RIFT 3.4 Hotfix #6

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Trion is updating RIFT to RIFT 3.4 Hotfix #6 as at 10/28/15 6:00 AM PDT (NA) and 10/29/15 1 AM GMT (EU). Downtime should be under 1hr.

Summary/Additional Info:

  • 2nd The Wilds Celebration Pack. With the latest hotfix, check your Claims/Rewards box in the top-right corner of the RIFT Store front page (default key “]“) and you should get a “The Wilds Celebration Pack”.
    • Tacitus has confirmed this was sent out in error, but you get to keep it! [r]
    • Warning: Do not stack two “The Wilds Celebration Pack” items together, or it might glitch and you’ll lose one of them. [r] If you never opened your first one from back when 3.4 launched and you plan on simply holding onto them, you might want to give them to different chars or keep them in different places (i.e. one bank, one inventory/etc).

The Wilds Celebration Pack 1

  • Autumn Harvest Minions Updated. The attributes on the Autumn Harvest minions that you gain using Taskmaster Atrophinius have been updated. They are now as follows:
    • Taskmaster Atrophinius: Life, Diplomacy, Harvesting, Dimension.
    • Qu’ella the Wretched: Life, Assassination.
    • Haligan the Pyretouched: Fire, Death, Assassination.
    • The Nightstalker: Earth, Hunting.
    • The Hag of Gloamwood: Life, Death, Diplomacy.
    • Athelan the Fallen: Death, Artifact, Assassination.
    • (Thanks to Verondah and Chickster@Laethys for the info!)
    • The Minion Card Database will be updated later today with the new attributes.

RIFT Autumn Harvest 2015 Minion Cards Updated

  • Autumncap Fungus Spawns Fixed. Autumncap Fungus nodes in Silverwood, Freemarch, Gloamwood, Stonefield and Droughtlands have been corrected so that they are no longer out of reach.
  • Other Autumn Harvest Info:
    • Autumn Eyes potions now work again.
    • Autumn Harvest Ambersap is now rewarded in zone events and from Gloamwood Autumn Harvest Instant Adventure bosses.
    • Note: The 7x Autumn Signets quest shown on the PTS is not slated until next week’s hotfix.
  • Various Mage Dominator and Primalist fixes/changes.
  • Warrior Reaver Dire Corruption Re-enabled. Not in the patch notes, but Warrior Reaver’s “Dire Corruption” ability has been fixed and re-enabled. (Thanks to Reactive for the info!)
RIFT 3.4 Hot Fix #6 – 10/28/15

* Stats on the new Autumn Harvest minions have been updated to have the correct stats.
* Quest: Autumncap Haul: Autumncap Fungus spawns in the following zones have been adjusted to no longer be out of reach – Silverwood, Freemarch, Gloamwood, Stonefield, and Droughtlands.
* Autumn Eyes potions should be working once again.
* Added Autumn Sap rewards to zone events.
* Added Autumn Sap rewards to Autumn Harvest Instant Adventure bosses.
* Added additional seasonal Instant Adventures to Gloamwood.

* Fixed a possible client crash when purchasing items off a wish list.
* Fixed issue with the sound and frequency of Baac skin for Necromancer’s Shadow Revenant pet, so it is not too noisy and annoying.
* Fix a bug causing ground clutter to flash on some systems.



* Transmogrify: No longer affected by Durable Control.
* Transmogrify is no longer broken by AoE damage.
* Pain Armor:
– Now reflects 10% of single-target ability damage dealt to the Dominator back to the attacker.
– No longer drains the resource of attacking foes.
*Fix previewing combat pet skins not animating.
– Note: Cleric Fairy pets do not animate until a skin is selected. This will be fixed in a future hotfix.

* Fixed a bug that would prevent Skill Shot, Cyclicism and a few other abilities from proc’ing when at full fury.

* Planar Spout: Fixed an issue where Planar Spout was doing more damage than intended.
* Spirit’s Wrath: Now deals 50% less damage in PVP.

* Fixed an issue causing Inundate’s Absorb functionality to work irregularly.

* Molten Wave:
– Now moves your focus by 100 towards Cunning. Up from 80.
– The additional damage debuff duration has been reduced from 3s to 1.5s.
* Skill Shot: Now deals 50% less damage in PVP.
* Beacon of the Drake: Fixed an issue that was causing Beacon of the Drake to despawn when another one was cast nearby.

* Buffs from Crystalline Lance, Essence Strike, and Earthquake now last 20 seconds, up from 16s.
* Unyielding – talent: Lowered from 3% damage reduction per point down to 2% per point.
* Essence Strike: No longer gives Dodge when used, and instead gives a 3% reduction to damage taken.
* Crystalline Lance: Range increased from 20m up to 30m.
* Earthquake: Lowered cooldown from 15 seconds down to 10 seconds.
* Primalist Mastery Indomitable Indomitable (level 61) now also allows Crystalline Smash to be used on targets up to 20m away.


* Removed the smiling wall.

* The VFX illuminating the hands around Hydal Ithral has returned.

* The main map can no longer be shrunk down to a size that prevents it from displaying correctly.
* Fixed an issue that prevented the map from being made larger after a window resize.
* Quest: Primal Meditations: The crystals will now properly sparkle when on the quest.


* Water Twisted Moths should spawn with the same regularity or the other Twisted NPCs from Corpse Maggots in Planetouched Wilds now.

* DPS upgrades for Primalist 2H raid weapon drops now have the correct item procs.
* Fixed sound for some healing trinkets that could get stuck looping under certain circumstances.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 28th OCTOBER 2015

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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2 Comments on “RIFT 3.4 Hotfix #6”

  1. Reactive
    October 28, 2015 at 8:28 pm #

    Also it wasn’t in the notes but Dire Corruption was fixed for Reavers and renabled.

    • October 28, 2015 at 9:23 pm #

      Thanks for the info Reactive! Adding that in.

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