RIFT 3.4 Hotfix #7

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Trion updated RIFT to RIFT 3.4 Hotfix #7 as at 11/5/15 7:30 AM PST (NA) and 11/5/15 3:30 AM GMT (EU).

Summary/Additional Info:

  • Planetouched Wilds Act 3 Arrives. The third Act of the Planetouched Wilds storyline is now available. If you still have the quest “A Mysterious Message” after completing Act 2, the Mysterious Stranger turn-in NPC is in Woe at /setwaypoint 9344 4954. If you abandoned that quest, you can pick it up again from Uureg in Shal Korva’s throne room at /setwaypoint 10293 5793. For the previous Acts:
    • Act I. Pick up the quest “A Savage Welcome” at the entrance to the Planetouched Wilds at /setwaypoint 8072 5571.
    • Act II. Pick up the quest “Hail to the King” from Rahn Chuluun at /setwaypoint 10314 5930 in Shal Korva, Planetouched Wilds.
    • Note: The Necklace reward at the end of Act III has +100 Hit.
  • The Mind of Madness T3 Raid. The Mind of Madness is the 20-man raid that opens up Tier 3 raiding. Contains 9 bosses, although only the first 5 are available for now. The last 4 is slated for release some time in December.
    • The raid is located at the Tenebrean Craters in Tarken Glacier at /setwaypoint 4096 2206. You have to use Omen Sight (Guardian) or Quantum Sight (Defiant) to see the portal.
    • Warning: There’s an ‘Extraordinary Sinister Presence’ with 17.5mil hp (raid-framed) in front of the portal. Seems you need to kill him to be able to enter.
  • Autumn Harvest 7x Signets. Rollo in the Realm of the Autumn Harvest has a new one-time quest called “Fright Night” that gives you 7x Autumn Harvest Signets currency. He’s the satyr that offers you the Fungus quest.
  • You can no longer duel inside a raid instance. No more pillaging stone stacks pre-pull, or dropping Flaring Power debuff without death pre-pull.
  • Raid Gear Changes:
    • Tier 1 gear now costs Abyssal Crusader’s Marks. Fragments of Horror (T1) has been removed.
    • Existing Fragments of Horror currency that you had has been converted to Abyssal Crusader’s Marks at a ratio of 2:1. (Every 2 FoH has turned into 1 ACM).
    • Quests that reward raid currency no longer reward Fragments of Horror. They have also added the new T3 currency: Fragments of Darkness.
    • All Tier 1 raid bosses now drop Abyssal Crusader’s Marks.
    • You can read up on more information regarding Tier 1 currency changes in CM Ocho’s thread here.
    • Tier 2 gear is now available for Credits, both individually and as Bundles.
    • New Tier 2 weapons are up under Equipment -> Weapons.
    • Tier 3 armor is now available for new Tier 3 Fragments of Darkness currency from Equipment -> Armor.
  • About Tier 3 Gear. Just a quick heads up that Tier 3 gear is different from previous tiers in terms of upgrades. Raid-dropped DPS gear can be side-graded to Tank gear using Fragments of the Broken Pantheon that cost 10x Void Stones from RIFT Store -> Crafting.
    • From what raid testers have been saying, it seems Tier 3 bosses will no longer drop tank loot other than shields, as the DPS gear drops can be side-graded to Tank gear.
  • Tier 3 Store-Bought Gear Prices. Note that the current prices on Live are incorrect. Vladd has stated that after next week’s hotfix, prices will be adjusted as follows: [r]
    • Feet/Gloves/Belt = 7,000 Fragments of Darkness.
    • Helm/Shoulders = 11,000 Fragments of Darkness.
    • Chest/Legs = 13,500 Fragments of Darkness.
  • Hammerknell Fortress. Killing Murdantix will now unlock access to the upper floors (Inwar Darktide and Inquisitor Garau).
  • Forgemaster’s Inferno Credit Pack Promo. The Forgemaster’s Inferno helm (flaming skull) is now available as a bonus from your first $20 credit pack purchase during the promo period (ends Wed 11th Nov).
RIFT 3.4 Hot Fix #7 – 11/05/15


The epic conclusion of the Planetouched Wilds story arrives. Learn the disturbing secret of the Wilds and how the bahmi of Shal Korva have saved their karma from the Tenebrean Teth and face down this cosmic demon in an attempt to break the Great Wheel.

Today, the all-new 20 man raid Mind of Madness has been added, the third tier of raiding in Nightmare Tide! This massive raid contains a total of 9 unique bosses in a struggle against the pantheon of another cosmos and the culmination of Lord Arak’s wicked machinations.

Explore the broken worlds forged by the dreams of these alien deities as you face challenges unlike any ever before.

This massive trial of ordeals will be released over the coming months. Your first trial is to conquer Pagura, Lord Arak, The Pillars of Justice, Fauxmire, and Lady Envy. Are you ready?


* Autumn Harvest: Added new one-time quest “Fright Night” to Rollo in the Realm of the AUtumn Harvest that rewards 7 Signets.
* Fixed a VFX display problem that caused particle effects to appear near the player’s head while mounted.
* The welcome window will now only display once every 20 hours per account. This time, for really real.
* You can no longer duel inside of a raid instance.

* Tier 2 gear is now available for purchase on the Store! Armor and weapons can be purchased individually, or as part of bundles.

* Fixed an issue with the UI Layout that caused items docked to the chat window to move after changing maps.
* Fixed some issues with the maps rendering if the map was open when resizing the game.
* Added the roll option windows to the UI layout.
* Fixed minion stamina sometimes displaying incorrectly.



* Fixed a bug which caused Just Defense not to be considered an Absorb effect for the purpose of Buffs and Debuffs.


* Ursine Tenacity now causes Nurture and Naturalize to slow the caster by 50% while channeling them.

* Fixed an issue where using Rockslide in PvP improperly reported its name as “Clear the Breach” in combat log text.
* Rockslide no longer moves Focus 10 points.
* Increased damage by 1.7% on the following abilities:
– Tectonic Spike
– Air Cutter
– Savage Twister
– Aftershock
– Subduction
* Increased damage by 8.5% on the following abilities:
– Earthfall
– Whirling Dervish
* Fixed a bug where Shearing Winds was dealing Ethereal damage instead of Air damage.
* Increased duration of Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent from 10s up to 15s.
* Fixed a bug where Scirocco and Lava Lance didn’t share a cooldown.

* Decreased the cooldown of Lava Lance from 10s down to 8s.

* Conservation’s effectiveness has been reduced from 10% per point down to 7.5% per point.

* Fixed a bug causing scaling calculations for absorbs provided by Crystalline Smash and Lifewarding beacon to work incorrectly.

* Precise Aim: Now only affects Earth and Fire damage.

* When a group finishes an instant adventure quest in a zone that has an active zone event, they will be sent to the same zone on another shard that has no zone events active.
– If that is not possible, the instant adventure system will send the group to a new instant adventure.


* Uureg can be a bit of a tool, but he’s a far better administrator than Khar.

* Rhen of Fate, Tyrant’s Forge, and Mount Shatrax raid bosses will no longer drop Fragments of Horror. They now drop Abyssal Crusader Marks instead.

* Killing Murdantix will now grant access to the upper floors.

* Consumables that grant bonus currency gains can now grant bonus Fragments of Madness.
* All Fragments of Horror will turn into Abyssal Crusader’s Marks at a 2 to 1 rate.
* The Keen Titanium Glaive now requires a minimum level of 46 to equip.
* Fixed several issues which could prevent Greater Essence effects from triggering for Primalist characters.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 5th NOVEMBER 2015

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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  1. Haribel
    November 5, 2015 at 4:22 pm #

    On the store both the cleric tier 2 one hands only have 150hit which needs to be fixed, think there are some other weapons for other classes same issue.

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