Live Datamining: New Icons #2

RIFT was updated with 3.4 Hotfix #9 on the 18th November 2015 with ~100mb download. A few more icons popped up relating to Fae Yule, new mounts and dimensions!



  • New Icons. Fae Yule-related, new mounts and Trove + Planetouched Wilds dimension items!

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

New Icons

A few more icons on top of the ones from the latest PTS update popped up, this time in the Live files.

Fae Yule Icons

A whole bunch of Fae Yule icons popped up.

RIFT Live Datamining 18th Nov 2015 Icons Fae Yule

First Row

The first row of Fae Yule icons also appeared on the 16th Nov 2015 PTS update. These are the Santa Sack backpack, Xmas Stocking backpack and the two new Fae Yule capes for this year.

Second Row

The second row are icons for the Fae Yule dimension items that were shown off during last week’s livestream. There’s the snowglobe, two stockings and the three plushies: squirrel, sheep and shambler.

Livestream Summary Fae Yule 2015 Dimension Items Plushies Stockings

Fae Yule 2015 Dimension Items

Third Row

My guess on the two icons in the third row is that they are probably new Fae Yule companion pets. The first one is in the shape of a corgi wearing a white, red-collared sweater that has clearly been mutated from eating too much mistletoe. The second is a hellbug with a santa hat.

Both are likely companion pets.

Fourth Row

The final row looks to be the new Fae Yule mounts. During the RIFT 3.5 Livestream, Archonix mentioned that there would be a “Midnight Mink” and a “Frosty Levitation” mount for Fae Yule, amongst possible others.

The first icon is clearly the Midnight Mink mount, and the second icon is a blue version of the Merry Mink mount. (My guess is it’s called the Frosty Mink mount, or something similar).

Merry Mink Mount

Merry Mink Mount from Fae Yule 2014

The final icon looks to be an ice-themed Lifter mount. Either it’s slated for Fae Yule, or will be available during an Arclight Infiltration Promo Week.

The name ‘Frosty Levitation’ sounds initially like it should be some kind of Levitate-based mount. After all, the Silver Tier Loyalty reward “Distinguished Levitation” is a Levitate mount. However, it’s also possible that Trion has named the Ice Lifter mount as a ‘Frosty Levitation’ mount. And of course, another possibility is that there might be four new mounts coming with Fae Yule, instead of the initially speculated three.

And More

Looks to be quite a few mounts coming our way. The two new Mink mounts, the Frosty Levitation, the ice-lifter mount as well as the other mount icons datamined recently: Nightmare Budgie, White Greathound and Gold Arclight Rider.

Trove Dimension Icons

With last week’s livestream, we learnt that there would be a cross-promo between Trove and RIFT coming in December. Trion mentioned that there would be a Trove dimension key, based on the Peaceful Hills biome.

RIFT Live Datamining 18th Nov 2015 Icons Trove Dimension

What’s new with the latest Live update are icons for some of the basic color Trove building blocks, as well as some trees and shrubs. This will allow you to build some pretty interesting creations to fit with the Trove theme. One common building project in the actual Trove game is to create ‘2D’ pixel art of your favorite game chars or write your name.

It will be interesting to see whether Trion plans to expand on the above building blocks to include many of the other ones available in Trove (such as see-through and glowing blocks).

The Trove dimension is supposed to be based on the Peaceful Hills biome, so it will probably look kind of like the below:

Trove Peaceful Hills Biome

Trove – Peaceful Hills Biome

There probably won’t be cornerstone (gray square) blocks in the area. The trees and rocks might also be removed. You’ll then be able to build on top of it with existing dimension items or the new Trove-based building blocks and trees.

ETA? How to Obtain?

No exact ETA, but Trion has stated the new Trove dimension will be available some time in December when they do a cross-promo with Trove.

Trove player Curtharv dug up a new class in Trove which is referred to internally as “Chloromancer” in the files. My guess is that we might need to level up the new class to level 10 or 20 to obtain the new Trove dimension key for RIFT.

Planetouched Wilds Dimension Icons

As mentioned last week, Patch 3.5 will also add a ton of Planetouched Wilds dimension items to Uncle Stan’s Super Secret Lure and dimension grab bags.

Some of those items’ icons popped up in the Live files today:

RIFT Live Datamining 18th Nov 2015 Icons Planetouched Wilds Dimension

First Row

  • First two are blimps;
  • Third is a stone wall connector with a brazier on top;
  • Fourth is clearly King Khar’s throne; and
  • Fifth is an onslaught Primal Spiritwell.

Second Row

  • Three stone heads; and
  • Some kind of architecture. Doesn’t look like the Wheel of Time. The hinges on the left might indicate it’s a stone door.

There’s probably more Planetouched Wilds dimension items than the icons shown. There’s still a few weeks until 3.5 so more icons will probably get added in as we draw closer to the next major patch.

Not much, but there’s a few interesting icons for items that have not previously been announced. The Trove dimension key seems to be accompanied by trove-style dimension items as well that are bound to interest at least a few dimensioneers.

From the RIFT 3.5 Livestream, we’ll probably see beefier updates on the PTS (and possibly Live files) as we get closer to the release of the new patch in December.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past PTS/Live datamining here.

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