RIFT News Tidbits 8th December 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 8th December 2015.


  • Upcoming NA/EU Region Update. Both regions of the game will be coming down at the same time for RIFT 3.5: Winter’s Wrath.
    • All shards go down: 6AM PST / 2PM GMT on Wednesday, 9th Dec 2015. (same time).
    • Esimated downtime is 4hrs. [r]
    • Whilst you wait, check out RIFT 3.5 information that we know of here. Actual patch notes are likely to be posted just before or during downtime.

[Update: RIFT 3.5 Winter’s Wrath patch notes are up. Check them out + additional information here!]

  • Reminder: Fae Yule. Fae Yule begins 3:30PM Server Time on 10th Dec 2015. (NA)(EU). However, RIFT Store items will likely be available once 3.5 launches on Wednesday. I’ll have an updated 2015 Fae Yule World Event Guide up tomorrow, but you can check out the 2014 guide for a general idea.

3.5/Fae Yule Prep Tips

Just some quick tips/info you might be interested in being aware of for the next few days:

  • Don’t Do Quests Until-. The Faelight Sparkles Returns quest is coming either with 3.5 patch or during Fae Yule. Quest involves collecting Faelight Sparkles: 500 gets you a random Tier 3 armor/accessory. You probably want to hold off on turning in new weeklies (after Wed reset week at 4am server time) and hold off on doing Warfronts/Experts until after you pick up the quest.
    • Quest can be picked up from Stuttk Fyrirthig in Flargle Plaza, Draumheim (or Tempest Bay). He is the warfront weekly NPC. Currently unknown if the quest will pop up at 3.5 or Fae Yule launch.
  • Affinity Day 1 Login Bonus. Unconfirmed, but there ‘could’ be an issue with the first day of the Affinity System’s login bonus when 3.5 is released.
    • Daily reset is at 4am server time. Patch is at 6am PST / 2pm GMT.
    • You ‘might’ want to avoid being in-game between 4am-6am for NA shards and between 4am-2pm for EU shards.
    • Since the Affinity System comes out with 3.5, you won’t get Affinity for logging in between 4am-6am PST (NA) and 4am-2pm GMT (EU). However, once the Affinity System does go Live, it might assume that you’ve already gotten your daily Affinity reward (due to the pre-patch login) and so your subsequent logins for Wednesday might not credit you with the daily Affinity reward.
    • This is all speculation, so it might end not being a problem. You’ll have to weigh up whether you want to log in and risk 5 Affinity points.
  • Caution On Major Patch. It’s a major patch, so be cautious with what you do. You might want to consider holding off on opening Marauder’s Supply Caches or doing any non-time-specific stuff until someone else confirms that its all working properly. On that note:
  • 3.5 Known Issues Thread. There will likely be a new thread stickied in the General Discussion sub-forum. Keep an eye on that and threads posted in the sub-forum by other players when 3.5 hits so you don’t get caught in any nasty bugs.
  • Boosts for Snowflakes. Unique Snowflakes event currency for Fae Yule benefits from boosts. Be sure to put on your bonus/boost gear before you turn in Fae Yule quests, collect loot window and collect your Fae Yule minion adventures.

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Rift 3.5 PvP Paragon: Machine Made For War [PvP][Video]. Rano Rift has uploaded a highlights reel of his Warrior’s Paragon in various warfronts. Check it out here!
  • SEARCHING FOR A KILL! [PvP][Video]. Grim has uploaded his latest PvP video, running through Karthan Ridge on his fully bolstered Primalist Vulcanist character. Includes commentary. Check it out here!

Missed out on some news? Check out the full list of RIFT News Tidbits here or the PTS/Live Comparison Page for a summary of upcoming changes. Patch Notes, PTS Updates, Datamining and Livestream Summaries are also available.

If you’re interested in the latest RIFT contests or upcoming events, check out RiftGrate’s ‘Upcoming RIFT Events‘ page and calendar.

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