Promo: Black Friday RIFT Sale

RIFT Promo Black Friday 2015 Sales Feature Image

(IMG Src: Trion Worlds)

RIFT will be having a sale of all Nightmare Tide packs, some soul packs as well as Premium mounts from November 26th until November 30th in celebration of Thanksgiving.

50% off Sale

The following items will have a 50% discount during the sale:

(Note: Discount applies between Nov 26th-30th. It’s unknown at this stage whether  or not the Credit cost of the packs that are available on the RIFT Store will also be getting a 50% discount).

Note2: Discount is already up on Steam.

25% off Premium Mounts

All premium mounts on the RIFT Store will go on sale with a 25% discount. This includes the premium (Credits-only) scaling mounts found under RIFT Store -> Mounts.

Mount Flash Sales

There will be various flash sales for certain Premium mounts during the promotion between Nov 26th-30th. These will last 12hrs each, with each mount appearing twice over the course of the promotion.

The article Trion posted up shows the Black Dire Riding Squirrel, Squirrelicorn, Lovely Budgie, Arclight Lifter and Obsidian Ki Rin mounts. These will likely be part of the flash sales.

RIFT Flash Sale Mounts Image

As with previous mount flash sales, they’ll likely appear in the RIFT Store front page in-game.

RIFT Mount Flash Sale History:

  • 26/11 – Black Dire Riding Squirrel.
  • 27/11 – White Squirrelicon.
  • 27/11 – Arclight Lifter.
  • 28/11 – Lovely Budgie.
  • 28/11 – Obsidian Ki Rin.

You can check out Trion’s article about the sale here.

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