Arclight Infiltration Promo Week is back!

The Arclight Infiltration Promo Week has begun again for RIFT, lasting from 3:30PM Server Time on 7th January 2016  until 3:30PM ST on 18th January 2016. [r]

The Arclight Infiltration Promo Week is all about the Rider mounts and this time round the focus is on the new Nightmare Lifter mount; great for any Arak enthusiasts!

RIFT Nightmare Lifter Mount

I’ve updated RiftGrate’s guide with the new lockbox and any other changes. Check it out here!


  • Obtain Magnetic Containment Bottle currency from dailies in Scarwood Reach or via the promo week’s lockbox.
  • Rare chance drop of the Nightmare Lifter from the new Limited Edition: Nightmare Lifter Trove. The lockbox also has a chance at dropping Tier 2 gear or the Tier 2 relic upgrade component ‘Eye of Untold Madness’.
  • You can purchase the Storm Legion Lifter and Arclight Lifter mounts from the PRI Quartermaster with Magnetic Containment Bottle currency.
  • You get ~357 Pelagic Order notoriety (probably dependent on your bonuses) for each Legion Infiltrator mob you kill! (Thanks to Lifeismystery for the info!)

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