PTS Datamining: Autumn Harvest 2015

RIFT’s Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) was updated on the 13th October 2015 with an ~890mb download. Besides the date of Autumn Harvest (Oct 22nd) and a UI bug mentioned in the latest hotfix, the PTS itself has not had any noticeable changes. However, the data files contain multiple halloween-themed items that are likely related to the upcoming Autumn Harvest World Event.

Patch version is TEST-303-52-A-1047291.


  • Autumn Harvest 2015 Date Revealed. Oct 22nd!
  • New Costume Skins. Autumn Outfit; Bat Costume with possible Batwings.
  • Dimension Items. Jack O’ Lantern Sconces; Halloween Pies; Cornucopia.
  • Kontartula Jack O’ Lantern Mount. Spider skin, Cage skin…Spinderella?
  • Other Autumn Harvest Files. Autumn Harvest Icons: Masks and Backpacks; Fall Cape.
  • Gold Armored Razorback Mount.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Autumn Harvest 2015 Date Revealed

First up, as revealed in the Welcome Window, the Autumn Harvest World Event launches at 3:30PM Server Time (NA: PDT; EU: GMT) on Thursday, October 22nd 2015!

Autumn Harvest Date 2015

(The Welcome Window message also appears on Live with RIFT 3.4 Hotfix #3).

New Autumn Harvest items are not visible on the PTS yet, but they are in the data files.

New Costume Skins

There’s one new costume skin, although a portion of the previously datamined ‘bat’ costume skin was also found in the files.

Autumn Outfit

The first two images in the skin seem to be both the chest and leg pieces. Left is female and right is male.

PTS Autumn Harvest 2015 Costume Skin

The ‘chest’ piece is actually rather strange because it’s the first time I’ve seen the chest and legs attached to the same skin. Usually the chest skin is square and the legs are rectangular.

Perhaps the top two images are actually the Chest + Hood with the top half being the skin for the hood with some kind of orange-glowing/furnace ‘mouthguard’ in the top-left.

Bat Costume

A single skin appeared for that ‘bat’ costume datamined a few weeks/months ago.

PTS Autumn Harvest 2015 Bat Costume Piece Skin Single

The most interesting thing about this skin is not with the skin itself, but with several rig files discovered in the folder:

PTS Autumn Harvest Batwings Rig Files


Sounds like we might be getting our 3rd (“003”) pair of wings in the game! The first two would be the Gossamer and Arboreal wings from Summerfest, found under the Costume Cape category under Capes slot in your wardrobe.

Is the skin above the ‘batwings’ skin? It seems highly likely, since it doesn’t match any of the skins from the wardrobe set datamined previously:

RIFT Death Bat Wardrobe Bundle Skin

RIFT Death Bat Wardrobe Bundle Skin

Chances are the bat wings will be small; probably a similar size to the faerie wings from Summerfest.

Dimension Items

New dimension items revealed related to Autumn Harvest.

Jack O’ Lantern Sconces

Morticus posted up three Jack o’ Lantern Sconces on the RIFT forums late last week.

Jack o Lantern Sconces

Files relating to them: “”/etc are now up on the PTS.

Halloween Pies

Dimensioneers will also be able to treat their guests to pumpkin and apple pies.

Pumpkin and Appie Pies

If you look closely at the middle two pies, steam is coming out of them! So there’s 4 pies to collect this Autumn Harvest!


The cornucopia (from Latin cornu copiae) or horn of plenty is a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts.Wikipedia.

A new dimension skin has popped up filled with an assortment of vegetables and a what is assumed to be a horn-shaped basket.

PTS Autumn Harvest 2015 Cornucopia Skin

Two rigs have popped up:

  • “”
  • “”

So one that’s an empty basket, and another filled with vegetables.

Unknown if there’s any new dimension key/s planned for this year’s Autumn Harvest – there hasn’t been any indication yet from the data files.

Kontartula Jack O’ Lantern Mount

Internal name “kontartula_jackolantern”. No idea what its actual name will be: perhaps just “Jack O’ Lantern”? In any case, we’re getting a new spider mount for Autumn Harvest!

Skin #1 – The Spider

PTS Autumn Harvest 2015 kontartula jackolantern Mount Skin

Quite a lot of stuff going on in the image. It’s clearly a mechanical spider.

  • The bottom-half is probably the body. You can see the four holes in the skin in the bottom-left where the legs are probably attached.
  • The top-left area probably shows its leg guard and the purple Jack emblem probably replaces the silver disc connectors on other mechanical spider mounts.

The base ‘rig’ will look ‘kind of’ like the below:


However, the theme here is clearly some kind of brass coffin or carriage; so less jagged edges. The kontartula_jackolantern is probably more blocky than the other spider mounts.

The icon itself is very interesting.

kontartula_jackolantern icon

At first it might look like some kind of massive, thick scorpion tail is protruding from the back of the spider. However, on closer inspection you can notice some green and gold colors weaved in to what looks more like a spherical cage. The next skin might help give a better idea of what the mount looks like:

Skin #2 – The Cage

An interesting skin popped up in the same folder as the mount skin. At first it looked like some kind of pillar or lantern design for dimensioneers.

PTS Autumn Harvest 2015 kontartula jackolantern Mount Cage Skin

However, the open sphere on the spider mount’s back in the mount icon above is clearly this skin right here.

This is backed up by the names of the texture files linked up to the mount’s rig.

PTS Autumn Harvest 2015 kontartula jackolantern Mount Rig

The “kontartula_jackolantern_globe” files clearly relate to the cage skin above.


The cage sitting atop the spider mount would explain why Archonix referred to the mount as “Spinderella” in the 3.4 Overview livestream held two weeks ago. Note though that he mentioned this was what he referred to it as, so it’s probably not the official in-game name of the mount.

Looks like instead of Cinderella being carried to the Ball on a pumpkin carriage, we Telarans get to traverse the lands on a brass, mechanical spider with a coffin-esque vibe, enveloped in a metal cage. Very spooky!

Look forward to the “Spinderella” mount coming to Autumn Harvest this month on Oct 22nd!

Other Autumn Harvest Files

Autumn Harvest Icons

Besides the Spinderella mount icon, there’s three new masks and three new backpacks!

PTS Autumn Harvest 2015 Icons

  • Top row: Scarecrow-with-animal-skull, bloodied skull and a bat mask.
  • Bottom row: Three backpacks.
    • First one has a mead keg and two jugs attached to the sides via string.
    • Second backpack has a Jack o’ Lantern poking out from inside.
    • Third backpack looks witch-themed with perhaps a skull pocking out from inside. The left side looks like something is trying to escape, poking a claw or wing out.

There were no skins fro the backpacks and only one skull skin, probably related to the middle mask.

PTS Autumn Harvest 2015 Skull Mask Skin

There’s no ‘cloth/chainmail’ on the skin, no blood and not as yellow as the mask’s icon. Perhaps this is an entirely different helm or dimension item.

Fall Cape

Data files had a colorful Fall Cape skin. “”.

PTS Autumn Harvest 2015 Fall Cape Skin

Less Halloween and more Autumn Harvest/Fall. Interestingly, the middle section has a bunch of flame decorations and makes it look like the tree is on fire.

Gold Armored Razorback Mount

A new gold/red Armored Razorback Mount skin popped up in the data files with the latest update.

PTS Gold Armored Razorback Mount Skin

Has a Roman Legionnaire theme to it. Known internally as “”.

Given when the skin was added to the PTS and the fact Autumn Harvest is next week, my guess is that we’re probably going to get a Razorback Roundup Promo Week this Thursday, starting at 3:30PM Server Time!

Look forward to Autumn Harvest 2015, starting at 3:30PM Server Time (NA: PDT; EU: GMT) on Thursday, Oct 22nd 2015! New to the annual world event? Check out the general guide to this annual event here!

And we might be getting a Razorback Roundup Promo Week this week; or some time in the future, with a new Gold Armored Razorback Mount!

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining here.

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  1. Lefteris
    October 15, 2015 at 2:54 am #

    some cool stuff coming this year!
    Hope we can get last year mount with marks or at least with direct purchase

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