Happy Holidays Ascended!

Hope you all have a jolly, merry, yuley, grateful, Happy Holidays during the holiday cheer for close-to the end of the year! This year’s not yet over and there’s still plenty of activities for any Ascended that can squeeze in a few extra hours over the keyboard.

Fae Yule World Event

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Before you head off for the holidays, be sure to pick up the third story quest in the Fae Yule world event from Merga in Sanctum and Meridian! There’s also the Fae Yule 2014 & 2015 minion chains to complete, and plenty of interesting items in the store including Tier 2 upgraded Necklaces, 36-slot bag and a whole line of Faelight Sparkle weapon skins.

Don’t forget to pick up your Snow Ki Rin mount from the “For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls” achievement, and complete your Faelight Sparkle Returns quest for Tier 3 raid gear!

As you wind down, be sure to help Atrophinius and Greatfather Frost out in Fae Yule Instant Adventures found under IA window (default key “.“) -> Featured: Fae Yule in Iron Pine Peak. Turn up your in-game Voice Over Volume as you’ll be in for a treat!

On-going Contests

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The Ascended themselves are continuing the holiday cheer with a multitude of contests and giveaways!

There’s the Rift-Wardrobe Dec Contest where our more fashionable brethren bring forth the holiday cheer for a chance at a Tarken Lifter mount! Final entries ends 27th Dec 2015 so get yours in quick!

And lasting through multiple dates in January 2016, Kiwi is holding a Rift Community Discord 5th Year Celebration with FIVE EVENTS. Events for all, from the avid photographers, the chatty Discordian and even for Ascended who can write their own name and shard information. Don’t miss out as prizes include REX, Arclight Riders and 30-day Patron passes!

Looking for something quick and easy? RiftGrate has a 30-day Patron pass giveaway that ends on New Years’ Eve that you can check out here! Just enter your name@shard into that thread and you’re good to go!

Free 7 Day Patron

Happy Holidays 2015 Image 3

Trion is ending the year ensuring that all players can get their halo on! No matter what is happening over in your part of Telara, be sure to snag that glowy ring of glowiness by logging into the game at least once between Thursday, Dec 24th and Sunday, Dec 27th!

Doing so will snag you 7 days of Patron time! Even better, this stacks with any existing time you might have!

Discounts Galore

Happy Holidays 2015 Image 4

Boxing Day has come early for the Ascended with Patron discounts, 50% off Packs and some 24hr flash sales on the RIFT Store.

Patron subscription discounts are on-going until 5th Jan, with each discount able to be continued through rolling subscriptions (lost if you cancel your subscription). There’s also 50% off most non-Planetouched Wilds Packs like the Ultimate Nightmare Edition, the Dream Soul and Storm Soul packs. You can learn more here.

24hr flash sales on the RIFT Store (default key “]“) are popping up as we speak. So far there’s been a 25% mounts sale as well as a 25% off equipment sale. Keep an eye on the daily Welcome Window for further sales!

Other Activities

Happy Holidays 2015 Image 5

Not really holiday-related, but the Temporal Flux Promo Week has also popped up for this reset week and you can take part in various dailies to build up Temporal Gear currency for the Black Empyreal Walker Mount! Some of the quests involve activities that you’re probably already doing for the Faelight Sparkle Returns quest – such as random Warfront win – so why not pick up the Temporal Flux dailies as well?

With all the hustle and bustle that mark the holidays, why not relax a bit with some enjoyable videos and articles from the community?

Check out Nouvae’s Fae Yule 2015 Dimension video showcasing the new Fae Yule dimension items as well as multiple Fae Yule-themed dimensions. Chomping at the bit for more of that holiday cheer? Seyler from The Dimension Touring Company has got you covered with previews of all the entries to Malori@Laethys’ recent Yule Dimension Contest!

The holidays usually means the raids are a little quiet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your fix through other methods! Be sure to check out Apotheosys, The Fires of Heaven and Coriolis’ kill videos in the latest raid The Mind of Madness! For the more studious types, you can’t go wrong with Oria Xu’s Raid Guides!

Wacking on NPCs not your thing? A little bit of Bahmi-to-Mathosian interaction more to your palette? Hold the hugs & kisses as it might be time to check out some PvP videos from SirSpaceboots, Gokhan, Meduza and your local tournament commentator, Grim!

No Holiday wish list is complete without an upgrade to the amount of pewpew, heal heal or hip-staring you’re dishing out and the community has you covered! Check out Grim’s Builds, ChamberDown’s Specs and various class guides from the ManofLegends, Seatin! Video not your thing? The Class Guides section of the RIFT Forums contains a plethora of detailed and impressive class guides. Give your souls a boost these holidays!

When all is said and done or whilst you’re running around enjoying Fae Yule, come hop on over to Rift’s Community Discord channels! On a North American shard? Type “/join crossevents@faeblight” (without quotation marks) to join in to a region-wide chat channel and wish everyone ‘Happy Holidays’!

And REX Giveaway

Well, why not? If you’ve read this far and looking for more holiday cheer, it must be time for a REX giveaway!

Simply comment below with your charname@shardname for a chance to win one of 3 REX: Rift Exchange! Giveaway ends on 31st Dec 2015 at 11:59:59PM PST!

Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following players who will receive a REX: Rift Exchange in their in-game mail shortly!

Happy Holidays REX Giveaway 311215_SHORT

  • xBlazee@Brutwacht
  • Epaphus@Hailol
  • Fandral@Hailol

Hope you enjoy your REX!

Hope you all have a Happy Holidays!

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