Bonus Weekend in RIFT!

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Trion Worlds is holding a bonus weekend for RIFT with the following bonuses:

  • 50% guild xp bonus
  • 50% xp from kills bonus.
  • 50% prestige from PvP kills bonus.
  • 50% favor bonus.
  • 50% planar attunement (PA) experience bonus.

RIFT Bonus Weekend 15th Jan 2016

These bonuses last through January 18th 2016.

  • Perhaps a good time to level an alt or boost your favor for Warmonger’s Marks. Just remember that there’s a weekly cap of 6 Warmonger’s Marks!
  • Note that exp from mobs in Planetouched Wilds is currently bugged and giving low-level exp. A fix will hit PTS for testing on Monday (18th). [r]

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