RIFT News Tidbits 17th December 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 17th December 2015.

Rift Reforged Livestream

Rift Reforged held their 50th and final episode today, saying farewell to an informative and brilliant podcast series run by Liiska, Enikki, Kendorath and Tormented Gamer. You can check out the recorded video here.

As part of the livestream, Trion’s CM Ocho, Captain Cursor and Dead Simon also appeared with some interesting tidbits for RIFT:

  • Last Patch for the Year. CM Ocho mentioned that RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #2 was the last patch for the year (outside of any down-time for the usual server maintenance). With some staff on holidays, it’s best not to add or change anything until after the holidays. [From other info, it seems next hotfix patch will be 6th January 2016.]
  • State of the Game Letter. CM Ocho mentioned that Archonix will post up a ‘Letter’ some time in January. [This is probably the near-yearly “State of the Game Address” Letter that the Game Director does. Usually has a brief recount of past additions and some teasers to future content].
  • Callweddi Puzzle Info.
    • The complete Callweddi Puzzle took at least 4 months with on and off work for about a year.
    • When talking about the Callweddi Puzzle, Dead Simon mentioned that several players had already completed all that is available relating to the Callweddi Puzzle, “…for now”. This possibility hints at more to come in the future!

Livestream Chat Dead Simon Callweddi Puzzle for now

  • Other Artifacts.
    • Dead Simon has “a few ideas” for different kinds of Artifacts, although nothing concrete right now.
    • Twisted Artifacts will be coming to the Planetouched Wilds. No ETA.
    • He is also on the fence about whether or not to add Unstable artifacts to the Planetouched Wilds.
  • “Simon’s Playground”. When asked a question about an old idea that was floated up months (perhaps years) ago on a livestream about ‘Puzzle Chronicles’, Dead Simon mentioned ‘Simon’s Playground’. He mentioned no promises, but he’s playing with the idea of something like puzzle chronicles.
    • He is toying with the idea of requiring two players to complete the chronicle puzzle (if it goes ahead), and will probably also have stuff for players to kill in there.

Livestream Chat Dead Simon's Playground

Livestream Chat Dead Simon Puzzle Chronicles

Thanks to Liiska, Enikki, Kendorath and Tormented Gamer over at Rift Reforged for a fantastic year+ of informative game news, specs, interesting lore and more!


  • Conquest Fixed. A fix for Conquest was added in today that should fix the issues occuring yesterday. If you are experiencing any further issues with Conquest, please post them in the thread here.
  • Fae Yule 2014 Minion Chain Fixed. Just a heads-up that the Fae Yule 2014 minion chain has been fixed so you should no longer get Keavy when you’re supposed to get Ivory. Those who got Keavy will need to contact support. [r]
  • Assault on Bronze Tomb Bugs Update. Kerilar has updated players with information on the Assault on Bronze Tomb bugs. The major one Trion is still attempting to resolve is the spawning issue players are experiencing. In the mean-time, a potential work-around is to type “/stuck” if you are experiencing a respawn issue in the warfront. [r]
  • Localization Notes. Dev Explikor has posted up the latest localization notes with an update on any missing localization info and updates on what Trion is working on. Check it out here.
  • Shal Korva Border. Morticus has re-iterated that Trion is looking to expand the boundaries of the Shal Korva dimension key. However, they probably won’t have any changes ready until the holiday break is over. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • IT BURNS WHEN I PVP! [Video][PvP]. Grim has uploaded his latest warfront video with his Mage’s Pyromancer spec in the Library of the Runemasters. Check it out here!

Missed out on some news? Check out the full list of RIFT News Tidbits here or the PTS/Live Comparison Page for a summary of upcoming changes. Patch Notes, PTS Updates, Datamining and Livestream Summaries are also available.

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