RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #6

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Trion has updated RIFT to RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #6 as of 20th January 2016. Small ~100mb download.

Summary/Additional Info:

  • Minion: Haligan the Pyretouched Adjusted. The Haligan the Pyretouched minion card has been adjusted again, this time lowering its Death attribute from 17 to 10. The Minion Card Database has been updated accordingly.

RIFT Minion Haligan the Pyretouched 3.5 Hotfix 6

  • Equipment Picker Adjustments + Optional. Fixed issues with items being displayed from bank or for items not in the level range or class of the character. Also adjusted placement of weapons in equipment picker. You can now disable the equipment picker via Settings -> Interface -> Misc.
  • Cleric Shaman Changes. Massive Blow always crits and no longer consumes stacks of Rage of the North; Courage of the Panther now increases damage by 10%, down from 14%; and Furious Blows now provides 10% increased SP contribution per point, up from 5%.
  • Various bug fixes to instant adventures, zone events and quests; upgrade paths now show again; and a ton of Mind of Madness bug fixes for Arisen Arak, Dark Genesis, Lady Justice and Lord Arak.
  • Fae Yule World Event tab on RIFT Store has been removed with this week’s hotfix.
RIFT 3.5 Hot Fix #6 – 01/20/16

* Minions: Halgian the Pyretouched’s death stat was slightly too high and will now max out at 10.

* You can now see upgrade paths on items in the RIFT Store.
* Fixed the equipment picker to not display items in the bank when not using the bank.
* The equipment picker will no longer show items out of level or for other classes.
* Adjusted the placement of weapons in the equipment picker.
* Added option to disable the equipment picker in Settings > Interface > Misc.

* Pets: Fixed an issue where pets could become unresponsive after being used in PVP. Should your pet become unresponsive after being in a Warfront, keep them summoned for at least 2 minutes and they will return to their normal selves.


* Massive Blow can no longer consume a stack of Rage of the North.
* Massive Blow now always critically hits.
* Courage of the Panther now increases damage done by 10%, down from 14%.
* Furious Blows now provides 10% increased spellpower contribution per point, up from 5% increased spellpower contribution per point.


* Fixed an issue preventing Overwhelm from interrupting non-spell abilities.

* New quests added to lead the players to the Nightmare Coast, Gyel Fortress, Citadel of Insanity, Glacial Maw, and Rhaza’de Canyons. These quests are tied to completion of key points of the storyline quests.
– Note: Ascension Gone Wild currently does not complete when Rhaza’de Canyon is complete. This will be addressed in a future hotfix.

* Fixed an issue with stalling instant adventures.

* Quest: War Across the Seas: The objective now correctly directs players to complete zone events in Planetouched Wilds in addition to the Plane of Water.
* Zone Event: The Ravenous Devourer: Added an additional measure to force Ojingeodon to transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2 successfully.
* Zone Event: The Ravenous Devourer and Aphogglach should trigger less frequently.

* Tigram Stillstep will no longer offer endless headbands when spoken to.

* Quest: Crab Corralling: Added a more accurate failure message to the Lasso.
* Zone Event: Leviathan: Scaled down Aberrations and Reflections of Insanity.
* Zone Event: Leviathan: Also reduced the amount of Aberrations that can be spawn to two, down from six.

* Intrepid Instant Adventure: The madness of Akylios has been somewhat quelled, and the platforms should no longer shift through various planes of existence.

* Instant Adventure: Well Done: The first objective now correctly directs players to speak with Caretaker Scouts.

* Zone Event: A Royal Raid: Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the event to fail immediately after Kayahn spawns.
* Zone Event: Shambling Hordes: The Murder of Zombies boss now has a clear leader which can be defeated to complete the event.

* A rascally model had escaped from the art factory and was seen masquerading as a Mercenary in Tempest Bay named Selina. She has now been returned to her rightful form.

* Zone Event: Leviathan: Added a failsafe to transition the Yrlwalach to a vulnerable state after “Reflections of Insanity” are killed.
* Zone Event: Leviathan: Lowered the frequency on how often the zone event triggers.


* Arisen Arak: Fixed several bugs causing player ability range not increasing for zone of effect type abilities.
– Note: Power Core and Riftstalker Burst attacks will still fail. This will be addressed in a future hotfix.
* Arisen Arak: Removed the aggro drop on players switching between Light of Draum and Shadow of the Nexus so that tanks aren’t miserable.
* Arisen Arak: Addressed the Ethereal Pocket safety window gap by adding an AOE to the Terror of Arak which grants protection for 5 seconds to players within 12m of the Terror of Arak when it’s killed.
* Arisen Arak: Added a say action to the Terror of Arak when it’s hit by Light of Ruin so that players understand this despawns the Terror of Arak. Made it so that the increased damage dealt to Dream of Arak does not impact AOE abilities.
* Arisen Arak: Updated the tagging of Light of Draum and Shadow of the Nexus so it does not consume Eldritch Armor procs.
* Arisen Arak: Corrected a typo in the ability name Genesis of Ruin.
* Arisen Arak: Added an entity tag to Ethereal Pocket and setup a cleanup for Ethereal Pocket entities on reset of the fight.
* Arisen Arak: Added a kill action to all living players when reset is triggered to ensure aggro cleanup.
* Arisen Arak: Removed the drunken VFX from Enter Light of Draum and Enter Shadow of the Nexus.
* Arisen Arak: Removed the green leaf AOE VFX from the Ethereal Pocket.
* Arisen Arak: Fixed a pathing bug at the edge of the platform that interfered with fight mechanics.
* Dark Genesis: Fixed a bug where Duo Diligence was able to be reflected.
* Dark Genesis: Addressed an issue with Shadow Genesis running down to the bottom ring.
* Lady Justice: Hardmode now correctly modifies the damage and health of Lady Justice.
* Lord Arak: Repulsion, Fright, and Anguish crystals can all be targeted while Lord Arak regains his strength.
* Lord Arak: Phantom Wounds and Phantasmic Defense damage no longer overlap with Divide and Conquer.
* Lord Arak: Fixed an issue causing Phantasmic Defense damage to stop being cast when Nightmare Guardians respawn.

* If a player has reached his/her weekly limit for acquiring Warmonger’s marks and attempts to purchase more Marks, then the purchase attempt will fail and an error message will be show to the player.

* The Peaceful Hills dimension now applies Rest State when inside the dimension.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 20th JANUARY 2016.

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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