Road to Primalist: Pack Giveaway & Contest Winners

Road to Primalist Pack Giveaway and Contest Feature Image

RiftGrate recently held the final Road to Primalist: Pack Giveaway & Contest from 29th Sept to 5th Oct 2015 in an ongoing series leading up to 3.4! There were a total of 266 entries for this giveaway/contest!

The Giveaway & Contest

Primalist Calling Pack RIFT Store

The latest giveaway (and contest) was for one of two Primalist Calling Packs, granting you account-wide access to the first six souls of the 5th calling in RIFT: the Primalist!

  • The contest portion of the last “Road to Primalist” event involved answering a contest question; and
  • The giveaway portion simply involved posting your char@shard info in the comments section of the giveaway page and being selected by Randomizer.

The Winners

Giveaway Winner

Using Randomizer, we’ve got ourselves the winner of the giveaway:

Road to Primalist Pack Giveaway 100715_SHORT

  • Khaler@Faeblight

Congratulations to Khaler@Faeblight for winning the giveaway!

Contest Winner(s)

There were quite a lot of fantastic entries to the contest with a whole variety of responses based on the question of why you wanted the Primalist Pack.

It was difficult coming up with a clear winner. So difficult in fact that I have decided to reward a Primalist pack to two contest winners instead of the original one.

The Contest winners are:

Vrogue had a very interesting, rhyming submission explaining his/her desire for the Primalist Pack in a round-about way. Rafaeon took the more direct approach and gave a brief overview of what catches their fancy with the Primalist calling.

Congratulations to Vrogue@Deepwood and Rafaeon@Wolfsbane for winning the contest!

Prize Delivery Info:

Your Primalist Packs will be in your in-game mail within 24hrs of RIFT 3.4 going live!

I’ll try to get your packs out to you asap! However, the Primalist Packs will only be available on the RIFT Store once 3.4 goes live so I am unable to gift them beforehand. Also, the shards will go down at 6am PDT (Wednesday), with downtime estimated at ~5hrs. [r] That happens to be 5am my time so expect a 1-2hr delay after patch goes up (assuming estimated downtime is about right).

Other Info

Free Starter Pack

Didn’t win? Not to worry! If you are new to RIFT or have never bought Credits, you can get a free Starter Pack with Ascend-a-Friend! Simply apply the following code to your account on Trion Worlds’ Apply Code page, or use the link here.


The RIFT Starter Pack includes a 16-slot bag, vfx weapon rune, cloak and the unique title “The Chosen”! Using the code will also help RiftGrate provide more frequent and larger contests and giveaways!

On-going Contests

There’s a few on-going contests you can check out:

  • Rift-Wardrobe Oct Halloween-themed Contest. 2 wardrobe and 1 scene winner with wardrobe contest theme: Autumn/Halloween/Scary. Submissions judged on weekly basis. Prize Pool: 2x Power Packs and 1x The Wilds Pack. Ends 25th Oct (Sunday noon usually final submission for their monthly wardrobe contest). By Huntie@Laethys & Pizzacatt@Laethys.
  • Extra Life 2015: Rough Raptors. Rough Raptors has set up his fundraising page for the Extra Life charity this year. This year he is giving away 15x ultra-rare Rough Raptor Minion Cards to 15 random donators (of $10 or more) for the charity, as well as a whole bunch of other stuff. Ends 8th Nov. By Rough Raptors.

Next Up

Look forward to more contests and giveaways in the coming weeks!

  • Extra Life 2015: RiftGrate. There will be on-going giveaways and contests related to the Extra Life 2015 24hr Gaming Charity Event (held on the weekend of 7th Nov) including collector’s packs, soul packs and REX! That’s just from RiftGrate!
  • Extra Life 2015: Team Trion. Trion also has various giveaways, contests and fundraising rewards for players in their various game titles each year. This year will be no different! No details yet, but you can check out a summary of Extra Life 2014 to see how Trion participated in previous years and get an idea of what it will be like this year.

For anyone who is interested, all 266 entries were collected and pasted into a List Randomizer found on The top entry was deemed the winner of the giveaway.

*Discrepancies between comment total and no. of entries inputted into the Randomizer are due to comments that were not entries, or ones that were too suspicious to add in (i.e. 12 submissions with the same IP address with a 1min apart submission). I understand that some submissions may have been husband/wife, parent/child-type submissions. However, as with all giveaways on RiftGrate, I only include one of them for submission purposes.

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    Thanks! 😀

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    Gratz to the winners! And great of you to do these types of things all the time 🙂

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    Kooki@ Hailol

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