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Fae Yule is an annual World Event held in December and early January celebrating the holiday season, Winter, Yule and Christmas! Join Greathfather Frost and Atrophinius to spread the Yuletide cheer across Telara and beyond with quests in Sanctum, Meridian, Iron Pine Peak and Draumheim! There’s also plenty of activities and holiday-themed items to obtain!

Event Timeline

Fae Yule 2015 lasts for four weeks this year from 3:30PM Server Time on Thursday, 10th December 2015 (NA)(EU) until 3:30PM Server Time on 7th January 2016 (NA)(EU).

  • Phase 1: Remembering the Yulemother (12/10/15 – 12/16/15)
  • Phase 2: Reclaiming Fae Yule (12/17/15 – 12/23/15)
  • Phase 3: Fae Yule Celebration (12/24/15 – 1/7/16)

Store Items

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The Fae Yule world event is filled with a variety of store items that you can access via RIFT Store (default key “]“) -> World Event. Items include Xmas backpacks, Merry Mink & Vaiyuu mounts, Faelight weapon skins, T2 (upgrade) necklaces and essences.

Most items require either event currency (Unique Snowflakes and/or Dark Icicles) or Credits.

Credit Pack Promo

Just a heads up that there’s two Credit Pack promotions going on during Fae Yule 2015.

  • Purchasing $20 Credit Pack gives you a bonus Jolly Hellbug Pet.
  • Purchasing $100 Credit Pack gives you a bonus Jolly Hellbug Mount.

Both are account-wide unlocks. You can check out a preview of the Jolly Hellbug Mount here (Thanks to Nevise@Hailol for modelling).

Quests Guide

RIFT Fae Yule Quests Guide Feature Image

With the Fae Yule world event, NPCs have journeyed to Sanctum, Meridian, Iron Pine Peak and Draumheim to spread the holiday cheer. Journey to these cities/zones to grab yourself some story or daily quests!

Daily quests give Unique Snowflakes whilst the once-per-phase Story Quests give 10x Dark Icicles each. Be sure to pick up the Faelight Sparkle Returns quest as well for Tier 3 raid gear!

There’s also bonus ‘Dormant Fae Yule Gifts‘ that drop off final bosses of Level 65 Expert Dungeons that give loot that is upgradeable to Tier 1 gear.

Obtaining Event Currency

RIFT Fae Yule Event Currency Guide Feature Image

Fae Yule has one of the most variety of ways to farm event currency compared to other annual world events. Unique Snowflakes can be obtained from quests, rifts, zone events, in-game mail gifts, Fae Yule Tree spawns and more! There’s also two ways of obtaining the limited currency: Dark Icicles.

Bonus Currency

Token bonuses work on Unique Snowflakes, so get out your +10% token boost gear on before turning in quests! Boosts/Bonuses don’t work for Dark Icicles.

Minion Adventures

RIFT Fae Yule Minions Guide Feature Image

There’s two main types of Fae Yule minion adventures: a chain from the RIFT Store and the 10hr Promo adventures. The chain adventure rewards 5 minion cards and the 10hr promo adventures provide an assortment of currency and Fae Yule-related items. There’s also a rare chance at Dark Icicles.

Note that you can do both the 2014 and 2015 minion chain adventures this year. They both have a rare chance of dropping Limited Edition: Merry Mink Troves. [Merry Mink Trove might have been removed since the server reset on Fri 11th Dec 2015. Still awaiting re-confirmation though.]


RIFT Fae Yule Achievements Guide Feature Image

There’s a whole bunch of achievements related to Fae Yule that you can find under Achievements -> World Events -> Fae Yule. Some achievements have rewards including

Other Activities

Fae Yule also includes some other activities that pop up during the event.

  • Dormant Fae Yule Gifts. Final boss of Level 65 Expert Dungeons drop Tier 1 loot from Mount Sharax, Tyrant’s Forge or Rhen of Fate.
  • Fae Yule Instant Adventures. Hit “.” and join “Featured: Fae Yule in Iron Pine Peak” for some Yule-themed Instant Adventures!
  • Fae Yule Zone Events. Two zone events can pop up during Fae Yule:
    • There Arose Such a Clatter. This zone event appears at random in a random zone and involves destroying Storm Pillars and defeating Yulelogon.
    • Fae Yule Gifts. “Fae Yule Gifts: [Zone]” will spawn in various zones that act like Unstable Zone Events. Instead of collecting Unstable artifacts, you’ll be collecting special artifacts that look like giftboxes. There’s multiple sets to collect!
  • Fae Yule Rifts. Fae Yule-themed Air Rifts pop up called “Stalking Stuffers” or “Ice Castles” filled with decorative trees and enemies looking to ruin our festivities.
  • A Very Fae Yule Whitefall Warfront. During Fae Yule, you can participate in the “A Very Fae Yule Whitefall” warfront. Some quick pointers:
    • Santa Claws buff goes on a random player – looks like a werewolf with a santa hat. Increases their outgoing damage by 10%. Killing the player with the Santa Claws buff will transfer it to you.
    • Fae Yule Cake buff goes on a random player. The player who has it gets snared and cannot pick up stones (gifts). Use the reactive you are given on another player to pass it to them.
    • Stones have been replaced visually by Giftboxes and there’s a tree in the middle of the warfront that you can make use of for line of sight.
    • Buff orbs have been replaced visually by snowmen.

Note: The special Golden Devourer open raid boss does not seem to be available during Fae Yule this year. [r] As such, you will be unable to obtain the Golden Devourer minion card this year.

Do you have any questions or information about Fae Yule you would like to share? Please post them in the comments section below or use the contact form here.

Happy Yule tidings to you all!

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