RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #2

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Trion is updating RIFT to RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #2 as at 12/16/15 7:30 AM PST (NA) and 12/17/15 2 AM GMT (EU).

Summary/Additional Info:

  • Fae Yule 2015 Minions Attributes Adjusted. The Fae Yule 2015 Minions have had their attributes adjusted. (Minion Card Database has been adjusted accordingly.)
Old Values New Values
Minion Max Value Attributes Max Value Attributes
Grish 29 12 Air 7 Fire 17 Artifact 24 7 Air 7 Fire 17 Artifact
Sundereth 27 15 Air 12 Hunting 7 Assassination 25 15 Air 10 Hunting 7 Assassination
Atrophinius the Festive 25 7 Earth 7 Life 18 Hunting 25 7 Earth 7 Life 18 Hunting
Xharlion 29 7 Air 17 Life 12 Hunting 24 12 Air 17 Life 7 Hunting
Seoras 19 12 Air 7 Dimension 7 Assassination 25 20 Air 5 Dimension 5 Assassination
Grendelkhan 27 12 Water 7 Diplomacy 7 Dimension 15 Assassination 25 15 Water 7 Diplomacy 7 Dimension 10 Assassination
  • Wardrobe VFX. You can now apply Ascended Power abilities to weapon wardrobe slots. No stats will be gained; only the visual effects. Ascended Powers are your Planar Attunement-gained powers. For instance, “Flaring Emblem” (Increases Spell Power by 280 for 2hrs), which has a fire effect.
  • Various Class Changes. All the Tank DPS buffs, Warrior Void Knight threat fix, Cleric Inquisitor and Defiler buffs, as well as Primalist Dervish Nerfs that went up for a brief one-day feedback on the PTS on Monday are now up on Live. As Red Hawk stated previously, the Cleric Shaman buffs will remain on PTS for testing through January next year. [r]
  • Various fixes for bugs introduced in 3.5, as well as some quest adjustments. A bunch of fixes for The Mind of Madness bosses as well. Conquest timer should also be fixed now.
  • Item Update. The Savior’s Touch proc found on Tier 3 trinkets now has a maximum healing value of 200,000.
RIFT 3.5 Hot Fix #2 – 12/16/15

* The Minion Cards associated with Fae Yule have been changed to Bind to Account.
* The daily raid rift quest “The Darkest Magic” now gives Faelight Sparkles for those on the “Faelight Sparkle Returns” quest.
* Fae Yule Minions gotten via Grish have been rebalanced to be more in line with the rest of the minions.

* The portrait badges awarded for Artifact Collecting in Planetouched Wilds are now account wide.
* Your eyebrows have returned from an epic adventure. They would tell you all about it, but eyebrows can’t talk.
* Fixed several crashes relating to graphics.
* You can now apply ascended power abilities to wardrobe weapon slots to get the visual vfx applied to your weapon look. You will not get any of the bonuses unless you apply the ability to your equipped weapon.
* Fixed a bug that would prevent selling items in the store after using the + button from the Crafting Window.

* The Imbued Satchel gained from Ascended Troves is now correctly labled as a 20 slot bag.

* Hammerknell: Fixed a collision issue with the platforms at Akylios.


* Give Me A Break: Indigestus’ ability “Stomach Acid” has had its AoE radius decreased and is now much easier to see.
* March of the Guffins: Damage and health have been lowered for “Bloodthirsty Guffins” and “Enraged Guffins”.

Daily Quest Givers: The Bucket List in Margle Palace will now offer its Daily quests as expected again.

* Quest: Braving the Dream: Players in need of the Big Boot to wake the sleepers can return to Kamran Urad in Ghar Station Mem to receive another.

* Quest: Siege of Shal Korva: Fixed an issue where chat text did not match VO.

* Quest: Remnants of Martrodraum: The crystals will no longer continue to block movement when inactive.



* Fixed an issue where Well of Souls would sometimes deal damage to NPCs after the Cabalist had died and been resurrected, causing combat to restart. Well of Souls now cancels when the Cabalist dies.

* Siphon Vitality: Increased damage by 10%.
* Marrow Harvest: Increased damage by 20%.
* Pain Transmission: Increased damage by 20%.

* Vex: Increased damage by 18%
* Mental Resilience: Increased from 15% spellpower scaling on Vex, Scourge, and Sanction Heretic up to 20% spellpower scaling.
* Righteous Indignation: Increased from 4% spellpower scaling per point up to 5% per point.

* Total Assurance now increases all damage dealt for 30 seconds, in addition to its previous effects.
* Mien of Honor and Mien of Leadership are no longer on the global cooldown. Their shared cooldown has been lowered to 10 seconds.
* The damage buff effect from Mien of Honor now lasts 30 seconds, up from 15 seconds.


* Arcane Ward’s Outgoing Damage and Healing penalty has been Reduced from 30% down to 20%.

* Fixed an issue where non-player abilities like temporary abilities could sometimes consume Eldritch Gift.


* Shearing Winds now deals 80% weapon damage per talent point spent, down from 100% weapon damage per talent point spent.
* Dervish – Lowered damage of the following abilities by ~5%: Tectonic Spike, Air Cutter, Subduction, Whirling Dervish, Earthfall, Aftershock, Savage Twister

* Titan Fury’s damage buff effect has been increased from 20% up to 30%. Its duration has been increased from 5 seconds up to 6 seconds.


* Soul Coalescence now only consumes 5 stacks of Soul Synthesis instead of 20.
* Soul Synthesis now increases damage dealt by 5% per stack, up from 1% per stack.


* Threat generated by damage from Destructive Forces has been increased by 700%


* Fixed a bug where players could occasionally get stuck inside the normal mode statue.

* Fixed a bug where Rhazade Canyons was not rewarding LFG rewards.

* Fixed an issue that could cause the portal to The Nexus from Glacier’s End to not appear.
* Enigma:
– Fixed an issue where Fragments of Chaos would not do damage.
– Fixed an issue with the Range Buff not re-applying correctly.
– Added an additional failsafe to stop Enigma from casting “Pandemonium” after “Sunder”.
* Dark Genesis:
– Has been re-enabled.
– Reduced the life of preservation core by ~30%.
– Addressed a reset issue with the boss.
* Lady Envy:
– Fixed an issue where players could line of sight “Singularity”.
* Lady Justice:
– Added a crystal that allows players to return Lady Justice to normal difficulty if her difficulty mode is Justice is Blind or Judge & Executioner.
– Radiant Spores is now excluded from healing that is transferred to Lady Justice by her Libra ability.


* Standing on the upper platform on the Defenders side in the final room in Bronze Tomb will cause you to be snared, reduce your range by 20 meters, and mark you brightly for murder.

* Fixed an issue where the timers during the extractor phase and after that were not aligning with the display.

* The cost on Recipe: Cosmic Bag has been reduced to 150 Grandmaster Marks and 900 Master Marks.
* Fixed a case where clicking to purchase crafting ingredients from the crafting window would take you to the wrong location in the rift store.

* The Savior’s Touch proc found on Tier 3 trinkets now has a maximum healing value of 200,000.
Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 16th DECEMBER 2015

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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