RIFT News Tidbits 7th December 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 7th December 2015.


  • Fae Yule Info. Further information about the Fae Yule world event coming this Thursday:
    • Content Changes. Most Fae Yule content (excl. store items) remains unchanged from 2014 except that story quests have been replaced with ones involving Atrophinius; Fae Yule Village IAs have been removed and replaced by the Iron Pine Peak Fae Yule IAs; and there’s new Fae Yule Artifact Gifts that will appear as Unstable-style zone events. [r]
    • Phases. There’s 3 phases to the world event starting from 3:30PM Server Time on 10th Dec 2015 (NA)(EU) and ending on 7th January 2016. Each phase has a story quest that gives 10x Dark Icicles.
    • Dark Icicle Gain. You can also get Dark Icicles from the 2015 Fae Yule minion adventure chain, possibly 10hr Fae Yule Promo Minion adventures and rarely from zone events.
    • PTS is currently on Phase 3 of Fae Yule if you’d like to test/check it out. [r]
    • PTS: Merry Mink Troves from Minions. The 2015 Fae Yule minion adventure chain that you can start by purchasing Minion Card: Grish from the RIFT Store -> World Event section (once 3.5 hits) has a chance of dropping Limited Edition: Merry Mink Troves. (Thanks to Slipmat for the info!)
    • PTS: Minion Adventure Pattern. Just a heads up that the 2015 Minion Adventure Chain follows the same pattern as last year’s. Also, most of the cards’ max attribute values range from 25-29. That said, it’s still on PTS so subject to change.
    • About Objective ‘Nodes’. Tacitus has mentioned that most nodes he creates for content “has a network of possible spawn locations with only some percentage being active at a time”. The Phase 2 story quest that requires you to collect a bunch of plants will therefore not have hard respawn timers. It’s best to go to the next node as there’s no timer for them to reset – they will only respawn when another node elsewhere is consumed.
    • About Phase 1/2 Story Quests. Both Phase 1 and 2 are shared between Defiants and Guardians. Thus Defiants go to Silverwood for Phase 1; Guardians go to Freemarch for Phase 2. This is not a bug. [r]
    • About Snowfight Quest. The Snowfight daily quest now shares a random pool with a quest that asks you to pick up Icebuds. This will explain why you might not see the Snowfight quest. [r]
  • PTS Preview: Shiny Wisps of Zoom Mount. There’s a new mount obtainable from the Affinity System coming in 3.5 this Wednesday called “Shiny Wisps of Zoom”. It’s a Levitate mount, but with three orbs flying around. 155% or fastest mount speed; Amphibious. You can check out a preview here.
    • Will take ~82 days to obtain based on current daily/hourly gain rate + daily Affinity hourly cap. Start saving up!
  • Moonshade Highlands Zone Event Frequency Fix. All Moonshade Highlands zone events were manually disabled for the previous Unicornalia promo week and hadn’t been turned on since. They should now be back up. [r]
  • Old World Weekly Increased. Vladd has announced that he will increase the payout of the Storm Legion zone event weekly to be equal to the Mathosia zone event weekly (so 500 Void Stones). No ETA mentioned. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Yule Dimension Contest [Dimension][Contest]. Mals over on the RIFT Forums has started up a Yule Dimension Contest! There are three groups of entries: Pre-existing, ‘Contest Winner’ and everyone else. That’s right, you can enter your current Yule-themed dimension! Multiple REX and Yule Dimension Box prizes. Entries close 22nd Dec at midnight GMT. For full details and how to enter, check out Mals’ thread here.
  • Fae Yule is Almost Here! [Dimension]. Dimension Diva over at The Dimension Touring Company has posted up a quick overview of Fae Yule as it relates to dimensioneers, with a quick snapshot of “A Christmas Past” dimension by Marnth@Laethys.

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One Comment on “RIFT News Tidbits 7th December 2015”

  1. December 8, 2015 at 8:42 am #

    Don’t forget that Wardrobe Wednesday (www.rift-wardrobe.com) is a monthly contest EVERY month, but the month of December is Winter/Holiday themed so this will be a great time to utilize all the past years’ Fae Yule costume pieces as well as this years! Submit once a week to both categories, or either one alone, or just submit once at all for the month for a chance to win! Check the link above for rules and info about how to enter!

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