RIFT News Tidbits 8th February 2016

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RIFT news tidbits for 8th February 2016.


  • Razorback Roundup is Back! The Razorback Roundup Promo Week is back with a new Celestial Razorback mount with red armor and a Nebula-like skin texture. Check it out here and participate in daily quests for Succulent Truffle currency. Promo ends 3:30PM Server Time on 11th Feb 2016.
  • Livestream Summary: RIFT in 2016. Trion went over a bunch of information about content coming to 2016, including further information on multicore support, RIFT 3.6: Celebration of the Ascended and 5 new souls (one per calling) coming to the game! Summary here.
  • RIFT Tech. Snedhepl has posted up a lengthy article with information about RIFT’s tech – features added in last year as well as the multicore support that is being worked on for this year. You can read it here! Discussion here.
  • Patron Rewards Get Better. Trion has announced a few changes for both Patrons and non-Patrons slated for the February 10th hotfix: [r]
    • Patrons will no longer lose soul vitality.
    • Patrons pay 50% reduced AH fees and commissions.
    • Stacking charges for Dungeons/Warfronts/IAs will now be patron-only.
    • Accumulating rested experience will now be patron-only.
    • Queuing for specific Warfronts/Dungeons is now patron-only.
    • Discussion thread available here. CM Ocho also goes through the reasons for the changes here and here.
  • Free Player Platinum Cap Increased. The platinum cap for those who have less than 1,500 loyalty has been increased from 2,500p to 5,000p. Change is experimental – Trion will observe the effect this has on the economy. [r]
  • PTS Info. There’s currently a version error bug on the PTS, but Accol was able to squeeze in some time on the PTS prior to the latest update: [r]
    • Bank vault 12 added – unlocks for 1,100 Credits.
    • 19 more Wardrobe slots added (bringing total to 59). Available for 600p or 400 Credits each.
    • New Crafting Weekly to find Congealed Nightmares (compared to current Congealed Dreams).
  • Dimensions Info. Ice building blocks will be added to a new grab bag on the RIFT Store soon. Also, in the future, more dimension items will be moved away from older distribution channels (like direct purchase) and into grab bags. [r]
    • The new grab bag originally gave 100% chance at three random ice-based building blocks. You also had a chance at a bonus ice-building-block bundle that contains anywhere from 3-6 ice building blocks. Tradeable. [r]
    • Notice: Payout for the ice building block grab bag ‘might’ increase to about 20 blocks minimum. [r]
    • Shal Korva dimension key will have its borders increased “very soon”. No exact ETA or details. [r]
  • Crafting Info. Unfortunately some changes to craft reagent costs made it prematurely in the latest hotfix. [r] They were slated for the 10th Feb. These were a 50% increase in craft reagent costs.
    • Next week, 1p crafting reagents bought on the RIFT Store will have their cost increased to 1p 50g each.
    • Imperishable [element] Motes will be converted to Imperishable Prismatic Motes when right-clicked in your inventory. Recipes also changed accordingly. Drop rate reduced. [r]
    • Recipe for Phenomenal Bottles of Critical Strikes will be changed to only require 6 Sarleaf Extract.
    • Rune Amender/Advanced Rune Amender recipes will have their costs slightly reduced.
    • Pelagic Fragments and Sarleaf Fiberwood costs on Tormenting/Opaque Amenders will be reduced by 50%. [r]
    • Also to reiterate; Time of Day dimension items should no longer drop from boxes or Stan’s lures when RIFT 3.6 is released. [r]
  • Fishing Info. Morticus mentioned that there might be a chance that the planar poles/lures would find a use in the future for fishing up soul-bound components for certain recipes. No further details or confirm. [r]
  • Minions Info. In 3.6, assassination missions for characters higher than Level 61 will have a chance to drop Pelagic Fragments. [r]
  • Other Info.
    • Max Role slots potentially increasing. No further info, but added to schedule. [r]
    • Might add more macro slots, but it would be further down the line and likely paid. [r]
    • Tacitus wants to also add Instant Adventures for Planebreaker Bastion and Infernal Dawn (Fire Wing); but will depend on schedule. [r]
    • CM Ocho has mentioned in a forum post that another tech-based livestream is probably going to appear on 19th Feb. [r] However, during the latest livestream, he mentioned that – depending on scheduling – the livestream might appear as early as the 12th Feb. [r]
    • Ginger likes the idea of a monthly newsletter. Will chat with team and see what they can do. No promises. [r]

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