Notice: Warrior’s Dire Corruption Disabled

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Notice: Due to a bug/exploit, the Warrior Revear’s “Dire Corruption” ability has been disabled until further notice. Dire Corruption is used in a lot of Warrior specs, so this will probably be noticeable to raids this week.

A major bug appeared with this week’s hotfix. As Flashmemory on the RIFT Forums mentioned “Dire Corruption can tick on players, mobs, dummies endlessly even outside of combat.” [r] Vladd has disabled it until further notice. [r] He has not indicated when it will be re-enabled (perhaps with the next hotfix?).

[Update 10.22.15: Unfortunately the fix for Dire Corruption won’t be available until next week’s hotfix.][r]

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One Comment on “Notice: Warrior’s Dire Corruption Disabled”

  1. October 22, 2015 at 10:34 pm #

    im very saddened by this. im not sure what “bug” or “hack” was going on that everyone is talking about (i never noticed anything awry), but dire corruption is a big part of my attack workflow (a combination of soul sickness, necrotic wound, and dire blow, with eye of the storm and spotter call in the background). this is especially true for stronger foes/bosses for me, so it kinda takes a chunk of my aggro. are they planning on fixing it, or totally scrapping it(if so, will some form of substitue possesing similar characteristics be designed)? either way plz plz fix soon, thanks for the work

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