RIFT News Tidbits 10th December 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 10th December 2015.


  • RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #1. RIFT was updated with Patch 3.5 Hotfix #1 with fixes to Affinity and some Mind of Madness encounters. Although not mentioned in the notes, Conquest is back up and you should all have an ‘Ascended Trove’ item in your Claim/Reward in the RIFT Store front page. Notes here.
  • About Ascended Trove. As RIFT 3.5 patch notes stated, there are now Ascended Troves that reward you with some free stuff every 10 levels. Until today’s hotfix, this was bugged and only giving the trove to new Level 10 players. You should now see it in your Claim/Reward on the RIFT Store front page.
    • You start with the Level 10 box. Opening that box gives you a Level 20 box + some goodies. This repeats every 10 levels and includes a box at Level 65.
    • Total rewards across the Ascended Troves include random vials, 160% boosts, two mounts, class-specific starter gear, an item that auto-levels one Craft profession to 375, and an Underwater Mount Training item.
    • Note: Mounts are faction-specific and random across different Valmera (Guardian) and War Steeds (Defiant).
    • Note2: If you are maxed on all craft professions, the “Crafting Skill Boost” will be empty (but still consumed). Probably best to just drop it into your bank.

RIFT Ascended Trove Loot

  • Fae Yule-related Info: [Guide]
    • Warning: 2014 Minion Chain Bug. There’s currently a bug with the 2014 minion chain. If you get a 4-star result from the 8hr mission that gives you Minion Card: Ivory, it will instead give you Keavy from Summerfest and Summerfest currency. ETA on fix: Next week. [r]
    • Dailies Random. Dailies are on a random rotation, so you might not see all of them up at once. Just note there are dailies in Sanctum/Meridian and Tempest Bay (Canal area), although they share NPCs. There’s also a daily in Goboro Reef’s Ghar Station Mem, Draumheim’s Ghar Station Rosh and Tarken Glacier’s Port Scuddra locations.
    • Bug: A Frosty Free-for-all. The snowball fight in Whitefall (Iron Pine Peak) is disabled due to a bug where throwing snowballs at players was not counting towards the objective. [r]
    • About IA Achieve. You might already have the “Things That Go Bump in the Night” achieve partially completed. This is because it counts past Fae Yule IAs from previous years as well. [r]
    • Jingling Bells have a chance to drop dimension items this year. (Thanks to Laeti for the info!) [r]
    • Laethys Tracker Bug. Laethys (NA) still has the world event tracker bug, so it is not displaying for players on that shard. Quests are still active though.
  • New Recipe: Cosmic Bag. Under RIFT Store -> Outfitter is a new recipe for a 38-slot bag. It is Bind on Equip and does not have the “Unique” identifier, so you can likely have multiple on a single char.
    • Cost Bug. Currently it requires 150 Grandmaster Craftsman Marks and 2,500 Master Craftsman Marks. However, the cap on Master Craftsman Marks is 1,000. Morticus has stated that the MCM requiremens will be changed to 900. No ETA given. [r]
    • Spatial Anomaly. The main ingredient that will limit how many of these bags can be crafted is the ‘Spatial Anomaly’ item. This item seems to drop off of certain bosses in the Tier 3 20-man raid The Mind of Madness.

RIFT Recipe Cosmic Bag

  • Event Tracking Bug. The Rift Event Trackers are down for NA shards due to some sort of bug on Trion’s end. Trion is attempting to identify the problem. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Mystik Mountain [Dimension]. Seyler over at The Dimension Touring Company takes a tour of a mysterious winter scene in Ritsuya@Brutwacht’s “Mystike Mountain” dimension. Come check out a preview here!
  • Patch 3.5 is here! The Good and the Bad [Video]. Grim goes through the 3.5 Patch Notes on the RIFT Forums and gives his opinion on the various additions/changes to the game. Check it out here!

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