RIFT News Tidbits 13th January 2016

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RIFT news tidbits for 13th January 2016.


  • RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #4. The game was updated to RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #4 with various fixes to Arclight Infiltration Promo Week, MoM: Dark Genesis and Lord Arak, as well as several other across-the-board fixes. The two raid rifts other than Sea of Ladon have been nerfed. Full hotfix notes and further info here.
  • Arclight Infiltration Promo Week Changes. Scout Captain Feldain is back after defeating the final boss of Normal King’s Breach. Another version of him is also available in the open world in Scarwood Reach until Trollblight Caverns at /setwaypoint 3228 4444. The event has been extended until 3:30PM Server Time on 18th Jan 2016 (NA)(EU).
    • The Lifter Larceny achievement that rewards a Limited Edition: Storm Lifter Trove no longer requires the ‘Attractor Minion’ mission to complete – you only have to defeat Scout Captain Feldain.
    • Full info about the promo week can be found here.
  • Minion: Haligan the Pyretouched Changed. The attributes for the minion card “Haligan the Pyretouched” has been changes from 18/17/12 to 7/17/15 Fire/Death/Assassination. Minion Card Database adjusted accordingly.
  • Soul Stream and Variants Broken. With the latest hotfix, it seems that the Mastery ability “Soul Stream” as well as other class variants are having issues with incorrect cooldowns. Trion is taking a look at this issue. [r]
  • Bug: Unable to View Upgrade Paths. With the latest hotfix, upgrade paths to gear is no longer viewable on the RIFT Store. Trion is aware of the issue and looking into it. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Winners of Nico New Yeah! [Contest]. Kiwi has announced the winners of her Nico New Yeah! Contest. Congratulations to Razorgirl@Faeblight, Amilelle@Hailol and Blutbad@Wolfsbane on their wonderful entries. You can check them out here!
    • Also, be sure to check out and enter the remaining contests in Kiwi’s post here!
  • Wardrobe Wednesday [Video][Wardrobe][Contest]. Discordya over at Rift-Wardrobe.com has held the 2nd Wardrobe Wednesday livestream for January, showing off and voting on the latest entries to January’s wardrobe contest! Check out the recording here! Be sure to enter the wardrobe contest here!

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