RIFT News Tidbits 1st November 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 1st November 2015.


  • Daylight Saving. Just a heads up that the in-game time for North American shards has changed from PDT to PST as of 2am 1st Nov. Please check with your guild and a time convertor to make sure you don’t miss any scheduled in-game activities.
  • Assault on Bronze Tomb Changes. The new warfront is getting a few changes: [r]
    • Engineers are working to make sure the warfront has less ties. No exact ETA, but ‘soon’.
    • Line of sight blocks will be added to the final room’s defender starting area.
    • Cannons will respect line of sight; no longer able to shoot through walls.
    • ‘Personal Defense Shield’ mechanic is being added to the map that gives you a 30sec immunity to the Cannons’ AoE abilities (ST still hits you), but reduces your outgoing damage/healing by 90% and incoming heals by 90%.

Extra Life 2015

A whole bunch of new information has appeared for the Extra Life 24hr gaming charity event that is happening on the weekend of the 7th-8th Nov.

  • Extra Life Milestones Updated. Extra Life’s own fundraising milestone rewards have been updated. You can check them out here.
    • $75 milestone added, giving Extra Lifers a special Extra Life wooden phone case for $10 from Carved.
    • $1,001 milestone added, giving first 1,000 Extra Lifers the opportunity to play an early build of Fat Princess Adventures.
  • Trion Worlds Info Updated. I’ve updated the Extra Life 2015 article with all of the fundraising milestone and event participation rewards posted up by Trion for all their titles. Includes screenshots of some of the rewards. There’s quite a lot this year! Don’t miss out on your Benevolent Portrait Frame!
Extra Life 2014 500 dollar Fundraising RIFT Benevolent Portrait

RIFT Benevolent Portrait Frame

  • In-game Activities. Various known activities in Trion titles:
    • RIFT: Corgi Rifts start spawning from 12am PST Nov 7th until 12am PST on Nov 8th. Get your “of House Fluffington” title from the “Suddenly, Corgis” achievement found under Achievements -> World Events.
    • RIFT: Seshatar’s Stronghold Ball Arena: The Thunderdome Cup. Join in this stronghold ball arena-style player-run event on the EU shards. Loads of 4th Anniversary Arclight Rider mounts and Power Packs to the winners. Register your team here!
    • Defiance: Extra Life Arkfalls start spawning over the Extra Life weekend with chance at dropping the Halo headgear!
    • Trove: Item Creation. Game Designer Kumar will be creating items for Trove over the 24hr charity gaming event. Donators to his fundraising page get to suggest various items, and receive 25x codes to give out as well! Full details here!

You can check out the complete article about Extra Life 2015 here!

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