PTS Update: The Wilds Celebration Pack

PTS Update The Wilds Celebration Pack Feature Image

RIFT’s Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) was updated on the 5th Otober 2015 with a small update. Might be the last or penultimate update before RIFT 3.4 launch.

Patch version is TEST-303-46-A-1044651.


  • The Wilds Celebration Pack. Everyone gets a Pack with Trove of Boosts, Shalistiri weapons, PA XP, Seafoam Crabnarok mount and Ascended Gift!
  • Ancestor’s Exalted Wardrobe. 5th Wilds wardrobe set now viewable.
  • Seer’s Stone. Now at Artifact Vendor.
  • Planetouched Wilds Weekly. 4 weeklies; two open world raid bosses.
  • 15-day Patron Bonus Removed.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

The Wilds Celebration Pack

“The Wilds Celebration Pack” has appeared in the Rewards Claim box on the RIFT Store front page for all players on the PTS.

The Wilds Celebration Pack 1

The Wilds Celebration Pack contains:

  • Trove of Boosts (collection of 160% Transcendent pots)
  • Overcompensating Crystallized Insight (1mil PA exp)
  • Seafoam Crabnarok (matches fastest mount speed)
  • Ascended Gift (heirloom Seal)
  • Shalistiri Weapon Costume Pack (4 weapon costumes)

The Wilds Celebration Pack 2

These can only be claimed once per account (probably per region: NA, EU and PTS).

Quarterly Login

Those with a keen eye for details might have noticed that The Wilds Celebration Pack is considered a “Quarterly Login” reward. The Daily Gift and Weekly Gift have “Daily Login” and “Weekly Login” displayed in the same section of the UI.

Perhaps Trion is adding new Quarterly Login bonuses to the game. Will they all be as big as The Wilds Celebration Pack?

Of course, this might just be Trion’s delivery method for one-time gifts. As forbiddenlake mentions, it seems an old ‘apology’ Trove of Boosts was given in the past that was also under the “Quarterly Login” title.

[Update: Archonix has confirmed that there are no ‘quarterly’ gifts. The ‘Quarterly Login’ text is just a delivery method for one-time gifts.] [r]

For Everyone?

[Update: Archonix has confirmed that Pack is for everyone and will be available when 3.4 launches.] [r]

Seems like The Wilds Celebration Pack is for everyone. I logged on a dummy alt used for testing these kinds of things and the nothing-in-it, non-Patron, no-Primalist-unlocked dummy alt also received The Wilds Celebration Pack in its claim window! Same contents.

Quarterly Packs for everyone!

That said, my guess is that you won’t be able to obtain The Wilds Celebration Pack if you don’t have an account prior to 3.4 launch. This means if you’re considering playing RIFT, now’s the time.

Have any friends or family who are potentially considering playing? Give them a nudge, and let them use your Ascend-a-Friend code for some extra starter loot.

Trove of Boosts

The Trove of Boosts opens up to give one of each Transcendent pot/vial/sphere. These all increase x gained by 160% for 2hrs and lasts through death.

The Wilds Celebration Pack 3

Note: The Trove of Boosts is Bound to Account, but when you open it, the Transcendent pots themselves are Soulbound.

Seafoam Crabnarok

The Seafoam Crabnarok mount is Bound to Account, so it can only be applied to one character. It is not an account-wide unlock. Matches your fastest mount speed.

The Wilds Celebration Pack 6

Note: Currently when you collect the mount on the PTS, it will appear in the 155% mount speed category. This seems to be a bug because it matches your fastest mount speed. Also, if it had 155% mount speed, it would make the addition of the 15k plat version on the RIFT Store pointless.

Ascended Gift

The Ascended Gift gives you a heirloom ‘Ascended Seal’ based on your class. Like all other ‘Ascended’/pink-colored items, it will scale with you as you level, up to Level 60.

The Wilds Celebration Pack 4

Note: The item ‘Ascended Gift’ is Bound to Account, but once you open it, it’ll become Soulbound. The stats the Ascended Seal item gets will depend on the class of the character that opens the Ascended Gift item.

Shalistiri Weapon Costume Pack

The Shalistiri Weapon Costume Pack is Bound to Account and unlocks the Shalistiri Greatsword, Shalistiri Longblade, Shalistiri Greatstaff and Shalistiri Greatbow wardrobe items to your wardrobe collection.

The Wilds Celebration Pack 5

Who to Claim On?

So now that you know that we’ll be getting The Wilds Celebration Pack; who to claim it on?

Well, it really doesn’t matter!

You can claim The Wilds Celebration Pack on any char since everything is Bound to Account, except the Overcompensating Crystallized Insight.

Things to consider:

  • Overcompensating Crystallized Insight gives 1mil PA XP, which is applied region-wide anyway, so it doesn’t matter who you claim it on.
    • Note: If you still need PA XP, you might want to consider putting on any bonus Experience gear you have before opening The Wilds Celebration Pack for that added exp.
  • Shalistiri Weapon Costume Pack – wardrobe is applied region-wide, so again, doesn’t matter who you open it on.
  • Trove of Boosts is Bound to Account but the items inside are soulbound. Perhaps give it to your Primalist, an alt you want to level up, or your main char for a future expansion level cap increase.
    • Note: The 160% Notoriety vial might be useful for getting your new Shal Korva notoriety maxed out on your main for the new BiS Shal Korva Seal runes. Those Seal runes are Bound to Account.
  • Seafoam Crabnarok mount. Item is Bound to Account, but the mount can only be collected on one character.
  • Ascended Gift. Item is Bound to Account, but becomes Soulbound once opened. Since it only scales to 60, it’s probably best opened by a low-level alt.

If The Wilds Celebration Pack works like the Daily and Weekly gifts, you’ll be able to claim one in each region: NA, EU and PTS.

Ancestor’s Exalted Wardrobe

The 5th Wilds wardrobe set is now available on the PTS. Search for “Ancestor’s Exalted” in the armor slots whilst having “Show Uncollected” checked to preview.

Ancestor's Exalted Wardrobe Set

Also, all the new wardrobes are now dyable.

Seer’s Stone

The Seer’s Stone, which was originally only rewarded from the “Nightmare: Dirtier in Olden Times (65)” artifact set, is now also available from the Artifact vendor for 100 Lucky Coins.

Nightmare Dirtier in Olden Times Seer's StoneThe Seer’s Stone is available from both the artifact set or from the artifact vendor.

Seer's Stone from Artifact Vendor

The Seer’s Stone basically darkens your vision to the point where you can only see faint glows from high-glow objects like street lights.

Just pure speculation, but I think the Seer’s Stone is more than just fluff. It could be related to part of how to obtain the Kubari Sakti dimension item, or related to the Callweddi Village puzzle.

Under The Seer's Stone Gaze

Perhaps when you are under the effects of the Seer’s Stone, special lights might appear in certain areas that points you to something special? Something to consider for any puzzle gurus out there.

Planetouched Wilds Weekly

The Planetouched Wilds has four weekly quests that are up on the PTS.

Two of these quests requires killing open world bosses, whilst the other two are for closing rifts or killing some Elite mobs (that can be solo’d fairly easily).

Khadluu Ukher

RIFT Khadluu Ukher Planetouched Wilds WeeklyThe raid boss in the image above is Khadluu Ukher (click image for larger view!). He is located at /setwaypoint 11113 6793.

To summon Khadluu Ukher, you need to first kill the Sacrificial Khadgaks in the area.

He had 546.8m hp when summoned on the PTS. If the open world raid boss in the Planetouched Wilds are anything like the old Dendrome Raid Weeklies, the health on the boss will probably scales with zone population.

Due to some of his mechanics though, it’s possible that you only want a small group of players to take him on (compared to Dendrome’s 100+ players).

The Five Kahns

The other raid weekly bosses are located in various areas. There’s 5 Kahns and each week you’ll receive one of the Kahns to kill.

Although the quest indicates it’s a “Raid Weekly”, the Kahn NPCs all seem to only have 2.8mil hp and can be easily killed by two players.

(Thanks to Slipmat for the info on the Kahns!)

Weekly Questgivers

The weekly questgivers in the Planetouched Wilds are located at the top of the floating islands in Plain of the Ancestors at /setwaypoint 10113 4944.

Location Planetouched Wilds Weekly Quest NPCs Turok Bolormaa Enkhtuya

The four weeklies all reward Nightmare Tide currency:

Planetouched Wilds Weekly Quests

Each one gives 2,500 Void Stones, 500 Abyssal Crusader’s Marks, 100 Fragments of Horror and 160 Fragments of Madness. This will make it that much easier to reach the weekly currency caps.

Note: The weekly currency caps haven’t changed on the PTS.

Get ready for some weekly “LFG PTW Weeklies” crossevents@faeblight chat spam.

(Thanks to Probablyaaiden for the info on the Weeklies!)

15-day Patron Bonus Removed

The 15-day Patron Bonus that was on the PTS for purchasing the $5/5 euro Credit Pack has been removed from the PTS. Perhaps to reduce CS tickets if players attempted to purchase it on the PTS.

Unsure if it will reappear on Live when 3.4 hits.

Looks like we’ll get raid weeklies forming at the start of each week again just like back in Storm Legion! Be ready for your The Wilds Celebration Pack when RIFT 3.4 launches in two days’ time!

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining here.

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5 Comments on “PTS Update: The Wilds Celebration Pack”

  1. Tirwen@Faeblight
    October 6, 2015 at 2:40 am #

    The seer stone has been available from the artifact vendor for a bit. If you have your brightness turned up quite a bit, you also see a lot of blue motes floating around. It’s really very lovely.Speaking of the artifact vendor, if no one has mentioned it yet, the ones in Sanctum and Meridian have one of the faerie badgers for sale as well.

    • Lefteris
      October 6, 2015 at 3:16 am #

      Cool havent noticed this! 🙂
      I hope also to add more things to buy to the new notoriety vendor at Planetouched wilds, it seems very empty with only the runes to buy! New pets , wardrobe or fluff items will be nice

  2. Shihli@greybriar
    October 6, 2015 at 5:34 pm #

    So am I correct in assuming that the mount, seal, and boosts can only be acquired by one character per account?

    • October 6, 2015 at 6:08 pm #

      Seems like it will be for one character per region. So you’d have one for NA, one for EU and one for PTS. But yes, the mount isn’t an account-wide unlock, the seal becomes soul-bound when you consume the gift and the boosts are also soulbound when you consume the Trove of Boosts item.
      At least on the PTS, only one character received the gift in their claim window. The rest didn’t have it in their claim window and none of the items appeared in mail/etc.


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