Notice: Phase 3 Fae Yule Guardians No Bag

General Green Sky Feature Image

Notice: Right now there’s a bug where Guardian players are not receiving the Fae Yule Grab Bag reward that comes with the usual 10x Dark Icicles + Dark Ice Bell from the Phase 3 Story Quest.

(As at the time of this post, only EU shards have Phase 3 of Fae Yule. NA will get theirs at 3:30PM Server Time (PST) on Thursday, 24th Dec 2015.)

Morticus has confirmed the error but states that Trion will find a way to get the bags to Guardians, even if you’ve already completed the quest.

Never fear, we’re looking into ways to have Greatfather Frost send these Fae Yule grab bags out to Guardians that completed the quest this year. [r]

There’s only two weeks left to Fae Yule, so be sure to get your story quests, dailies, achievements, minion chains done, and purchase all the items you’re interested in! You can check out the comprehensive Fae Yule Guide for further info on the various aspects to the current world event.

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