Livestream Summary: Extra Life 2015

Trion held a special 24hr livestream for the annual Extra Life charity event from 7th-8th Nov 2015 with various activities and giveaways throughout the stream for their various game titles. The below summary will only mention the RIFT portions of the stream.


  • 1st Stream: Dino hunting with Kerilar, CM Ocho and CM Scapes. Video starts at 45sec.
  • 2nd Stream: Warfronts and game talk with RoughRaptors, CM Ocho and RIFT Game Director Archonix. RIFT portion of video starts at 2hrs 52min 15secs.
  • 3rd Stream: Corgi Run with CM Morgana, Darkmoon and Shadow Horse. Video starts at 6min 44sec.

You can check out the full livestream schedule during the stream here (for reference purposes).

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Table of Contents:

  • Dino Hunting. Devs on the run.
  • RIFT Info. Various RIFT-related tidbits.
  • Corgi Run. As is tradition.
  • General Extra Life Info. About milestone rewards, amount raised/etc.
  • Livestream Giveaways.

As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

Dino Hunting

RIFT kicked off Trion’s 24hr Extra Life livestream at 9am PST on 7th Nov with a dino-hunting session.

  • About 6x Bloodfrenzied Hunters were unleashed across the Wilds with about 500mil hp each. They were manned by different devs.
  • A single Ancient Khadluu Khan with 1bil hp also popped up manned by Dev Kerilar.

Extra Life 2015 Kerilar Khadluu Stalker

Killing the dinos gave 1mil PA XP + 250x Abyssal Crusader’s Marks, as well as the title “Khadluu Stalker” for Kerilar and “Pack Hunter” for the rest.

Kerilar appeared both throughout the Planetouched Wilds on Greybriar (NA) as well as in Moonshade Highlands on Gelidra (EU) later on.


The 2nd RIFT stream had Rough Raptors running around warfronts in his dino outfit. He was joined by CM Ocho and RIFT Game Director Archonix. There was also a bit of a Q&A session during the stream.

Trion RIFT Extra Life 2015 RoughRaptor Stream

Event Info

  • ‘Possible’ Loyalty Week. – Archonix.
  • Some interesting stuff coming to 5th Anniversary (Carnival of the Ascended 2016). Archonix know of 2 things but didn’t reveal anything.
  • CM Ocho is in talks about a player-run PvP tournament in the soonish future.

Content Info

  • New Planar Attunement coming down the line. No details.
  • New tier of essences? Always; just a matter of when. [Very vague so might mean a new tier of essences this expansion, or could just be referring to new essences at a much later date].
  • PvP gear upgrade is on schedule. Soon.
  • Mind of Madness Instant Adventure is being worked on. Probably released some time next year.
  • When asked about a possible award system for patron with perhaps monthly extra perks, Archonix mentioned that they’re always looking at adding more rewards; perhaps some in 3.5.
  • Update to wardrobe system in 3.5. Will be able to apply VFX to weapon wardrobe. Archonix mentioned seeing this addition on Thursday [likely on an internal build, so it seems it’s either being worked on or ready in some form.]
  • They have concepts for instruments as weapons that anyone can use. Just in concept form for now, so Trion might choose not to implement.
  • Levitate Mount. There’s definitely a high possibility of it coming back; probably not for direct sale. Archonix also mentioned he has seen a variant of the mount.
  • There’s other Greathound mount skins. However, not yet revealing where or when they’ll pop up.
  • Radar (resident corgi) is ‘almost’ in RIFT. Just needs a little tweaking. Twinkle (Ocho’s dog) will also be arriving in Trove soon.

Engineering Info

  • Rough Raptors working on stuff for 3.5. No details.
  • The ‘PvP’ event from the 1st stream took about a week of tech for RR to do in order to allow the devs to be attackable by players without them having to be pvp-flagged.
  • Talked about the implementation of automatic chat-muting. If enough players report someone for chat, reports go to GMs and they can receive long mutes (30-days/etc). Do note that Trion can also track all phony reports as well.
  • Working on a ‘vendor thing’. No further details provided.
  • 2-3 big projects working in parallel for optimization. Will have further details once they’re ready.

Other Info

  • Archonix joined team prior to RIFT launching as a system designer with excel work, class design early on, itemization and some pvp stuff. It’s been 6yrs and he’s seen the game’s name go from RIFT: Heroes of Telara to RIFT: Planes of Telara and finally, just RIFT.
  • No new Conquest maps planned, but there might be some PvP stuff in the works.
  • Primalist:
    • Horrible names Trion staff came up with for the Primalist souls including Healamancer and Heartsman.
    • Interested in a stealth or anti-stealth soul for Primalist? Suggest it on the forums!
    • The four new Primalist souls will be coming out next year.
  • If you want Trion to hold a contest, start a “Cool Idea for Contests” thread on the forums and CM Ocho will read it (send him a PM with a link to the thread too!)
  • No beard for female dwarfs.
  • Raid queues? Probably not. – Archonix.
  • No plans to bump up max dimension item limit due to the large amount of data it takes to load them in.
  • Looked into bolstering for PvP dimensions. Discovered it would be a sizeable undertaking. On a wishlist, but not on schedule/any plans.

When’s 3.5? During an interview with back in August, Archonix revealed that RIFT 3.5 was “due out in the Fall/Winter”. Winter for 2015 starts on Dec 22nd and ends some time in March 2016.

Of course, this was from an interview back in August, so even the general estimate of 3.5 might have changed since then.

Corgi Run

As is a yearly tradition for Trion Worlds during the Extra Life charity event, a sheep/corgi run is held at the end of the 24hr stream.

This year the Corgi Run was held by CM Morgana, Darkmoon and Sir Shadow Horse.

Trion RIFT Extra Life 2015 Corgi Run Livestreamers

(Left to Right: CM Morgana, Sir Shadow Horse (CM Scapes) and Darkmoon).

The Corgi Run started off in Meridian, looping Stonefield before settling on Shoreward Island. A Guardian run was also held from Sanctum bridge to Shoreward Island. The run was held on both Greybriar (NA) and Typhiria (EU), with giveaways throughout.

Trion RIFT Extra Life 2015 Corgi Run

General Extra Life Info

Fundraising Info

As of 8AM MDT on Sunday 8th Nov 2015, Extra Life had raised $6,360,566! [r]

As at the time of this post, Trion had raised $67,220 for Extra Life and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals! Donations remain open for the charity until the end of the year, so be sure to visit Team Trion Worlds 2015 and lend your support for the kids!

Trion Worlds Extra Life 2015 8th Nov Fundraising

Trion is currently ranked 6th amongst all Teams! Fantastic job everyone!

Huge thank you to all those who helped RiftGrate reach $500 fundraised for Extra Life this year! You guys are awesome!

Fundraising Milestone Rewards Info

Trion will be compiling a list of all those who have reached any of the fundraising milestone rewards for those who raised funds for Extra Life under Team Trion Worlds 2015.

Trion Extra Life 2015 Fundraising Rewards Receipt Info

Rewards are expected to be sent out some time next week to your e-mail.

For general non-Trion-related Extra Life milestone rewards, these should have already been sent out to you from

Livestream Giveaway Prizes

If you won any of Trion’s Livestream giveaways, a message will be sent to your Twitch Inbox (or ‘Other’ tab depending on your settings). This might take a while. Normally they can take 1-2 weeks to appear, although it might appear in your Twitch inbox sooner than that.

Title Rewards

Note that participation for Title rewards are still on-going. Play any of Trion’s games for the following amounts of time to receive the associated reward:

1 Hour Played

  • RIFT: “The Charitable” title.
  • Defiance: “The Charitable” title.

24 Hours Played

  • RIFT: “The Altruist” title.
  • Defiance: “The Altruist” title.
  • Trove: Non-tradeable Flask Coin + non-tradeable Inventory Expander (+5 adventure inventory slots, +5 build inventory slots).

Trion has since extended the participation period. Data will be pulled starting from 8PM PST on Friday, 6th Nov 2015 until 8am PST on Monday, 9th Nov 2015!

Livestream Giveaways

Livestream Channel Giveaways

During the 24hr Livestream, a ton of giveaways were given out:


  • Mounts:
    • 4th Anniversary Arclight Rider Mounts
    • Spinderella Mounts
    • Levitate Mounts
    • Hellbug Mounts
  • Ducklar Companion Pets
  • Rough Raptor Minion Cards
  • 30-day Patron Passes
  • 1-year Patron Passes
  • Power Packs
  • The Wilds Packs

Other Trion Titles

  • Atlas Reactor: Alpha Keys.
  • ArcheAge: Archeum Awakening Packs and 30- & 90-day Patron.
  • Devilian: Every time Drew lost a PvP match, an Obsidian Pack was given away. Every time he won, 2 Alpha keys.
  • Defiance: (actually unsure what was given away during Defiance streams).
  • Trove: Chaos Coins, Patron and more. Trion hosted a few streamers and matched the streamer’s giveaways.

Congratulations to all the winners!

You should receive information about your prizes in the ‘Other’ or ‘Inbox’ Tab in your Twitch inbox within the next few days.

Trion Extra Life 2015 Radar and Guinness

(Corgi livestreamers Radar and Guinness. Twinkle also appeared earlier in the day).

Trion held a jam-packed 24hr Extra Life 2015 livestream this year. Big thanks to Trion for running the event and to all those who participated, donated and spread word of the Extra Life charity!

Next up: According to CM Ocho back during the Autumn Harvest Livestream, there ‘might’ be a RIFT Livestream next week on Friday, 13th Nov which ‘may’ reveal more information about Patch 3.5. Keep an eye out for that!

Past Livestream Summaries can be accessed here.

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  1. Tirwen@Faeblight
    November 9, 2015 at 2:00 pm #

    Tidbit: Archonix kept saying “Rolltide”.

    It’s actually Roll Tide, as in Alabama Crimson Tide. It’s kind of a “Go team!” thing.

    • November 9, 2015 at 2:16 pm #

      Ah, thanks for the info Tirwen! That makes more sense 😛 Thought he was referring to the increased rng nature of Nightmare Tide, thus Rolltide 😛

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