Notice: Upcoming Raid Loot Changes

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Notice: Vladd has posted up a list of changes coming to Tier 1 and Tier 2 raid loot. These changes will happen when 3.4 hits. In short, more loot and re-weighting for Primalist.


  • Chance of Tank loot lowered for T1/T2. (Trion has a different solution planned for T3. No details provided).
  • All T1/T2 bosses will drop an extra piece of loot. Drops will be such that there’s no repeat loot. If a boss drops weapons, the weapons will have a higher weight of dropping, or, you’ll be guaranteed two or more weapon drops.
    • Hard Mode loot chests do NOT drop extra loot.
  • Armor type chance to drop per calling is 20%. Plate, Chain, and Cloth all carry a weighting of 1 while Leather carries a weighting of 2 (since both Rogues and Primalists use DEX-heavy gear).
    • Adjustment also includes Jewelry/Accessory drops, to account for Primalist.
  • T2 HK: Matron Zamira and Sicaron now have chance to drop new Rogue 1h weapon.
  • Primalist 2h weapons added for T1/T2.

[Source: Vladd]

Additional Info:

Once again it’s one of those weekly reset vs patch time.

North America: For NA, if it’s the usual time, there’ll be a gap of about 3hrs between reset and patch time. If you happen to raid in that time, you might want to reschedule.

Europe: Archonix mentioned NA and EU would get the patch at the same time. We don’t know the exact patch time right now, but if it’s the usual 7am PDT on Wednesday (for NA), with simultaneous patching, it’ll be 2pm GMT on Wednseday for EU.

That means EU might have about 10hrs between weekly reset and patch. Again, if you usually raid between reset and patch, you’ll need to hold off.

Not sure what’s coming in 3.4? Check out a summary (+video) of Trion’s recent 3.4 Preview!

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