Notice: RIFT 3.4 Hotfix #7 Delayed to Thursday

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Notice: CM Ocho has announced that RIFT 3.4 Hotfix #7 will not be releasing on Wednesday for NA players. It has been pushed back until Thursday, 5th November 2015 for some last-minute polish.

Trion will also be doing a simultaneous release between NA and EU on Thursday. No exact ETA announced yet.

This will likely mean that patch notes won’t be released until Thursday as well.

[Source: CM Ocho]

Raid/Quest Warning

Tier 3 Raid Marks

Due to the nature of this delay, raiders should be aware not to turn in this week’s new weeklies before the hotfix or else you’ll miss out on the Tier 3 marks being added to the quests.

  • That means that you shouldn’t turn in new weeklies you gain after Wednesday, 4am Server Time until after the hotfix on Thursday.
  • You might want to hold off on doing more than one Expert/Warfront/Chronicle daily until after the hotfix, since the rewards from those quests are auto-applied.

Tier 3 Raid Mark Bugs on PTS

There’s also a few bugs on the PTS in regards to Fragments of Darkness (“FoD”). The new marks share a weekly cap with T2’s Fragments of Madness (“FoM”) and even though the weekly quests show FoD, they still reward FoM. FoM also doesn’t work with token vials yet on the PTS even though it is no longer the BiS currency.

(Thanks to Accol for the info!)

Even after the Thursday update, I recommend watching crossevents@faeblight, the forums or RiftGrate here to check whether these issues will be corrected on Live. Let someone else Live test for you.

Tier 2 Weapons

There’s Tier 2 store-bought weapons on the PTS. If they are added with this week’s hotfix and you’re missing Hit from weapons, you might want to hold onto your Fragments of Madness until after the hotfix.

Tier 1 Raid Marks

Tier 1 store gear on the PTS has had their cost changed to Abyssal Crusader’s Marks. Fragments of Horror has also been removed from quest rewards. Conversion of FoH to ACM at 2:1.

CM Ocho has posted up full information about the changes you can find here.

  • If you have enough Fragments of Horror to purchase Tier 1 gear, buy them now before the hotfix!
  • If you are going to purchase Tier 1 gear with Credits, hold off until after the hotfix as they will have a 40% credit price reduction.

A few things to consider as the hotfix gets delayed to Thursday. Be sure to inform your guild/raid lead if you were planning on entering the new raid on Wednesday.

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