RIFT News Tidbits 3rd October 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 3rd October 2015.


  • Notice: Upcoming Raid Loot Changes. Vladd announced that with 3.4, all T1/T2 bosses will drop additional loot; tank loot lowered; armor type chance at 20% per calling; Matron & Sicaron has chance to drop new Rogue 1h weapon; and Primalists get 2-handed weapons added to T1/T2. [r]
  • PTS Update. PTS has been updated. Quick info before article:
    • Players who haven’t gotten Primalist unlocked (via The Wilds Pack) can no longer create new Primalist on PTS. However, if you already had one created, you can still access it (for now).
    • Primalist Torrential Rain changed from instant cast to DoT. [r]
    • Various Vulcanist changes incoming. [r]
    • Those who bought The Wilds Pack can now access the 2nd half of rewards. Zendi companion pet and the heirloom trinket are now in your in-game mail on the PTS.
    • Various new NPCs up in Planetouched Wilds. Vendors around Shal Korva now sell the new wardrobe pieces. (Thanks to Slipmat for the info!)
  • Extra Life 2015 Trion Team. Trion has set up a team for the Extra Life 2015 24hr Gaming Charity Event. Simply start a fundraising page and in the registration, choose “Trion Worlds 2015” (by Deborah Davis) for your team. Extra Life this year is held on the weekend of 7th Nov.
    • If you’ve never run Extra Life before, both Extra Life and Trion holds various fundraising milestone rewards for their various game titles. You can read up on all the stuff that occurred last year in the Extra Life 2014 archive page.
  • Article Corrections. A few corrections have been made to three articles:
    • Guide: RIFT 3.4 Crafting. Total amount of Opaque Rune Amenders required for players with 2-handed weapons is 13 (8 armor, 3 weapons, 2 rings), same as those with 1h/oh. [r]
    • Livestream Summary: 3.4 Overview. Added Vulcanist as the 6th, Ranged ST DPS soul for Primalist. Only wrote 5. [r] (Thanks to Chickie for the correction!)
    • RIFT News Tidbits 2nd October 2015. Accidentally wrote Wednesday 8th Oct instead of Wednesday 7th Oct. [r] (Thanks to Chickie for the correction!)

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Incantation Grove [Dimension]. Seyler over at The Dimension Touring Company takes a look at a lovely open and homely dimension in Hexii@Faeblight’s “Incantation Grove”. Check it out here!

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