Call to Arms: The Heartland is here!

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Trion has introduced a new event to RIFT called “Call to Arms: The Heartland”, evolving from their old Mayhem in Mathosia events. Basically, increased zone event spawns will occur in the chosen zones during the Call to Arms event – this weekend, it’s Silverwood and Freemarch.

  • Call to Arms event runs between 12:01AM on Friday, Feb 12th until 11:59PM on Sunday, Feb 14th Server Time (NA: PST; EU: GMT).
  • If you log in during that time, you’ll also get 3 free days of Patron.

Call to Arms V2

Trion has announced that the Call to Arms event will re-appear next weekend, with correct quest/mob rewards. CM Ocho also mentioned that the Planar Challenger quests (mentioned below) will be available to all players, not just Patrons for the 19-21st Feb. [r]


A variety of special drops are available whilst participating in the zone events (and mentored down to an appropriate level). Trion didn’t reveal much so far except that one of the drops would be Abyssal Crusader Marks.

  • They also seem to have a chance of dropping Cosmic Fragment in your rift loot bag. (Src: Slipmat). Disabled now. [r]

There’s also Daily/Weekly patron-only quests.

Planar Commander Quests

The Planar Challenger NPC makes a come-back (just like with the old Mayhem events). However, his quests are now Patron-only. There’s both a daily and weekly quest.

Location of Planar Commanders

The Planar Challengers are located in Sanctum and Meridian.



The Planar Challenger in Sanctum is located at (7406, 3082).



The Planar Challenger in Meridian is located at (6125, 5237).

Planar Challenger Quests

Two quests are available for Patrons-only. (Note: In the current event, you’ll get 3 days of free patron for logging in between 12-14th Feb 2016).

  • Daily: Kill 20 Silverwood/Freemarch rift creatures that grant experience.
  • Weekly: Kill 200 Silverwood/Freemarch rift creatures that grant experience.

(You man need to mentor down to a level close to the rift creatures you fight. Just right-click your character portrait when you are out of combat and not moving, then select “Set Ascended Mentor Level”, and choose a level).

RIFT Call to Arms Event Planar Commander Quests

Weekly rewards some marks and a Mayhem Adventure Cache and the daily rewards some marks and a Cosmic Fragment. Cosmic Fragments are used in the latest Essence Supply Caches that Dreamweavers can craft.

If anyone has any information about any other special drops from this event, please post in the comment section below! (In the old Mayhem events, there were dimension, wardrobe, lesser boosts and even rare mount drops; unsure if it’s similar for Call to Arms).

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2 Comments on “Call to Arms: The Heartland is here!”

  1. February 15, 2016 at 10:05 am #

    Planar Challenger, not Commander…

    • February 15, 2016 at 9:30 pm #

      Thanks for the correction! 😀

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