Notice: Planetouched Pinatas – Can Use Now; Trion to give 2nd [New Info]

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Notice: The Planetouched Pinatas from Tuesday’s Primalist Celebration Gift has been dropping either Level 60 or Level 65 loot for Level 65 players.

RIFT Planetouched Pinata

Briefly: How Pinata Works

We have received confirmation from RIFT Game Director Archonix of exactly how the current bugged Planetouched Pinata works:

  • Consuming the Planetouched Pinata will spawn a Pinata that players can DPS down. It has very little health and lasts 60sec before disappearing. As long as you aren’t afk it will easily be destroyed in that time.
  • The owner of the Pinata is guaranteed loot. [r] Scales up to Level 65 based on your level. i.e. If you are Level 65, you will get Level 65 loot.
  • The Pinata that has spawned will spread its rewards to 10 random players within 30m once it has been destroyed. Unfortunately the bugged version we got on Tuesday is giving out Level 60 loot.
  • The spawned Pinata has a chance of being spread to the original owner of the Pinata, as part of those “10 random players”.

As such, the owner of the Pinata has a guaranteed chance of getting Level 65 loot (assuming they are Level 65 themselves), and a random chance of getting additional Level 60 loot from the same Pinata.

Note: It seems some players are getting Volt mounts from the Pinata. Chances are the Level 60 loot table is pointing to the Volt Supply Crate, whilst the Level 65 loot table (that the owner of the Pinata gets) is pointing to the correct one, the Jolt Supply Crate.

Pop The Bugged Pinata; 2nd On Its Way

Archonix has advised everyone to use the current bugged Planetouched Pinata, because Trion will send out a new Planetouched Pinata with the correct loot table to everyone on Friday, Oct 16th 2015! [r]

The existing ones won’t be updated, so fire away. Everyone will get the new one (in testing now, will let you all know once it’s in a build and scheduled).

[Source: Archonix]

So consider the current Planetouched Pinata you received on Tuesday, Oct 13th 2015 to be a bugged freebie and use it away!

Gather your friends/guildies to pop some together, or throw yours up in a busy area like Choreburg (crafting area) in Margle Palace or Tempest Bay so at least 10 players get loot alongside you when you destroy the pinata!

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5 Comments on “Notice: Planetouched Pinatas – Can Use Now; Trion to give 2nd [New Info]”

  1. Jaed
    October 13, 2015 at 9:24 am #

    I was in TB on an alt when someone must have opened a piñata, as I suddenly had a loot bag pop up. My alt got 999 Void Stones (plus patron bonus of 700 VS), a Transcendent Prestige Vial and an artifact.

  2. Raki
    October 13, 2015 at 1:01 pm #

    Archonix confirmed it is bugged. But he said go ahead and pop them and they will hand out more another day with the correct box reward.

    • October 13, 2015 at 2:48 pm #

      Thanks for the info Raki and Discobear! Will update the post now! 😀


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    […] [Note: Owner will get 65 loot; random players get 60 loot. Trion will send out a 2nd Pinata for everyone with the correct loot tables, so you are free to use the bugged one from Tuesday.] [r] […]

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