RIFT News Tidbits 20th October 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 20th October 2015.


  • Improving RIFT For Deaf Players. Do you have any suggestions to help improve RIFT for deaf players (such as more visual cues for mechanics)? Check out Gingers thread here.
    • Trion might be able to start adding captions to trailers and cinematics. [r]
  • Emotes Suggestions. Art Manager Marigold is looking to make a list of emotes to add to the game (if time allows). Have any (PG-rated) emotes you’d like to see in the game? Post them up here!
  • RIFT Equipment Sale 25% Off. From Oct 21st-27th, the RIFT Store will have 25% off the Credit price of all armor, weapons, accessories and upgrade parts. [r]
  • Livestream Summary: Mind of Madness. Trion held a RIFT livestream last Friday, previewing the first five bosses of the upcoming Tier 3 20-man raid “Mind of Madness”. They also revealed the Spinderella mount coming to the Autumn Harvest World Event on Oct 22nd! Check out full info + screens here!
  • Assault on Bronze Tomb Changes. Kerilar might look at increasing the spawn rate of fire traps in the first room of the new warfront; possible tweaks to respawn timers and a change to the winning condition so that the team that makes it the furthest and finishes fastest is declared the winner. This should hopefully prevent ties if both teams don’t make it to the the third room. [r]
  • Callweddi Puzzle: Artifact Puzzle Piece Drop Changes. Dead Simon will be making the 6pc Mosaic’s artifact-dropped puzzle pieces easier to obtain with next week’s hotfix. Currently, two pieces are available per Poison/Burning/Nightmare artifact. With next week’s changes, all 6 puzzle pieces will be available from any Poison/Burning/Nightmare artifact node. [r]
    • Note: Drop rate of the puzzle pieces is low, but it’s 10x higher for ‘rare nodes’. ‘Rare nodes’ are generally in harder-to-reach places and will never drop a white/common artifact.
    • Note2: Don’t use poth Patron Artifact tracking and an Artifact Potion (like the Nightmare Tracking Vial) since if one of the buffs time out (or is manually removed), both may be removed. [r]
  • Primalist Crafted Gear Hit Fix. Morticus will fix Flawless Primalist Glaive and Flawless Primalist Greatmaul so that they have the correct Hit. No ETA. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • In the Woods [Dimension]. Seyler over at The Dimension Touring Company has taken a tour of Nekromantis@Brutwacht’s “Into the Woods”, a halloween-themed dimension with some nasty traps and sinister props. Check it out here!

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