RIFT News Tidbits 11th December 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 11th December 2015.


  • RIFT/Trove Cross-Promo: Chloromancer and Key. Trion has announced a cross-promo with Trove. Article here.
    • Next week (Tues 15th Dec) you will be able to talk to Chloromancer Evort to get the new Chloromancer class in Trove for free.
    • Dimension Key: Peaceful Hills. From the Trove livestream today, they mentioned you simply need to level up any class in Trove to Level 5 in next Tuesday’s trove patch to get the key in RIFT.
    • Other RIFT Items. Old cross-promos between the two games still exist. Leveling any class to 10 in Trove will get you the Plane of Cubes Cape; leveling any class to 20 in Trove gets you the Vox (Budgie) mount.
  • RIFT Livestream. Trion held a RIFT Livestream today showing off the Fae Yule Instant Adventures. You can check out the recorded video here. RIFT portion starts at 3hrs 9min 52sec in.
  • Class: Tank DPS Changes. Red Hawk has posted up a bunch of changes to tank DPS that will go up on the PTS for testing next Monday. Due to the holidays, feedback will be open for ONE day only. Full info here – affects all tanks (except Warriors).
  • Class: Cleric Inquisitor Changes. Testing some changes on PTS starting next Monday: Vex damage increased by 18%; Mental Resilience spellpower scaling on Vex/Scourge/SH increased to 20% (from 15%); Righteous Indignation spellpower scaling increased to 5% (from 4%) per point. Info here.
  • Class: Cleric Shaman Changes. Testing some changes on PTS starting next Monday. Massive blow now always crits; and Furious Blows have had their spellpower scaling increased from 5% to 10% per point. Info here.
  • Class: Cleric Defiler Changes. Testing some changes on PTS starting next Monday. Siphon Vitality dmg increased by 10%; Marrow Harvest dmg increased by 20%; Pain Tranmission dps increased by 20%. Info here.
    • Red Hawk also explained why Pain Transmission was changed in 3.5. Due to how hitboxes work. More info -> [r] [r]
  • About Sparkle Quest. Just a heads up that weapons cannot drop from the Faelight Sparkle Quest. [r]
  • Bug: Mount Sharax on Deepwood. Currently the Mount Sharax portal on Deepwood (NA) has been disabled until next week’s hotfix. Please use another shard’s portal until then. [r]
  • Bug Fix: Lancing the Legion Achievement. Killing storm legion in Morban doesn’t count for the “Lancing the Legion” achievement. This will be fixed in the next hotfix. [r]
  • Bug Fix: Missing Eyebrows. Missing eyebrows bug should be fixed in the next hotfix. [r]

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