RIFT News Tidbits 8th October 2015: Another Large 3.4 Post

RIFT news tidbits for 8th October 2015. Another jam-packed News Tidbits filled with even more post-3.4-related news than yesterday.


  • Return to RIFT. Have you recently returned to RIFT? Check out Trion’s article with information on various new content that have been added to the game since RIFT classic. Seatin has also created a “Returning Players Guide” video you can check out here.
  • RIFT Store REX Promo + Boosts Discount. RIFT is currently running a promotion with a bonus 32-slot “Travelers Pack” bag when you purchase your first REX on the store during the promotion. There’s also a 25% off boosts sale which stacks with Patron’s discount. REX Promo ends next Wednesday. No word on when the Boosts sale ends, but if previous weeks are any indication, it’ll probably end midnight Sunday.
  • RIFT Twitter Giveaway. CM Ocho has hinted that “RIFT’s twitter might have a giveaway for a couple lucky folks tomorrow”. Be sure to keep an eye out!
  • Planned Shard Downtime – Hotfix Tomorrow. Another hotfix will come out tomorrow. EU went down at 5AM GMT (10/09/15) for the hotfix. NA to go down on 10/9/15 at 1AM PDT. No hotfix notes as at the time of this article, but few things we know that are slated to come in:
    • Joining Warfront crash should be fixed. [r]
    • QA is testing fixes to the endless search/incorrect pricing issues on the Auction House. They hope to have a fix ready for tomorrow’s hotfix. [r]
    • [Updates on NA Shard Downtime:]
      • [2:02AM] – Pushed back by an hour. [r]
      • [2:59AM] – Pushed back by another hour due to additional server work. [r]
      • [4:08AM] – NA Shards are back up!
  • Warning: Auction House Issues. Be very wary of doing anything related to the Auction House until Trion confirms a fix for all the issues related to it. There’s some inconvenience issues with filtering not working properly, but the biggest issue is inconsistent pricing. The ‘Suggested Price’ is often wrong (1g for something worth 100p+, whilst 20p for something worth 2g), there’s been player reports of their posted price being different from the price their goods end up on the AH at, and there’s also been reports of stacks being sold, but funds received being incorrect and only counting one item in the stack.
    • It’s best to avoid posting up new auctions in the Auction House for now.
    • Archonix has mentioned that they should hopefully have a fix in for the AH issues in tomorrow’s hotfix. [r]
  • Character Login Issues – Update. For those experiencing character login issues, last night Trion was manually trying to resolve the issue for players who posted in this thread. A hotfix came out but it didn’t solve the issue. A few updates:
    • Snedhepl identified that some players’ main chars were having login issues because they had a large amount of collectible items on that character and the game was giving an error when trying to unpack all the values involved with their character. [r]
    • A fix is being implemented. First they need to test it internally, but once it can be safely deployed, they’ll have it up on live “in the near future”. [r]
  • Tier 3 20-man Raid Testing Open! Applications for testing out the new Mind of Madness raid are now open. Check out CM Ocho’s thread and have a representative from your guild post a response to the app with details mentioned in the post here.
  • Further Info: Primalist Celebration Gifts. Just a quick update that the daily Primalist Celebration Gifts arriving between Oct 10th-16th are Bound to Account. That’s for the Gift container; no indication has been given of what binding the actual item inside each Gift will be.
  • Temporary RIFT Store Repeat Solution. Right now you’ll notice that the RIFT Store keeps re-opening itself. One temporary solution is to close your inventory before you close the RIFT Store.
  • Craft Rifts Lures BoA. Craft Rift Lures are now Bound to Account. If you had old stacks of rift lures, you’ll need to unstack them. The new stack will become BoA. The last of your old lures will still be Soulbound. Simply drag the old lure on top of the new BoA one to turn that one BoA.
  • Runecrafter Congealed Dreams Quest Change. Not mentioned in the 3.4 patch notes, Trion has changed the recipe cost of Runecrafter’s Congealed Dreams weekly quest from 35x Dust of the Void to 24x Nightmare Stars. (Thanks to Jaed for the heads up!)
    • Player Dio the Endless has posted up a comparison of Congealed Dreams recipe costs you can check out here.
    • Morticus has explained the change has been made to bring the cost of the Runecrafter weekly in line with the other professions. [r]
  • About Lucky Fortune Bundle. There’s a new ‘Lucky Fortune Bundle’ on the RIFT Store under Crafting, Chests & Keys and Dimensions. Accol has tested out the bundle on the PTS. A few pieces of information:
    • It took him 5,000 biscuits (105,000 plat) to max the Lucky Fortune Biscuit achievement found under Achievements -> Character -> Crafting.
    • The rewards for completing various tiers of the achievement included some titles and a ‘small lucky fortune’ dimension item. Morticus also mentioned there were artifacts from the fortune biscuits. [r]
    • The Lucky Fortune Biscuits themselves seem to just contain tooltips with text fortunes.
    • Check out Accol’s post here!
    • Also, just a heads up that in order to create the Lucky Fortune Biscuit, you can either use ‘Sugar’ (25 Credits each) or craft Sugar via 2x ‘Planar Cane’ (10p 50g each) from RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Reagents. The ‘Sugar’ recipe can be purchased from the Survivalist trainer.
  • Bot Bans. Tacitus has mentioned that Trion bans hundreds of accounts each day, and that one of their engineers has been “devoting a lot of time lately to go after bots”. [r]
  • Assault on Bronze Tomb Info. The grey scoreboard is intended because both teams become Red and Blue at some point; also, Trion is aware the map is missing – a fix will be added soon. In the meantime, you can ‘get an idea’ using the map Kerilar posted here.
  • Jump Buff Issue. Right now, Shalistiri’s Gift jump buff is removed when you switch to a different shard. To get it back, you either need to jump back to your home shard or relog. A potential fix has been created that is expected to go live with next week’s hotfix. [r]
  • Dimensions in 3.5. Morticus briefly mentioned that the big update for dimensioneers was in 3.3, but that there would be more dimension-related additions in 3.5. [r]
  • About PTW Artifacts. There are no plans at this time to include PTW artifacts in the minion loot table or for Autumn Harvest. [r]
  • Void Stone Cost. With 3.4, pre-NT gear/item now cost Void Stones. Dev_Orren has mentioned to expect price reductions next week for certain items that are priced incorrectly. [r]

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2 Comments on “RIFT News Tidbits 8th October 2015: Another Large 3.4 Post”

  1. October 9, 2015 at 2:52 am #

    Thanks so much for these awesome updates Khortish! I’m sure they will get all this sorted out…lots of changes and moving parts. We just need to be patient which is hard as many are excited & eager to play.

    • October 9, 2015 at 10:29 pm #

      Yea, big patches always have issues, no matter the game. Some of the bugs can be annoying (like the 1bil+ damage one), but not much we can do about it.

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