Livestream Summary: Mind of Madness Arisen Arak

Trion had their 25th November 2015 Livestream where they showed off the final four bosses of the Mind of Madness raid that will be released some time in December.

If you missed it, you can check out Trion’s previous livestream showing off the first five bosses of the raid here.

Click here for a replay of the 25th November 2015 Livestream video on

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Trion had their 25th November 2015 Livestream with Community Manager Eric “Ocho” Cleaver, Senior Concept Artist Stephen “Drakcoon” Mabee, Senior Game Designer Haley “Anony” Chivers and Associate Game Designer Richard “Icarus” Byon.

Table of Contents:

  • Mind of Madness Info. 2nd half releasing with 3.5; marks info; IA.
  • The Enigma. Final boss of Unkown Wing.
  • Lady Justice. Final boss of Injustice Wing.
  • Dark Genesis. Final boss of The Heart of Darkness Wing.
  • The Arisen Arak. Final, final boss; and final bosses. Finally.
  • Livestream Giveaways.

As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

Mind of Madness Info

  • First 5 bosses of Mind of Madness are already on Live. Entrance: Tenebrean Craters in Tarken Glacier at /setwaypoint 4096 2206. You have to use Omen Sight (Guardian) or Quantum Sight (Defiant) to see the portal. [Livestream][Kill Vids/Guides].

First up, some quick tidbits:

  • Last 4 bosses of Mind of Madness will be released with Patch 3.5 launch.
  • Wing Final Bosses drop 200 more fragments than the first 5; 450 per boss.
  • Last boss: Arisen Arak drops 650 fragments of darkness.

RIFT Livestream 25th Nov 2015 Mind of Madness Fragment Totals

  • Instant Adventure version of Mind of Madness will be worked on when they finish releasing the raid.
  • Icarus, Anony, Epsiry and Krug all designed some of the encounters in the raid. ~11-12 designers to put MoM together. Drakcoon did about 50% of concept art.

The Enigma

Enigma is the deity of life of another cosmos. He is the final boss of the Unkown Wing. He is responsible for unbound creation and imagination and is eternally inquisitive. As one of the progenitors of Lord Arak, he must be defeated or else Lord Arak will never die.

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Enigma 1

Enigma, with a graphic bug. ‘Baby Enigma?’

He looks a little funny in the above screenshot because there’s a graphics bug where the initial ‘egg’ that he appears from remains even after the boss spawns. You can check out concept art of the boss designed by Sven Bybee here.

  • Icarus created the encounter.
  • Raid encounter is one large test, as he is highly inquisitive and wishes to poke around at the Ascended.
  • The fight is all about movement. Has Cleave and interruptible ‘Breaking End’ cast.
  • He channels Pandemonium. A Pandemonium Obstruction crystal spawns. Killing it spawns a safe zone, otherwise the raid wipes. The Pandemonium Obstruction crystal casts Repair Matrix, which can be interrupted.
RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Enigma 2

Pandemonium Obstruction Crystal.

  • Channels ‘Emission of Turmoil’ and emotes “[Player], stand alone and meet annihilation”. Meteor mechanic.

Some of the mechanics act as a soft enrage with minor checks for each phase. Not much of the fight shown.

Lady Justice

Beholders of Justice

Firstly, when Anony ported to the Injustice Wing, an interesting system message popped up:

“1 of the 10 Beholders of Justice has died…”

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Lady Justice 1

Beholders of Justice System Message.

These are the critters that appear around the raid. Interesting to see whether something happens when all 10 die.

Lady Justice

Lady Justice is the final boss of the Injustice Wing. The wing is designed as a court house with a justice theme, dotted with Roman/Greek-esque statues.

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Lady Justice 2

Steps to the Court House.

There are three large statues holding up a massive scale in the room and Lady Justice herself, who also holds up scales.

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Lady Justice 3

The Court House. Larger view.

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Lady Justice 5


RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Lady Justice 4

Lady Justice holding her Scales. Larger view.

Lady Justice is imprisoned in a dream with no proper sense of reality or reasoning. She perceives the Ascended as criminals and puts you on trial. Your guilt will be determined by a bunch of witnesses (adds).

  • Giant scales will change based on the number of players on each scale.
  • Certain level of accusations will be levied against you from witnesses as they reach the scales. You must stop them as much as possible.
  • “Scales of Justice” bar will update.

Difficulty Settings

There’s 4 difficulty settings for the encounter based on accusations. In some states, accusations will count for 2-3x as much as usual, so you’ll need more players on the scales. The harder the difficulty, the smaller the margin of error.

Phase 1

  • You cannot pull Lady Justice out of the center of the map, otherwise raid loses 10% of health.
  • She applies “Hasty Prosecution” which gives you a reactive. You must click on it fast, otherwise you’ll die.
  • Has a Righteous Blade conal attack.
  • Tank must go up to the side of the encounter and stand in a green AoE. This will give you a reactive that removes stacks of Contempt debuff per press of the reactive. Tanks will need to tank-swap with positioning and movement being quite important in the fight (for Tanks).
  • Begone mechanic: She removes stacks of Contempt briefly, then throws everyone away doing massive damage that only tanks will survive.

Phase 2

Lady Justice spawns a whole heap of ‘Tears of Mercy’ around the room, which are blue orbs you can collect. They seem to give you a reactive, explained further below.

From the entrance, 12 Beholder of Judgment adds spawn – these are the witnesses.

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Lady Justice 7

Beholder of Judgment.

Once they make it to the center of the room, they’ll either move towards the left or right stairway and approach the Scales.

  • Impossible to kill them all.
  • You need to dispell them using the reactive you get from Tears of Mercy that will make them damageable/CC-able. Pulls work too.
  • Try to kill as many as possible.

If any of the Beholders of Judgment reach the Scales, it’ll tip them to one side. A screen message will show you how many accusations are laid against you. E.g.:

“The East Scale of Justice shift with the weight of 4 accusations!” (in orange text).

When players try to balance back to middle, the text will also update:

“The Scales of Justice are returning to balance! Only 2 accusations remain!” (in green text).

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Lady Justice 8

Judgment – Lady Justice.

During the phase, Lady Justice casts ‘Judgment’. Once she finishes her cast, the scales in her hand will reflect the larger ones above her. If the Scales of Justice are not balanced by the time her cast is over, the raid wipes.

Phase 4

Anony didn’t mention anything about Phase 3, but skipped to Phase 4.

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Lady Justice 9

Phase 4 Order in the Court. Red & Purple orbs.

Lady Justice casts an ‘Order in the Court’ channel. You’ll need to have players balance the Scales of Justice, but there’s a few mechanics to look out for.

  • A whole heap of red orbs spawn that spin around the room.
  • If you touch them, a purple orb will spawn at the top of the stairs and slowly move down towards the center of the room.
  • The purple orb will stun anyone it touches. If it reaches the center of the room, it’ll explode, dealing damage.
  • Every time you leave the center ring in the encounter, a purple orb will also spawn.

So basically, everyone who is in the room must dodge red orbs at all times whilst not leaving the main circle area. However, you also need people to go up the stairs to balance the scales, whilst dodging the red orbs and avoiding the purple ones coming down the stairs.

After Phase 4, the red orbs still remain but can now be damaged.

Other Phases

Anony mentioned there were 8 distinct phases to the Lady Justice fight, although he didn’t show anything else during the livestream.

Dark Genesis

Dark Genesis is the final boss of the Heart of Darkness Wing. The fight was created by Epsiry, and the encounter area is known as the Monolith of Ruin.

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Dark Genesis 4

Dark Genesis.

The concept for the fight is the idea that the encounter area is the ‘core of nightmares’, with lots of moving clockwork of nightmarish machines. Moving gears everywhere – from the platforms to the giant centerpiece.

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Dark Genesis 1

Moving Gears underneath Platform. Large view.

The moving gears was designed by Senior Environment Artist Justin Stearns.

The fight occurs across all 3 levels/rings that you see in the image below.

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Dark Genesis 2

3-layer/ring Encounter.

It seems you fall through the rings with holes to get to the lower platforms. You can also leap off the platforms as you will teleport to the top platform instead of dying. However, apparently ‘something bad happens’ when you do so. Not detailed.

Dark Genesis Mechanics

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Dark Genesis 3

Dark Genesis; slashing.

Not much was shown of the Dark Genesis fight since the triggers and mechanics involve more than a single player. A few mechanics were mentioned:

  • There’s heal checks, interrupt checks and dps checks.
  • The raid will need to split up into multiple groups of 2-3 players with all healers in one area, all tanks in another and all dps in yet another area to solve some of the mechanics of the fight.
  • Dark Genesis likes to throw visible spears that pierce/Impale players.
RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 Dark Genesis 5


Anony mentioned that Dark Genesis has about as many phases as Lady Justice. There’s at least 6 distinct phases, as well as some ‘mini-phases’.

The Arisen Arak

Arisen Arak is the final boss of the Mind of Madness raid. The boss itself is named “The Arisen Arak”. Even though defeating the wing bosses causes Arisen Arak to lose his immortality, he still absorbs their power.

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 The Arisen Arak 1

The Arisen Arak (+Fugly Widgets). Larger view.

Boss Order Mechanic

Arisen Arak summons previous bosses to his aid just like Planebreaker Abominus (Planebreaker’s Bastion) and Prince Hylas (Greenscale’s Blight).

However, a unique mechanic to Arisen Arak is that the order in which he summons the bosses will depend on the order in which you killed them in the raid prior to the final boss. As such, you might want to play around with the order you kill the Wing bosses over a few resets.

General Mechanics

Only a small portion of the fight was shown off. Fight is a 2-tank fight with one of the tanks taking care of adds.

Main adds are: Terror of Arak, Dream of Arak and Spectre of Nightmares.
You’ll need to know what to do with the adds in order to create safe zones periodically to prevent Arisen Arak from killing you with his normal attack.

  • Arisen Arak uses a Tyrannus Genesi channel which seems to cast multiple green AoE at a player’s location.
RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 The Arisen Arak 2

Tyrannus Genesi channel. Drops ‘green light’ AoE.

Lady Justice, Arisen Arak Mechanics

At some point dual red ring AoE spawns and a whole bunch of red and purple orbs appear at the edge of the encounter. This coincides with Lady Justice appearing, so it’s probably related to her mechanics.

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 The Arisen Arak 4

Lady Justice in Arisen Arak + Arak Adds.

Lady Justice also has a conal AoE, and the red ring AoE ends up becoming ‘full’ with a lava effect.

Jump on Arak

At some point Arisen Arak will slam his fist onto the encounter and stay there for a short while. Three reactives appear, one of which allows you to jump onto his chest where an exposed core/wound will be damageable.

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 The Arisen Arak 5

Exposed core/wound/neck-growth.

Arisen Arak also has a Hard Mode built into the fight. No details on how to enable it. [I’m guessing it depends on Boss Order Mechanic like previous 3-boss ‘Council’-like encounters.]

At some point he channels three lasers. This might be him summoning all three Wing bosses to his aid, although the fight didn’t show much after that.

RIFT Livestream Summary 25th Nov 2015 The Arisen Arak 3

Disco Party.

There’s a whole bunch of other mechanics, but only the above were shown.

Livestream Giveaways

Livestream Channel Giveaways

During the Livestream, a handful of livestream chat channel viewers received:

  • 1x 4th Anniversary Arclight Rider Mount to 5 livestream viewers.
  • 1x Spinderella Mount to 3 livestream viewers.
  • 1x The Wilds Pack to 1 lucky livestream viewer!

Congratulations to all the winners!

You should receive information about your prizes in the ‘Other’ Tab in Twitch inbox within the next few days.

RIFT Livestream Summary Nov 25th 2015 Livestreamers

(From Left to Right: CM Ocho, Drakcoon, Anony and Icarus.)

Look forward to the last four bosses of the Mind of Madness releasing with Patch 3.5 some time in December! Exact date hasn’t been announced yet, although CM Ocho did mention on the RIFT Forums recently that it’ll probably be no later than Dec 16th. [r]

Here’s a few articles that might interest you in regards to MoM and 3.5:

Past Livestream Summaries can be accessed here.

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