Notice: Dimension Bags Dropping Common With Hotfix

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Notice: To all dimensioneers, be aware that there’s currently a bug with dimension bags/uncle stan’s lure with the latest hotfix.

As per the hotfix notes:

* The Dimension item loot table associated with Stan’s Lure and the dimension related grab bags have been doubled in size with twice the items. [r]

However, the expansion of the loot tables has caused them to drop common items, even though Autumn Harvest Dimension Grab Bag tooltip states that it will drop an Autumn Harvest item + 2 uncommon items. It’s unknown if this has also affected the non-Autumn Harvest Grab Bags – but it’s probably best not to open them until the tables are fixed.

Morticus has announced a fix will be in with next week’s hotfix so that the dimension grab bags give at least uncommon items.

We are looking at the items in the table now to ensure the items given are uncommon at the very least.
You can buy as many as you want now, just hold on to them until next Wednesday if you want would like to avoid the more common items.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause you! [r]

You can hold onto your bags and their loot table will be converted in next week’s hotfix.

(Thanks to Zillaan and Laeti for the info!)

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