenshots posted by Boase here.

Other Wilds Tidbits

  • Crafting Rifts can be opened in the Planetouched Wilds.
  • Might be getting a Skywhale combat pet skin in the future.

Skywhale Combat Pet Skin Maybe

  • 3 new artifact types in the Planetouched Wilds: Poison, Burning and Nightmare.
  • Shalistiri Blades are unfortunately not available to wield by players.

No Blades for You

  • New animated Portrait Badges rewarded for completing Planetouched Wilds Artifact sets of each type of artifact.

New Calling: Primalist

The new, 5th calling “Primalist” will become available when 3.4 hits. You can obtain the Primalist from either the Wilds Pack currently available on Live, or a standalone Primalist Calling Pack that will be available when the patch hits. The Primalist Calling Pack costs 5,250 Credits.

Primalist Kerilar

Kerilar in all his Random Wardrobe Primal glory.

The Souls

Only first 6 souls are available in the Primalist Pack. These are:

  • Dervish. Melee ST DPS.
  • Berserker. Melee AoE DPS.
  • Preserver. ST Heal.
  • Titan. Tank.
  • Vulcanist. Ranged ST DPS
  • Typhoon. Ranged AoE DPS.

Another 4 souls will be created in the future (not part of Primalist Pack). Vladd mentioned a while back that they would be: “Ranged ST Burst DPS, Melee ST Burst DPS, Support, and AoE/Raid Healer”. [r]

You can test the Primalist out on the PTS. [Info]. Access to the Primalist on the PTS will be removed when 3.4 hits (unless you unlock the calling with one of the Packs).

Livestream Chat Primalist 3.4

The soul will release same time as 3.4.

Starter Gear

Primalist’s have a unique 2-handed weapon skin that you will be able to obtain with your Primalist’s starting gear. They also have unique wardrobe for their starter set.

Primalist Starter Weapon

Note: The latest PTS update allows you to check out the starter set when you create a new Primalist.

Note2: The above image shows the new Primalist starter weapon and the Ovog Ceremonial Garb (Wilds Pack). Livestream did not show the Primalist’s starter armor.

Rhaza’de Canyons

A new Level 65 Expert Dungeon will come out with 3.4 called “Rhaza’de Canyons” where you fight a Teth. Tuned slightly higher than existing NT Experts.

Further info:

Assault on Bronze Tomb

A new warfront will also be making an appearance with a new mode: ‘Assault’. Assault on Bronze Tomb will be available for Level 50+ players and involves either capturing or defending various rooms, switching between Attack/Defend teams during the match.

Further Info:

  • Livestream Summary: Assault on Bronze Tomb. Trion held two Livestreams for the new warfront Assault on Bronze Tomb. Check them out here and here.

Mind of Madness

RIFT 3.4 will introduce Tier 3 raiding to Nightmare Tide. First up will be the 20-man raid “Mind of Madness” (known as ‘Bad Man Scary Lands’ internally).

  • Completely new environment.
  • “I would say a we published ‘giant zone here which is as big as an expansion’, the raid is also a ‘giant zone as big as an expansion'”. – Captain Cursor.
  • There will be 9 bosses in total. [unsure if this counts any mini-bosses.]
  • Tier 3, so requires 1,400 Hit.

“Mind of Madness will blow your mind” – Kerilar.

ETA on MoM

  • The raid is not coming out with the release of 3.4, but will be released in the 3.4 patch cycle.
  • A livestream will show off the raid in about two weeks’ time.

Other MoM Info

  • There will be an Intrepid Instant Adventure version similar to HK IAs some time down the road.
  • Plan for new Tier 3 10-man raid? “There is down the road” – Archonix.

Other Info

  • Nightmare Rift VII. Not coming out with 3.4, but is something on the table. “It is the number that comes after six”. – Archonix.
  • Wardrobe is getting a new ‘Random’ button that randomizes your wardrobe armor slot appearances.

Autumn Harvest

The Autumn Harvest World Event will launch some time before Halloween this month.

  • Archonix stated that he wants to call the new mount “Spinderella”. [Possible spider mount, given we have Spindrel?]. He did rule out a spider in a dress, but didn’t 100% rule out the mount being a spider.
  • The special Autumn Harvest-only “Monster Mash: The Black Garden” Warfront will make an appearance again this year.

Canariente Mount

Kerilar showed off the new Canariente Mount that has popped up with this week’s Budgie Madness Promo Week. It has very appealing bloodshot eyes and flaming vfx behind its head and tail feathers.

Canariente Mount Kerilar

The Flaming chicken.

Mobile App Removal

As has been mentioned over the past week, the Mobile App is being removed with 3.4. You can learn more about it here.

However, Trion announced during the stream that they were able to save the API so that it will continue to function with Rift Event Trackers even after the Mobile App is removed. Updates for the changes to the API went out on Wednesday and there’s already a few people testing it out.

Rough Raptors Shaving and Vladd Appearance

The elusive Warrior and Rogue dev “Vladd” appears quite often on the RIFT Forums but has never shown his face on a Livestream. However, he stated in the Livestream Chat Channel that he might appear on the stream to shave RoughRaptors’ head if fundraising goals are met for the upcoming Extra Life Charity Event!

Vladd Livestream if RoughRaptors Shaves

Is RoughRaptors planning on shaving %s of his head for Extra Life this year? Last year he was belted with nerf darts for every dollar donated. Will Vladd finally appear on a Livestream?

We’ll probably find out some time between now and the charity event on 7th Nov! Keep and eye out for Trion’s various articles about this event!

Livestream Giveaways

Livestream Channel Giveaways

During the Livestream, a handful of livestream chat channel viewers received:

  • 1x Canariente Mount to 7 livestream viewers.
  • 1x Ultimate Nightmare Edition to 5 livestream viewers.
  • 1x The Wilds Pack to ten (10) lucky livestream viewers!

Congratulations to all the winners!

You should receive information about your prizes in the ‘Other’ Tab in Twitch inbox within the next few days.

More Giveaways/Contests

Missed out on the giveaways? Check out the Upcoming Rift Events page for all currently running giveaways and contests; most of which have Primalist Pack or The Wilds Pack prize pools!

Also, any fansites or livestreamers should contact CM Ocho for possible giveaway codes.

Livestream Summary 2nd Oct 2015 Livestreamers

(From Left to Right: CM Ocho, Archonix, Captain Cursor and Kerilar.)

Trion provided an overview of major additions coming to RIFT with Patch 3.4. The Patch releases next Wednesday, October 7th 2015! Look forward to it!

In the mean-time, check out the PTS/Live Comparison Page for more details and information on additional changes coming to the game. There’s also a Guide: RIFT 3.4 Crafting for all your crafting needs.

Past Livestream Summaries can be accessed here.

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  1. Chickie
    October 3, 2015 at 2:41 pm #

    I think you missed the single target ranged spec in your list for primalist souls. There are six and you listed 5. Someone must have kept you late for raid.

    • October 3, 2015 at 5:40 pm #

      Thanks for the correction Chickie! I always end up quadruple-checking the article but still miss stuff. 😛

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