RIFT News Tidbits 14th December 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 14th December 2015.


  • PTS Update: Multiple Class Changes. The changes Red Hawk mentioned last week are now up on the PTS. There’s only a one-day feedback window for some of these changes (like the Tank changes) due to the holidays. Some of these changes will appear very shortly on Live. [Compilation of All Changes]
  • Future Shaman Change. Red Hawk has also noted that he would like to get Eruption of Life back into the Shaman rotation. However, any change to EoL will not make the current patch cycle. [r]
  • Notice: Merry Mink Troves (Possibly) Removed. Based on both info from players and last week’s RIFT Livestream, it seems that the Limited Edition: Merry Mink Troves were possibly removed (or their drop rate heavily reduced) since the hotfix last Friday. [r]
    • Unfortunately Trion haven’t posted up last Friday’s RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #2 patch notes yet so can’t 100% confirm the change.
  • Possible Shal Korva Dimension Key Border Expand. Morticus has indicated that Trion will take a look at potentially increasing the Shal Korva Dimension Key’s borders. No details provided, but the thread he responded to was talking about expanding the borders to include the Throne Room, Ruins underneath and perhaps the Airport. [r]
  • Bug: Can’t Sell Using Craft +. There’s currently a bug preventing some players from selling items on the RIFT Store if they access the store via the new “+” feature added next to craft reagents. [r] Fix should be ready by next hotfix. [r]

Note: The game was updated to RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #2 last Friday. [r] However, Trion has yet to post up the patch notes.

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Contest: The Yule Nug (1) – A Helping Hand [Contest]. RiftGrate has begun a multi-part contest with multiple activities over the next week, with prizes ramping up over time. Part 1: A Helping Hand involves a screenshot contest. There’s two Fae Yule Companion Pets of your choice up for grabs! Ends at midnight on Tuesday, Dec 15th 2015. Part 2 will begin shortly after. Check it out here!
  • <Skins on Farm> Reloaded [Wardrobe]. EU’s <Skins on Farm> wardrobe guild is back up and running after their hiccup last month. Check out Seshatar’s post here with a guide to how the wardrobe guild works, as well as their current stock of wardrobe skins. EU-only.
  • This Week’s MoM – Rift’s Raiding State [Video][Raiding]. Oria Xu from Apotheosys has provided a video review of the Mind of Madness raid’s mechanics and readiness. He gives a nice preview of each of the recently released bosses’ encounters as well as shows off some of the bugs currently present in the raid. Warning: NSFW language. Check it out here!
  • Fae Yule Kits Contents List [Dimensions]. Zillaan on the RIFT Forums has created a spreadsheet with all the items contained in the Fae Yule, Carnival of the Ascended and Birthday Feast Kits for dimensioneers. Check it out here!

Missed out on some news? Check out the full list of RIFT News Tidbits here or the PTS/Live Comparison Page for a summary of upcoming changes. Patch Notes, PTS Updates, Datamining and Livestream Summaries are also available.

If you’re interested in the latest RIFT contests or upcoming events, check out RiftGrate’s ‘Upcoming RIFT Events‘ page and calendar.

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