RIFT 3.4 Hotfix #3

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Trion has updated RIFT with RIFT 3.4 Hotfix #3 as at 10/14/15 7:30AM PDT (NA) and 10/15/15 1 AM GMT (EU). A large ~920mb hotfix.

Summary/Additional Info:

  • Notice: New Bug For UI. If you have Global UI scale enabled and you resize your game window, various UI elements will jump to unexpected positions. This is a known bug and will be fixed in a future hotfix.
    • From my experience, it seems to also occur when you simply open and close the bags, or go to a loading screen.
    • It is also affecting anyone who has their chat window near the right of the screen (or in my case, two chat windows). If you go to loading screen, either via moving to a new map, loading whilst running through a map or typing /reloadui, any chat window you have on the right side of the screen will move half-way past the game window.
    • It seems the bug from the latest PTS Update has carried over to Live.
  • Lots of bug fixes from Patch 3.4Just a quick summary below of some of the ones that seem to be most noticeable:
    • Suggested prices on Auction House fixed.
    • Shalistiri’s Gift (super-jump) will no longer be removed when you switch shards.
    • RIFT Store should no longer continuously re-open if you have your inventory open.
    • Void stone payouts in certain pre-NT zone events have been normalized.
    • Lots of Primalist fixes.
    • A couple of Planetouched Wilds quest fixes.
  • Primal Celebration Gift – Redux. A 2nd Planetouched Pinata is scheduled to be given out with the correct loot table on Friday, Oct 16th. You can freely use the one you got on Tuesday as Trion will not be fixing that version. More info here.
  • Gear Additions/Changes:
    • RIFT Store now includes Level 10-50 favor weapons for Primalists.
    • Voidstone costs for many Storm Legion essenes vastly reduced.
    • Rhaza’de Canyons epic upgrades for ranged weapons now have procs.
  • Strangely Mutated Fish Pool Changed. The pool of water that is used to fish up the Strangely Mutated Fish for the Little Black Book storm legion puzzle is no longer locked behind the Biofoundry (which can only be accessed during and a little while after the Volan event). It is now available to be accessed at all times.
  • Rainbow Glue Price Reduction. Nomi’s Rainbow Glue (for the Callweddi puzzle) has been reduced from 10k to 5k plat each.
RIFT 3.4 Hot Fix #3 – 10/14/15

* Fixed the Guild Log to correctly display achievements and completed quests prior to 3.4.
* Fixed an issue with suggested prices on the Auction House.
* Changing shards will no longer remove and not re-apply the scene based abilities you are granted in Plane Touched Wilds.

* An additional login bonus has been scheduled for Friday, October 16th to make up for the incorrect loot in the Pinatas available on Tuesday. A Primal Celebration Gift – Redux will be available to claim in the RIFT Store, once per account.
– If you accidentally claim it on the wrong character: don’t panic! The pack itself is BoA as long as you don’t open it.
* The Rift Store now includes level 10-50 pvp weapons for Primalists.
* Updated the tooltip for the Red Crabnarok. It now correctly states that it’s a 155% speed mount.
* Fixed bad previews for Pet Skin: Shalistiri Spirit and Pet Skin: Skyhunter.
* Fixed nameplate UI settings not persisting.

* Fixed player colors in the Warfront scoreboard to display red and blue for the correct sides.
* Fixed an bug with the Store resetting the filters and scrollbar.
* Fixed an issue with the Store reopening after closing.
* The UI Layout system has been overhauled to fix various HUD elements from gradually creeping across the screen, and improved placement through window resizing and resolution changes.
– Note: If player has Global UI scale enabled and resizes the window, UI elements jump to unexpected positions. This is a bug and will be fixed in a future hotfix.
* Fixed a bug that could cause /reloadui to clear all your bag positions.

* Nightmare Saga: Nightmare Scenario is now listed as a group quest.
* Some older zone events have had their Void Stone payouts normalized.

* It seems that the upheavals caused by the return of Planetouched Wilds were not confined to Mathosia. Over in Brevane, the boundaries of Arakhosian Hinterlands have shifted, and now include a small area that used to be in the Biofoundary.

* Quest: Usuk Hel: Players will no longer have their pets parrot Tam’s lines. Thanks to Darosarabean for bringing it to our attention.
* Ancestor Spirits have been spotted roaming the ruins in Cosmic Steppes.
* Quest: The King and You: Queen Bloodhorn is no longer masquerading as a rhino.
* Quest: Primal Meditations: The crystals will now properly sparkle when on the quest.
Players will now earn rested XP in Shal Korva.
* Finding the Finder: Researcher Jessa is now a little easier.
* Quest: Spirit Buster: Fixed an issue was preventing Malicious Spirits from respawning appropriately


* Fixed a bug where a Primalist at level 50 could put too many points in a talent tree.

* Pass Fixed a bug causing Ancestral Force to be capable of critically healing.

* Fixed an issue causing Conservation to calculate as a spell instead of a melee attack.
* Fixed a bug where Nature’s Blessing (lvl 65 Mastery) stacked with Divine Favor (lvl 65 Cleric Mastery).
* Fixed a bug causing Invigorate’s healing to only work on the casting Preserver, not work if cast on an ally.
* Fixed a bug which caused Overgrowth not to function.

* Titanic Spirit: Increased threat modifier from 200% to 300%.
* Increased threat of Essence Strike, Crystalline Lance, and Earthquake.
* Primal Avatar – Ram: Fixed an issue preventing this from increasing the caster’s maximum Absorb.
* Fixed a bug where Earthquake dealt Death damage instead of Earth damage.
* Increased Earthquake’s damage multiplier by 50%.

* Fixed an issue causing Divergence and Wind Shear to be counted as Instant abilities instead of Cast Time abilities.
* Updated tagging on Typhoon abilities to respect line of sight.

* Precise Aim: Increased buff duration to 15 seconds, up from 10 seconds.
* Beacon of the Drake: Fixed an issue preventing this from scaling properly with attack power, weapon damage, or physical critical hit chance.
* Lava Lance: Now works correctly.
* Primal Warp: Now works correctly.
* Stroke of Brilliance: Fixed an issue where this was doing too much damage while not at true harmony.


* Increased the damage of the initial tick of Soul Sickness, Necrotic Wounds, and Flesh Rot.
Shadow Warp will now drop flags when used in Warfronts.

* Stonespear is now properly tagged as a damage ability.


* Fixed the description text on Contra Tempo to display the correct amount it increases per talent level.
* Removed the debilitate text from Weapon Barrage.

* Voidstone costs for many Storm Legion essences have been drastically reduced.
* Ghar Badge of Honor now appears on Ghar notoriety vendors when only the Primalist calling is selected.
* Epic upgrades on ranged weapons that drop from the Rhazade Canyon boss now have ability procs.
* Nomi found a new supplier for Rainbow Glue and will be selling it for a much reduced price from now on, although it’s still not cheap. It is Rainbow Glue after all.
* Calzrix, the Primal Edge, the upgraded Primalist tanking axe from the Intrepid Guild of Prophecy raid is not correctly set to Relic rarity.

* Fixed an exploit which allowed companion pets to be targeted by Earthen Punishment.
Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 14th OCTOBER 2015

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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