Livestream Summary: Mind of Madness

Trion had their 16th October 2015 Friday Livestream where they showed off the first five bosses of the Mind of Madness, provided an estimated timetable for release and showed off a few of the new items coming in Autumn Harvest including new costumes, backpacks and the Spinderella mount!

You can also check out Livestream showcasing the last four bosses of the Mind of Madness here.

Click here for a replay of the 16th October 2015 Livestream video on RIFT portion starts at 3hr 11min 45sec into the video.

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Trion had their 16th October 2015 Friday Livestream with Community Manager Eric “Ocho” Cleaver, Game Director Christopher “Archonix” Junior, Senior Game Designer Haley “Anony” Chivers and Senior Content Designer Ty “Krug” George. Joined by DEV_Icarus in-game, who designed the Lady Envy encounter.

Table of Contents:

  • Mind of Madness Overview. Overview; Quick Lore; Mind of Madness Release Schedule.
  • First Boss: Pagura.
  • Second Boss: Lord Arak.
  • West Wing “Injustice Wing”. 1st Boss: Misericorida and Vis.
  • North Wing “The Unkown”. 1st Boss: Fauxmire.
  • East Wing “The Heart of Darkness”. 1st Boss: Lady Envy.
  • Autumn Harvest Preview. Skull Knight Costume Bundle; Pumpkin Monster Pack; Spinderella Mount.
  • Other Info. Primal Razorback Mount; PvP-related Info (gear upgrade); Extra Life Start Time; Mind of Madness Instant Adventure.
  • Livestream Giveaways.

As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

Mind of Madness Overview

Mind of Madness is the first Tier 3 raid in Nightmare Tide revolving around the progenitors of Lord Arak. It requires 20 players and has a total of 9 bosses set in some stellar-looking environments.

Anony and Krug were joined by Icarus to show off the first five bosses of the raid.

Loot is currently placeholder, so they didn’t show them off.

Note: Some spoilers on a few mechanics were shown during the livestream. If you want to keep all mechanics new, it’s probably best to skip this Livestream Summary.

Quick Lore

(Possible Spoilers if you haven’t done Nightmare Saga)

Briefly, there’s a group of beings known as the Tenebreans who have captured and enslaved Gods from a foreign Cosmos. They’ve brainwashed these Gods and put them into a trance-like state aboard a vessel that was supposed to travel to our Cosmos. Their goal is to destroy our Cosmos in order to help extend the life of the Tenebreans’ own Cosmos.

Orphiel Farwind sabotaged that mission a couple of millenia ago and left the vessel floating in the ether outside our Cosmos near the Plane of Water.

Due to proximity with the Plane of Water, the foreign Gods’ dreams manifested themselves into Lord Arak.

Now, the Gods are beginning to awaken and the fear is that they’ll attempt to complete their mission. You must stop them before they destroy our Cosmos!

Mind of Madness Release Schedule

Mind of Madness will be released in two parts. Estimated schedule is as follows:

  • First 5 bosses will be released in November.
  • Remaining 4 bosses will be released in December.

The first 5 bosses involve Pagura, Lord Arak and the first boss of each of the three wings in the raid. The remaining 4 bosses will be the three end bosses of each wing as well as the ultimate boss at the end.

First Boss: Pagura

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Pagura

Pagura is there to stop you from boarding the vessel. She is a master of hexes and curses, with her curses being the primary mechanic in the fight. Proper positioning is vital.

  • Has frontal cleave that requires two players in front of her at all times, otherwise she gets an incoming damage reduction buff.
  • Spider adds spawn from nests around the encounter. You’ll need to position Pagura in front of the nests to cleave them down.
  • There’s an Ice Column that spawns at some point.

Curse of Four/Five/Six

Pagura summons a conal AoE mechanic called “Curse of Four”. You need to figure out what to do with this mechanic, otherwise she’ll cast “Hex of Failure” and deal major damage to the raid. Two hits will likely wipe the raid.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Pagura Curse of Four

As the fight progresses, she’ll increase this mechanic to have more AoE cones, calling them “Curse of Five” and “Curse of Six”.

Ice Souls Mechanic

At some point Pagura will emote “Pagura begins drawing in its breath, disturbing the Ice Souls.” A whole heap of ice golems called Ice Soul will spawn around the encounter.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Pagura Ice Soul

You’ll need to figure out what to do with this mechanic, because if she finishes her cast, the raid will wipe.

Lieutenant Adds

At lower hp, Pagura will become inactive and two ‘lieutenant’-style adds will activate on opposite ends of the encounter.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Pagura Adds

They’ll place a stacking debuff on you, forcing you to switch between the two lieutenants. They do lots of AoE.

Second Boss: Lord Arak

The second boss is Lord Arak. Note that all the visual effects in the Lord Arak fight are placeholder for now, and the devs didn’t show off much of the fight because later phases are reliant on those vfx.

Safety Cone

Throughout the encounter, there’s a yellow ‘safety cone’ that you have to remain in.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Lord Arak Safety Cone

There’s also red and bronze statues surrounding the entire encounter. Clicking on them will move the safe pie section, which will be required when dealing with crystals.

Colored Crystals

There’s three colored crystals that were shown off during the livestream. These have an AoE that has various effects on you if you go into them:

  • Crystallized Repulsion = Blue = knockback.
  • Crystallized Anguish = Yellow = does damage.
  • Crystallized Fright = Green = fear.

You can’t attack them during the active phase, so will just have to dodge them by moving the safety cone via the statues in the room.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Lord Arak Charging Mind Blast Crystals

At certain points throughout the fight, Lord Arak becomes stunned/inactive and you are able to dps down the crystals.

Charging Mind Blast

A progress bar appears that slowly charges up called “Charging Mind Blast”. Failing this mechanic will wipe the raid. No info was provided on how to deal with this mechanic.

A bunch of adds and later phases were not shown.

Transition: Arisen Arak

Of course, it isn’t too much of a surprise that Lord Arak doesn’t just die as the 2nd boss in a raid known internally as “Lord_Arak_Raid”, and we’ve all seen the new RIFT background in videos, forum background/etc.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Arisen Arak 1

And so he decides to reveal his true form, known internally as Arisen Arak.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Arisen Arak 2

For some reason he just allows you to enter the vessel.

West Wing “Injustice Wing”

The “Injustice Wing” is the west wing once you enter the real Mind of Madness.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Injustice Wing

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Injustice Wing 2

For anyone who follows the Datamining articles, this area is known internally as “end_to_reason“. As you can probably guess, the final west wing boss is likely Lady Justice.

Injustice Wing 1st Boss: Misericorida and Vis

The first encounter in the wing is a twin fight with Misericorida (‘Mis’) and Vis. There is one boss on each lighthouse on opposite ends of the encounter.

  • Mis’ side places red AoEs on players. Your 10 players need to spread in the limited area. Apparently there’s very little room for error.
  • Vis’ side has beams that spawn on tanks which you have to kite.
  • There’s also different mechanics based on health differential.

Different Phases of Justice

The twins have a variety of different abilities that you need to watch out for.

Trion mainly mentioned that Mis occasionaly grants ‘mercy’ by healing both your raid and herself – can be interrupted.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Vis and Mis

Sometimes they’ll also merge their powers so you’ll need to push the bosses’ hp down or you will be destroyed.

Stacks of Injustice

A buff is placed on Vis that increases outgoing damage by 5% per stack. The stacks increase if Mis is dead (and probably health differential) or if there’s more than the allowed amount of players on each pillar.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Vis and Mis Injustice

In this fight, if one person jumps from one pillar, another person has to jump at the same time so there isn’t an imbalance of numbers on each pillar.

North Wing “The Unkown”

“The Unkown” (correct spelling!) is the north wing of the Mind of Madness raid. The starting area is a forest of synapses.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness The Unkown

Prior to the first boss, there’s a whole bunch of adds and multiple pathways you can take. Only one path is survivable, but there will be clues that will help point you to the correct path.

Anony cleared the adds prior to the livestream so none were shown.

The Unkown: 1st Boss – Fauxmire

Fauxmire is the preliminary boss of the Unkown, north wing. His mechanics revolve around a day and night cycle. Fauxmire has a variety of mechanics, but only two major ones were shown/talked about.

Children of the Forest

During the Day, Children of the Forest will spawn that will target random players and chase after them. Those players need to kite the Children of the Forest and position them properly for the mechanics of the Night cycle.

(the ‘children’ weren’t shown).

Note: Healers will get lowest priority so should only be targeted if everyone else is dead.

Pacmen Attack

During the Night cycle, various ghost-like ‘pacmen’ (name unknown) will spawn from multiple directions, moving across the screen. They have a large red AoE underneath them that will kill you if you touch them.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Fauxmire Pacmen

During this phase, Fauxmire will also shoot AoE attacks at random (probably on a random player).

As the fight progresses, the pattern for the ‘pacmen’ will become increasingly more complex. At some point, you simply won’t be able to dodge them at all. This is where the Children of the Forest comes in – proper placement of those children during the Day cycle will grant you enough immunity to survive through the Night.

East Wing “The Heart of Darkness”

The East Wing is known as “The Heart of Darkness” and is considered to be the hardest of the three wings.

Livestream Summary Heart of Darkness 1

Livestream Summary Heart of Darkness 2

There’s quite a lot of platforms to go through. It’s a very large area.

Devourer of Envy

Prior to the first boss, you’ll have to traverse through an area with a giant worm called Devourer of Envy. In multiple sections of the path towards the first boss, a large red AoE will appear, and shortly afterwards the Devourer will spawn.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness The Heart of Darkness Devourer of Envy

When he spawns, a knockback will occur that will most likely knock you off the platforms unless you completely avoid the initial AoE.

The Heart of Darkness 1st Boss: Lady Envy

The first boss of the Heart of Darkness wing is Lady Envy. She is known for her amazing fashion sense.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Lady Envy

The encounter area itself is a rather decent size, and that’s due to a very specific mechanic that occurs every so often:

Bullet Hell

There’s a ‘bullet hell’ mechanic where large fireballs with surrounding red AoE will move at a fast speed from two sides of the encounter.

Below, Anony shows off the mechanic from a distance using dev fly commands.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Lady Envy Bullet Hell

Getting hit by a fireball AoE will cause your character to take a very large number of 10k damage ticks, and push your character to the other side of the encounter.

It’s unknown whether the AoE can actually push you off the encounter as Anony was pushed against one of the rocks protruding on the side, and he used dev invulnerability for the rest of the fight.


Every now and then you’ll need to go to the side platforms and enter a portal to fight a clone of Lady Envy called Memory of Envy. There’s one clone per side that must be DPSed down.

There’s also other adds that spawn during the encounter.

Eggs and Focus

Other mechanics shown:

  • “Embrace of Envy” puts an energy cage on players that seems to deal damage and incapacitate the player. Seems to be an interruptible cast (for the initial cast, not the channel after).
  • Singularity seems to spawn a clone within the main encounter area that has some kind of AoE shield on it.
  • A focus beam will be cast (probably on a random player) making them take some heavy tick damage. Probably a similar to Anrak the Foul in iGP.

Livestream Summary Mind of Madness Lady Envy Egg and Focus

And that’s the first 5 bosses of the upcoming Tier 3 Mind of Madness raid. Just note that the raid is still a work in progress to various art assets and vfx have not been finalized just yet.

Also, the raid encounters were previewed with two devs with pinned health, sometimes invulnerability status and dev kill/damage commands. As such, a lot of mechanics have likely not been shown for each boss.

Autumn Harvest Preview

Trion showed off a few of the new items coming to Autumn Harvest this year.

Skull Knight Costume Bundle

Anony was wearing the Skull Knight Costume Bundle:

Livestream Summary Autumn Harvest Skull Knight Costume Bundle

The skull is not attached to the body. Also, it matches your ‘facial’ expressions. For instance, typing /laugh will have the skull’s jaws open up in laughter.

Livestream Summary Autumn Harvest Skull Knight Costume Bundle 2

Pumpkin Monster Pack

Anony’s character was wearing a Pumpkin Monster Pack.

Livestream Summary Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Monster Pack

It’s a backpack (appears under Capes -> Costume Cape) that has an animated Jack o’ Lantern face that looks around the place.

Spinderella Mount

Trion showed off the upcoming Spinderella Mount. The mount looks like nothing else seen in the game before, taking on slightly more spooky version of the Cinderella-pumpkin-carriage theme.

RIFT Spinderella Mount 1

The Jack o’ Lantern ‘cage’ has fiery purple-glowing eyes. There’s also a gargoyle statue at the front below where your feet rest.

RIFT Spinderella Mount Front

You sit on what looks like a throne built upon a casket.

RIFT Spinderella Mount Side

Near the back portion of Spinderella is a mural with a flexing Jack and various other nasties. The back is also decorated with a skull and skeletal wings.

RIFT Spinderella Mount Mural

No detail has been missed; even the top of the cage has four skeletal Jacks with a crescent moon on top.

RIFT Spinderella Mount Top Detail

And that’s the Spinderella Mount.

RIFT Spinderella Mount 2

The Spinderella Mount will be available as a rare chance drop from a Limited Edition: Spinderella Trove during Autumn Harvest.

Spinderella Video

The info on the Spinderella mount starts at 3hrs 55min into the livestream video.

Autumn Harvest begins at 3:30PM Server Time (PDT for NA; GMT for EU) on Thursday, October 22nd 2015!

Other Info

Primal Razorback Mount

Trion showed off the new Primal Razorback Mount that is currently up on the RIFT Store for a limited time during the Razorback Roundup Promo Week.

Primal Razorback Mount Livestream Summary

The Primal Razorback mount is 155% mount speed (or matches your fastest mount), Amphibious and is an account-wide unlock.

PvP-related Info

Some PvP-related info from the latest livestream:

  • PvPers will be getting an upgrade to gear slightly after launch of the Tier 3 “Mind of Madness” raid. No details on if there’s a Hit upgrade.
  • More PvP stuff slated for the next major update (so 3.5).
  • Archonix might say “Seastone is Best Stone” on a livestream if Rough Raptors raises $10,000 for Extra Life, which is the milestone before he shaves his head. Vladd might also appear on a livestream to shave RR’s head.

Extra Life Start Time

TrionBrasse Extra Life 2015 Start Time ConfirmTrionBrasse confirmed that the Extra Life 24hr gaming weekend will start at 6am PST on Saturday, Nov 7th for Trion-run events.

Learn more about Extra Life 2015!

Mind of Madness Instant Adventure

Trion confirmed that there will be an Instant Adventure version of the Mind of Madness raid, but not slated for 3.4.

Livestream Giveaways

Livestream Channel Giveaways

During the Livestream, a handful of livestream chat channel viewers received:

  • 1x Primal Razorback Mount to 10 livestream viewers.
  • 1x The Wilds Pack to 3livestream viewers.
  • 1x Spinderella Mount to 2 lucky livestream viewers!

Congratulations to all the winners!

You should receive information about your prizes in the ‘Other’ Tab in Twitch inbox within the next few days.

Additional Giveaway Rule

Archonix mentioned a new rule during the livestream. If he screws up the preview of a mount on the RIFT Store (like the latest Primal Razorback mount), he’ll double the amount given away.

Livestream Summary 16th October 2015 Livestreamers

(From Left to Right: CM Ocho, Archonix, Anony and Krug.)

Have you got your Hit to 1,400? Get ready for the Tier 3 20-man raid “Mind of Madness” with the first 5 bosses coming out some time in November, and the final 4 in December. Also, look forward to that sweet Spinderella mount coming out with Autumn Harvest at 3:30PM Server Time on Thursday, Oct 22nd 2015.

You can also check out Livestream showcasing the last four bosses of the Mind of Madness here.

Past Livestream Summaries can be accessed here.

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