Free 7 Day Patron Time

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To celebrate the holidays and the introduction of the new Affinity System, Trion Worlds is giving away 7 days of Patron time to everyone who logs into RIFT between Thursday, Dec 24th and Sunday, Dec 27th (PST)!

You can learn all about the benefits of a Patron subscription here.
You can check out CM Ocho’s forum post about the freebie here.

Quick Tips

For those receiving Patron for the first time, be sure to check out the daily Artifact Tracking buff under Abilities window (default key “p“) -> Patron Abilities, your Weekly Patron Gift in RIFT Store Reward box and don’t forget to consume your Weekly 3x Random Dungeon & Warfront charges before your Patron subscription ends (just make sure to have no more than 4x charges up when you use them)!

Checking Patron

If you want to make sure that you received the Free 7 Day Patron time, simply go to the Trion Worlds website -> Login -> Choose RIFT -> Account drop-down -> Apply Code.

Trion Worlds 7 Day Free Patron

CM Ocho has confirmed that the Patron time will be added to any existing Patron time you have!

Patron Discounts

Also just a friendly reminder that there are various discounts to Patron subscriptions with 3-month at $35, 6-month at $60 and 12-month at $100. As long as you maintain your subscription, you can keep the discounted rate for future, rolling subscriptions. More info here!

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